Best Pickleball Gifts For Him

Best Pickleball Gifts For Him

Pickleball has continued to grow in popularity among people of all ages! From college campuses to retirement homes, you can find dedicated pickleball players. If you’re looking for a gift over the holiday season, for a special occasion, or just because, this pickleball gift guide does all the hard work for you!

Personalized Pickleball Gifts for Men

Pickle Ball Caricature

Pickle Ball Caricature

What’s more personalized than a gift with his face on it? Upload a photo of the pickleball player in your life and receive a custom, hand-drawn caricature!

The caricature portrait is sent to your email, but you can print it off to put in a frame before gifting it.

Customized Pickleball Key Chain

Customized Pickleball Key Chain

This custom pickleball key chain can double as a bag clip, so he’ll always know which bag is his!

The keychain features a miniature pickleball and a tag that you get to customize. Add a team name, club name, or the name of the player you’re gifting it to.

Personalized Pickleball Towel

Personalized Pickleball Towel

A towel is a must-have item in every pickleball bag. These towels come personalized with the name of the player, their first initial, and a small pickleball! All the details are embroidered into the towel and made to order. You can even select the font you think he’ll like the best!

Pickleball Gifts Under $50

Pickleball Bag

Comfortable pickleball bags make getting to the court a stress-free experience. This bag has all the pockets he will need for balls, paddles, towels, a water bottle, and more! Separate sections of the bag make it easy for him to stay organized and stylish on the court.

Custom Paddle Cover

Custom Paddle Cover

A custom paddle cover with his name on it will keep his paddle in good shape. Paddle covers are one of the best gifts you can buy if you aren’t confident buying actual paddles and balls.

A paddle cover is something he can use, and you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size!

Pickleball hat

This hat by Fila features an adjustable strap and breathable material that will keep him dry while he plays. The hat has a pickleball paddle and the word pickleball embroidered on the front. 

The Fila symbol is hidden in the design of the paddle so he can represent the brand and his favorite sport at the same time.

Pickleball Gifts Under $20

Pickleball Croc Charm

Pickleball Croc Charm

This pickleball croc charm is an affordable way to make his normal crocs a little more exciting! The black and white charm will match any color of crocs and can easily be moved from one pair to another. He can sport some pickleball pride even when he’s off the court!

Pickleball Hydro Sticker

Pickleball Hydro Sticker

A pickleball sticker is a fun and cheap way to incorporate his hobby into a gift. Put this sticker inside a card for a present that’s simple but thoughtful.

Hydroflask stickers can be put on almost any surface and are not just limited to a water bottle!

Pickle Ball Socks

These “Pickle Baller” pickleball socks made of sports performance material are the perfect pickleball gift to be worn on the pickleball courts! With sweat-wicking material that’s breathable and a cushioned design, the pickleball lover in your life will love this gift.

Best Pickleball Equipment Gifts to Improve His Game

Ball Retriever

This 5-star rated pickleball retriever will connect to the end of any standard size pickleball paddle. When the player needs to pick up a ball, they can just use the retriever instead of bending over. This will limit the strain on his back and give him more energy to put into a strong serve!

PaddleTek Paddle

PaddleTek Paddle

A lot of players start with a paddle that isn’t the best quality. Upgrading his paddle to a PaddleTek pro-level paddle is sure to improve his game. PaddleTek has a variety of paddles to choose from that feature details like a carbon fiber face, a polymer core, and quality material that will hold up over time.

The best gift you can give someone is something that will make them better at their favorite sport!


The more pickleball balls a player has in their pickleball bag, this means the less stressful their match or practice will be. These outdoor balls by Franklin Sports are used at the US open by the biggest names in the game!

Improve his time on the court by buying him a multi-pack of reliable pickleball balls.

Gifts for the Novice Pickleball Player

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Gifts for pickleball players that are new to the game should be practical. A lot of new players don’t have enough high-quality pickleball gear to feel confident on the court.

This starter kit by Swinton Pickleball includes a paddle, three balls, and a pickleball backpack to hold it all.

How-To Book

This pickleball book is one of the top-rated pickleball guides of all time! Illustrations throughout the book make a huge difference when you’re still learning how to play.

This A to Z guide discusses strategy and teaches the reader how to improve their pickleball game. There’s no better gift than a better score at the next match!

Bracelet Score Keeper

Bracelet Score Keeper

Keeping score while you play is something that gets easier with time and a lot of practice. A pickleball scoring bracelet is a unique and practical gift for a new player! After all, who says pickleball jewelry is just for women?

Choose from multiple colors to find something that the pickleball player in your life will be proud to wear on the court.

Pickleball Gifts for the Seasoned Player

Pickleball Retirement Mug

Pickleball Retirement Mug

Gifts for pickleball players that are at a later phase in life should be just as fun as gifts for younger players! This mug comes in multiple sizes and features a fake dictionary definition of the word “Retirement” that’s a perfect gift for the older pickleball player in your life.

Pickleball T-Shirt

Choose from 5 colors for this funny and comfortable pickleball shirt. The shirt says, “Never underestimate an old man with a pickleball paddle” and features two pickleball paddles too!

Pickleball Grandpa Slogan Shirt

Pickleball Grandpa Slogan Shirt

If you know a pickleball player who’s a grandpa, this shirt will make their day! The slogan says, “Pickleball grandpa, like a normal grandpa only cooler”. A pickleball paddle and ball can be seen behind the words.

Choose between a t-shirt or hoodie depending on the pickleball player’s preferences. 

Funny Pickleball Gifts for Him

Leaping Pickle Water Bottle

This funny pickleball water bottle has a pickle holding a pickleball paddle leaping to hit the ball. A pickle that can play pickleball is the type of humor anyone can get behind! 

The 21 oz bottle is insulated to keep drinks cool and leakproof so it will never spill in their pickleball bag.

Funny Pickleball Mug

Funny Pickleball Mug

Great pickleball gift ideas are the ones that combine the recipient’s love of pickleball with another thing they enjoy. If there’s a pickleball player in your life who loves a good cup of coffee, this mug is too good to pass up!

It says, “tears of the people I beat at pickleball” on the front of a high-quality mug. They’re sure to laugh when they open the gift and every time they use the mug!

Funny Pickleball T-Shirt

A funny t-shirt is a crowd-pleasing gift that can be worn on the court or at a social or family event off the court. This shirt has a classic yellow pickleball and says, “A day without pickleball wouldn’t kill me, but why risk it?” 

This is a great gift for any pickleball player, regardless of their age or length of time playing the sport.

Pickleball Gifts for His Man Cave

Pickleball Decorative Sign

Pickleball Decorative Sign

Pickleball gift ideas don’t have to stop with things that can be used on the court. This “Pickleball Dr” street sign is the perfect wall decoration for a pickleball lovers’ man cave! You can select between multiple colors and sizes to find the perfect gift for the pickleball player in your life.

Pickleball Stemless Wine Glasses

Pickleball Stemless Wine Glasses

Pickleball players will get a kick out of this set of 4 stemless wine glasses featuring pickleball puns. The man in your life will be excited to invite over his pickleball-playing friends to show off this unique pickleball gift! 

Pickleball Coasters

Why stop at pickleball glasses? Grab a six-piece set of pun-filled pickleball coasters so he’ll have something to put the glasses on, of course! This is one of the best pickleball gifts on our list because they serve a practical purpose while making references that only pickleball players will understand.

Pickleball Gifts for Him That Are Worth the Splurge

Ball Machine

The best way to get better at playing pickleball is to practice. A pickleball ball machine is an awesome pickleball gift that most players will never buy themselves! 

This mini machine has adjustable settings, a lightweight design, and all the features a pickleball lover needs to step up their practice sessions.



Pickleball has gained a lot of popularity because it’s easier on the body than other sports like tennis. Even with a smaller court and lighter paddle, a pickleball player is bound to be sore after an intense match. 

The Theragun deep tissue massage gun is designed to use percussive therapy to relieve sore muscles and promote blood flow. With a 60-day no-risk trial period, there’s no reason not to give this pickleball gift a try!

Smart Watch

Playing pickleball is a great way to stay active at any stage in life. What’s more motivating than seeing a detailed log of how playing pickleball has improved your health? A smartwatch is a great gift idea for the pickleball lovers in your life that they can enjoy on and off the pickleball court.


What does every pickleball player need?

You can get started playing pickleball with just some very basic equipment. New players need pickleball paddles, pickleball balls, and a place to play! As you become more experienced, you can add things like pickleball clothing, pickleball shoes, pickleball gloves, hats, and equipment to improve gameplay. 

What do you get for pickleball lovers?

Anything pickleball-themed or a gift that will somehow improve their games. We’ve provided lots of great gifts on our list, but you can go as simple as pickleball key chains and pickle lip balm. You can also go big and get them new paddles, other types of equipment, or even an online course for pickleball techniques. If they have a sense of humor, the “Big Dill” merchandise is always popular. 

Why are people obsessed with pickleball?

As pickleball gains popularity, more people are asking what the “big dill” is. People are obsessed with pickleball because it’s a fun, active game that’s easy to learn, but it’s also great for all fitness levels. 

Whatever the occasion, there are pickleball gifts to suit your needs. There’s something for every pickleball player, and these top gifts for men are among some of our favorites.

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