Kyle Yates Pickleball Player

Kyle Yates Pickleball Player

Not many people can say they were the first professional athlete in their sport, but Kyle Yates can. The sport existed before he started winning gold, but he prides himself on being the first pickleball player to be contracted to play professionally. With a history of being ranked the #1 player in the world, it’s no wonder why he has become such a big name in the world of pickleball.

Pickleball Rankings

Kyle Yates is currently ranked at number 31 on the global rankings charts. That number is expected to evolve this year as Yates competes in more pickleball competitions. 

Yates has ranked all over the charts since beginning his pickleball career, including a #1 global ranking in the past! He held the #1 spot from 2016 to 2019. Since his career began in 2014, he has won 6 US Open pro double titles, 4 USAPA National pro double titles, and 2 TOC pro double titles.

Fantasy footballers, among others who follow fantasy sports can view the latest world ranking for Yates and other pickleball players here. 

Net Worth & Sponsorships

Kyle Yates’s net worth isn’t public knowledge, but we do know that his career in pickleball has been successful enough to act as a full-time job. He now makes most of his income from sponsorships. 

Sponsors pay Yates to use their merchandise and advertise their company during his competitions. Current sponsorships include Paddle Tek and Harbour Health. Yates has said he plans to open Yates Pickleball Academy in the future, where he will make another stream of income through coaching at and owning the academy. 


When Yates isn’t busy winning competitions or teaching others how to play pickleball, he’s a proud co-owner of the brand PB1965. PB1965 is a private label that specializes in high-quality pickleball wear for men and women. Inventory includes sweat-wicking shirts, wristbands, hats, and hoodies. The brand is constantly working to expand and is co-owned by one of the biggest names in pickleball, so there’s a definite advantage against the competition!

Kyle Yates’ Pickleball History

Kyle’s Introduction to Pickleball

Yates was introduced to pickleball when he was in high school. His uncle, Mike Welter, introduced him to the sport as a teenager. He started playing tennis in high school, but quickly shifted his focus to pickleball. His first USAPA National Tournament in 2014 ended up winning gold!

After high school, he attended college at the University of Florida. His college education was put on the backburner in 2016 when his career as a professional athlete started to take off. He has said he has a lot of love for the sport because it challenges him both physically and mentally. 

He quickly made a name for himself not only as a great athlete but as a player with a lot of passion. You can see a lot of raw emotion when Yates is in the middle of a match. That kind of emotion happens as a result of two things: love for the sport and a competitive spirit.

What Pickleball Shoes Does Kyle Yates Wear?

What Pickleball Shoes Does Kyle Yates Wear

Yates hasn’t officially endorsed one brand of shoes, but he’s frequently seen wearing Babolat pickleball shoes. Babolat is known for being one of the best names in professional tennis and pickleball wear, so it’s no surprise that Yates likes to rock these kicks. Visit the Babolat site to view their full inventory of pickleball shoes for men and women.

Kyle Yates Personal Life

Where does Kyle Yates live?

The pickleball champion is a happy resident of Fort Meyers, Florida. Being in the sunshine state gives him plenty of nice days to practice pickleball and explore his other hobbies. Off the field, Yates enjoys surfing, golfing, and all things outdoors! On the occasional rainy day, he likes to unwind with a nice book or play a video game. He doesn’t have a spouse or kids yet, but he’s young enough that it’s only a matter of time. 


As a kid, he was raised in a family of athletes. His dad is a professional golfer who also tried out wrestling, basketball, and football in school. His mom was a college gymnast and now has a career as one of the top pickleball referees in the world. His stepdad works as a referee too! Of course, his uncle played a big part in getting him into sports too. It’s safe to say that being an athlete is in his genes. Since becoming one of the best players in the game, he shared that he always knew he’d be a professional athlete, he just didn’t know pickleball would be his sport of choice. 

Keep Up With Kyle Yates on the Pickleball Circuit 

Kyle Yates came to the pickleball court offering the “wow” factor that the sport needed. With his attention on the game, we see him leading the pack of professional players for years to come. Keep track of him on the court and watch him continue to be one of the best players in the world.

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