Catherine Parenteau Pickleball Player

Catherine Parenteau Pickleball Player

Catherine Parenteau is one of the biggest names in women’s pickleball. It’s hard to believe that just seven years ago, she had never played the sport! Her love for tennis made for an easy transition to a pickleball gold medalist. Her love for playing, paired with her sheer athletic ability, makes a combination that’s sure to succeed. 

Check out some of the latest information on Catherine Parenteau’s pickleball career, personal life, and coaching career.

Catherine Parenteau Pickleball Ranking

Catherine Parenteau Pickleball Player

Parenteau is currently ranked #3 in women’s singles and #1 in women’s doubles. With seven career gold medals since her career began in 2016, Catherine consistently maintains her spot at the top of the leaderboards.

View the latest pickleball rankings for women’s singles and doubles. 

Professional Pickleball Wins

Professional Pickleball Wins

Catherine began winning almost as soon as she started competing in tournaments. At the 2016 US open, Catherine won first place with her partner playing mixed doubles. This was only the beginning of her winning streak.

She was able to bring home gold at the 2018 USAPA Nationals. Gold was hers once again in 2019 when she competed with partners Athena Trouillot and Riley Newman. Once again, at the 2019 Chicago open, Catherine was able to win gold. In total, she has 6 US open medals and 4 USAPA Nationals medals.

Catherine Parenteau’s Introduction to Pickleball

Catherine Parenteau’s Introduction to PIckleball

Catherine knew nothing about pickleball before 2015, but that all changed thanks to Simone Jardim. Simone was Catherine’s tennis coach at Michigan State University. In September of 2015, Simone invited Catherine to her first pickleball league. 

Once she started to play, Parenteau quickly realized she had the potential to be great at the sport. She decided to join the Michigan Athletic Club to meet other pickleball players and get more opportunities to play. 

Her dedication to the sport quickly paid off as Catherine began to climb the rankings charts. Simone Jardim has seen similar levels of success with her pickleball career too!

Catherine Parenteau – Pickleball Instructor

Catherine Parenteau - Pickleball Instructor

As Catherine grew her love for pickleball, a love for teaching others started to grow. Today, she spends most of her free time teaching pickleball to others at Collier’s Reserve Country Club in Naples. 

Her skills as an instructor have led Parenteau to teach beyond Florida too. With pickleball instruction clinics all over the country, Catherine is having a major impact on newbies in the game.

Catherine Parenteau’s Personal Life

Catherine’s quick rise to the top has left a lot of fans wanting to know more about her both inside and outside of the sport. Much of Parenteau’s life revolves around pickleball, but of course, there’s more to her than that!

Where Did Catherine Grow Up?

Catherine grew up in Montreal, Canada. She was first introduced to tennis at just 4 years old. It was obvious from a young age that Parenteau was an athlete to watch. 

How Old is She?

Catherine Parenteau is currently 27 years old. She was introduced to the sport when she was in her early 20s.

Did Catherine Finish College? 

It’s not uncommon for young pro athletes to stop attending college when their career starts picking up. Catherine isn’t one of those people though! She graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. While she might not use her degree to play pickleball, finishing your education is never a bad thing.

Is She Married?

Catherine Parenteau is happily married to her partner Athena Trouillot. They live together in Naples, FL. 

Athena has a career as a pro tennis player, so it’s no surprise these two ended up together! Catherine and Athena don’t have any kids, but they do have one French Bulldog fur baby named Zoey.

Catherine Parenteau Pickleball Paddle

Catherine uses a Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro paddle in most of her pro events. This paddle works well for Catherine because it features a balanced weight that makes maneuverability on the court a breeze. 

Smart Response technology in the paddle allows Catherine to make precise movements at record speeds; perfect for her notoriously quick hands. See the Temptest Wave Pro and other new paddles for yourself here.

Catherine Parenteau Is One To Watch On the Pickleball Court

Parenteau has been playing tennis for most of her life, but it’s her mastery of pickleball that has made her a highly recognized name in the world of racquet sports. With her record of victory, we’re sure that her future in the sport is going to be an exciting one to watch!

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