JW Johnson Pickleball Player

JW Johnson Pickleball Player

JW Johnsons may be young, but he’s one of the best pickleball players in the country right now! With a family of pickleball pros, it’s no surprise to see the great success JW Johnson has had on the court. Brands are forming new partnerships with the rising pickleball star and supporting the growth of his career as a single and doubles player. Get the current ranking and learn a little more about what’s happening behind the scenes for JW Johnson pickleball! 

JW Johnson Pickleball Ranking

JW Johnson has an impressive 4th place overall ranking in Men’s Singles on the PPA rankings, while he’s 1st place on the APP rankings. His DUPR rating is 6.85 for doubles and 7.06 for singles. He is the youngest player ever to win the Men’s Singles title, and we can only imagine the success he’ll have in the coming years.

Personal Details

JW Johnson is just 19 years old, but pickleball comes naturally to him with a mother and sister who also have successful professional careers. The Johnson family is a tight nit group of pickleball lovers with plenty of talent to go around.

JW and the Johnson family are originally from Kansas, but they made the decision to move to Florida to pursue their pickleball careers. JW Johnson is proof that the decision paid off! With three triple crowns and 47 medals in 2022, it’s clear JW is putting all of his focus on building his pickleball career right now.

What Paddle Does JW Johnson Use?

JW Johnson and the Johnson family were recently signed by Franklin Sports. Franklin Sports is now the sole provider of pickleball paddles for the family, although it’s not known which paddle from Franklin Sports is JW Johnson’s go-to.

A brand new paddle designed by JW Johnson will launch from Franklin Sports in 2023. It’s safe to assume that once his paddle is released, that will be what he’s using to make winning shots on the court. 

What Paddle Does JW Johnson Use?

Pickleball League

Vibe Pickleball League

JW Johnson has also been signed to a new pickleball league by the PPA Tour called Vibe Pickleball League. He’s alongside big names like Ben Johns, Anna Leigh Waters, and Tyson McGuffin.

This new league is expected to bring even more notoriety to JW Johnson as a rising pickleball star and opens up a new world of possibilities for the team. JW Johnson is predicted to see even better success in doubles play in 2023, but he’s sure to continue killing it in Singles matches too.

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