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The Game of Pickleball

The Rules, Strategy, and History of Pickleball

What is a Dink in Pickleball?

What is a Dink in Pickleball?

What is a dink in pickleball? Learning what a dink is and how to use this move on the pickleball court is essential to keep elevating your skills. Learn the basics, find paddles good for dinking, and start practicing today!

Game of Pickleball

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Cammy Macgregor Pickleball Player

Cammy MacGregor Pickleball Player

Uncover what pickleball player & former tennis star Cammy Macgregor is up to in 2023 with this brief biography. From sponsorships to her preferred paddle, we’ve got it covered!

Parris Todd Pickleball Player

Parris Todd Pickleball Player

Discover how Parris Todd – pickleball player turned pro – went from tennis pro to pickleball thanks to the covid-19 pandemic. We’ll share what paddle she uses, some of her biggest wins, and more!

Collin Johns Pickleball Player

Collin Johns Pickleball Player

Collin Johns is a pickleball star who quickly rose the ranks as a singles and doubles player. Discover how he got his start, what paddle he uses on the court, and what his career looks like when he isn’t competing at a tournament.