The Best Pickleball Backpacks

The Best Pickleball Backpacks

The best pickleball bags are spacious and have all the features you need to comfortably carry all your pickleball gear from court to court. The best pickleball bags are durable and spacious without being bulky. Other details like the style of the bag and price point also matter too. We’ve taken the guesswork out of your search and found the very best pickleball bags across several different categories.

Here, we’ve focused only on pickleball backpack bags and sling bags. We looked at features including construction, spaciousness, compact design, number of pockets, comfort, and all the extras that make for a great sports tote bag. Here are our favorites, along with a couple of runners-up. 

Overall Best Pickleball Backpack

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag is our top pick among the best pickleball backpacks for so many reasons. For starters, this pickleball sling bag is the official bag of the US Open Pickleball Championships.

This pickleball sling bag by Franklin just seems to have it all. It manages the balance between being compact and having lots of great storage. It holds not only one pickleball paddle but up to six of them. If you’re looking for a smaller bag that holds all your pickleball gear, this is an absolutely great option. 

This pickleball bag also offers back support with a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap. There are compartments to hold things that go beyond your basic pickleball gear, including separate compartments for key storage and a zippered accessory pocket for your cell phone. The material wicks away moisture, so you don’t have to worry about sweating or chaffing as you’re carrying this pickleball sling bag around on a hot day. 

In addition to all of this, the Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag comes in several great colors and is reasonably priced at under $40. Some color options are even lower on the price scale, making this bag even more affordable. 


  • Top choice of the US Open Pickleball Championships
  • This sling bag holds all your pickleball equipment without being bulky
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and padded back support
  • Smaller compartments for car keys and cell phones 
  • Compact but roomy and durable
  • Built-in fence hook
  • Several color options to choose from


  • It might be too small for those with a preference for roomy duffle bags 
  • Some might not like the sling strap compared to a backpack-style bag
  • Popular colors may cost more 

Most Durable Backpack

Onix Durable Pickleball Backpack

Onix is known for its high-quality pickleball paddles, so it only makes sense that this champion of pickleball gear isn’t going to let us down when it comes to the most durable pickleball backpack. 

There’s a lot to love about this Onix Pickleball Backpack that can hold absolutely all of your pickleball gear and not buckle under the pressure. This pickleball backpack has more than ample storage space. It features durable padded shoulder straps and sits up straight when you set it down. 

This bag is designed specifically to hold pickleball gear, so it isn’t one of those tennis backpacks that you can just use for your pickleball equipment. The Onix Pickleball Backpack features five zippered storage areas and oversized compartments. We also like that the colors of this backpack-style pickleball bag are neutral and hide dirt well. The seams are reinforced for extra durability, so it’s a great pickleball bag for active players who are always on the go or travel a lot. 


  • Durable construction 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps 
  • Spacious bag with five zippered storage areas
  • Designed specifically for pickleball equipment
  • Sleek, neutral design


  • Pricier than other pickleball bags
  • No additional color options
  • Bit bulky if you prefer a small backpack
  • No external water bottle holder

Best Small Pickleball Backpack

Sucipi Pickleball Bag

We choose the Sucipi Pickleball Bag as the winner in this category because it’s one of the more streamlined and compact backpack-style bags that’s also of great quality. Many of the smaller pickleball bags are sling bags, which not every pickleball player is fond of. The Sucipi Bag offers a traditional backpack design and construction without being bulky. This bag also features convertible straps, so you can turn it into a sling bag if that’s your preference. 

Additional quality features of the Sucipip Pickleball bag include storage space for your pickleball paddles and gear, along with a felt-lined tech pocket, padded main compartment, a mesh pocket for your water bottle, and a large personal pocket for all the extras that get tossed into your pickleball tote. 

While the Sucipi Pickleball Bag is streamlined and lightweight, it’s also a durable bag that can hold a lot of gear. The main compartment can hold up to six pickleball paddles or twenty standard size pickleball balls. 


  • Durable, scratchproof, and waterproof material
  • Durable construction 
  • Convertable straps for use as a backpack or sling bag
  • Streamlined, lightweight design
  • Hidden security pocket
  • Wide choice of colors 


  • The fence hook can be difficult to use depending on how straps are configured
  • Less breathable fabric can feel hot and sweaty when worn as a backpack

Best Budget Pickleball Backpack 

Mangrove Pickleball Bag

Sometimes, you just want a good pickleball bag that offers enough storage space for your pickleball paddle, along with a few other things, while not blowing your entire budget. This Mangrove Pickleball Bag checks off all of those boxes. 

The Mangrove Pickleball Bag is very affordably priced at just over $20, and it gets great reviews. This compact bag features a secure safety pocket, adjustable strap, water bottle holder, and fence hook, so you don’t have to toss your pickleball bag on the ground. 

This is a sling bag, meaning that it only has one strap to toss over your shoulder. It offers reversible shoulder straps so that you can wear this over your left or right shoulder. Lots of attention has been given to the small details, including a soft, felt-lined pocket for your phone, and the material is water-resistant. This is one of those pickleball sling bags that other companies would charge at least twice as much for. 


  • Decent storage space in the main compartments
  • Holds your pickleball paddle, balls, water bottle, car keys, and more with space to spare
  • Hidden pocket for valuables 
  • Half the price of comparable pickleball backpacks
  • Reversible shoulder straps


  • Might not be enough room for some who carry lots of pickleball equipment 
  • Lacking a variety of colors to choose from 

Runners Up for Best Pickleball Backpacks

Athletico Sling Bag 

The sling bag by Athletico is an all-around good pickleball bag with features that won’t disappoint. We like that this bag has a padded main compartment and a nice spacious secondary compartment, and it’s versatile so that it can be used to also carry tennis or racquetball equipment. This is a huge plus if you play more than one racquet sport but don’t want to invest in a separate bag for each. 

All in all, there are five compartments, plus a place for your water bottles. At maximum capacity, this bag has enough storage space to hold up to six pickleball paddles. This capacity changes for other types of racquets, including those used in tennis. 

This bag also features reversible shoulder straps so that it can be worn on either shoulder, and the straps are padded for added comfort. 


  • Versatile and roomy enough for basic pickleball equipment
  • Comfortable, reversible straps
  • Security pocket for valuables 
  • Several colors to choose from 
  • Good user reviews 


  • Not big enough to carry shoes or towels
  • The Black version is on the higher end of mid-priced pickleball bags 
  • It might not be durable enough for every day, avid players

Himal Pickleball Bag

The Himal Pickleball Bag is perfect for casual players who are looking for good quality, durable backpack-style sports bag that’s also economical. The Himal comes in at under $30 and offers a few different colors to choose from. 

The Himal is a sling bag with one adjustable strap. The length of the strap can be adjusted, and it can be moved to either side to accommodate a wide range of pickleball player body frames and preferences. It features five pockets, including a hidden compartment, plus a spot for your water bottles. 

We also really like that the Himal Pickleball bag comes with a one-year warranty, so if it turns out that this bag isn’t designed to meet your needs and you need something sturdier, you don’t have to worry about taking a loss while taking a chance on this great, streamlined bag. 


  • Affordable for the quality 
  • Five separate compartments to store pickleball gear and personal belongings
  • One year warranty
  • Streamlined design with spacious capacity


  • Fabric loop rather than a fence hook to hang the bag on
  • Limited option of colors 
  • Too small if you plan on using this bag for pickleball and tennis

Pickleball Backpacks Buying Guide

The time has come to shop for a new pickleball bag, but you have no idea where to start. We’ve all been there. Between pickleball being a relatively new sport, at least to the general public, and so many options on the market, the choices really can be overwhelming. Whether you pick one of the pickleball bags on our list or choose something entirely different, these are the key features to look for before plunking down the money on these or any other bags. 


The material and durability of a pickleball bag are so important, yet it’s one feature that many shoppers take for granted. It might seem that all pickleball backpacks are made of the same standard material, but the truth is that they’re not all created equal. 

As far as material is concerned, waterproof, or at least water-resistant, is important. This isn’t just a preventative feature in case you get caught in a rainstorm (which can totally happen), but the right material will also protect your bag, gear, and anything else you carry with you against spills, sprinklers, and even your own sweat. 

Ideally, it’s also great to have material that’s moisture-wicking. If you’ve ever carried a backpack on a hot, sunny day, then you know how important this is. The last thing you want is a back that’s covered in sweat before you even start playing. Look for this feature and also breathable mesh panels that allow for better airflow. 

The next factor is durability. Your pickleball bag is going to be opened and closed frequently. It’s going to have paddles, balls, and who knows what else shoved into it. The zippers are going to see some action, and it’s going to be lugged around on the court and during transport. 

In other words, frailty in your pickleball bag is never a good thing. 

Look for bags with durable, reinforced seams, reinforced zippers, secure straps, and pockets that open wide enough that you can get your gear in and out with ease. 

Pockets – Balls, Paddles, Phone

The number and size of pockets are important, and the best pickleball bags are going to offer a good number of them to hold everything you need. The standard number of pockets for pickleball bags seems to be about five. There’s usually one large compartment to hold your paddles and balls, then several other pockets for additional gear, tech, water bottles, phone, and car keys. 

Most pickleball backpacks hold up to five or six paddles, but this is without considering extra balls added in. If you carry only two to three paddles, you can usually fit in enough pickleballs to get you through a few matches. 

Extra features like padded or lined pockets for your phone or tech are nice so that you don’t have to worry about damage. Hidden security pockets allow you to carry valuables with more peace of mind. Some backpacks and bags also include features like a shoe compartment and a dedicated compartment for damp towels or clothing. 

One feature that not all pickleball backpacks have is a designated pocket for water bottles. Many pickleball players consider this a must, so make sure to look for this feature before buying. 


There seem to be two camps when it comes to the size of pickleball backpacks and sling bags. There are those that carry a lot of gear and need a backpack with ultimate roominess, and then there are those that want something lightweight and streamlined to carry a paddle or two and some balls. 

It’s also important to consider your size and body frame when choosing a bag. With a few exceptions, most bags are unisex. Instead of creating different-sized bags, these bags have adjustable straps and other comfort features that make them more suitable for different body types. 

Still, if you’re a petite person, some of the bulkier, larger backpacks might feel overwhelming on your frame. In this case, a more streamlined sling bag would likely be preferable. 

Backpacks are more likely to be larger and roomier than sling bags, but there are exceptions to the rule. 


In this pickleball bag buying guide, we focused only on backpacks and sling bags. Backpacks are great if you’re walking a distance or cycling to and from the pickleball court. Sling bags are super easy to toss over your shoulder and so are often preferred when carrying the bag for a shorter distance. 

There are also lots of other styles of pickleball bags to choose from. A pickleball tote or duffle bag is preferred by some. These are generally roomier for carrying more gear, but they also often lack all of the separate compartments that you find with backpacks and slings. A standard gym bag can also be used as a pickleball duffle bag. 

Pickleball tote bags and drawstring bags are also available, although these are not as popular among pickleball players. 


Finally, let’s take a minute to talk about cost. In general, a good bag is going to cost anywhere from about $25 to $60. There is a good range of price points available to suit all budgets, but you should consider how much you want to spend before you begin looking. 

Also, keep in mind that cost doesn’t always equal quality. There are economical bags that rival the quality and features of more expensive options, and sometimes you’re simply paying for brand recognition. That said, you don’t want to go cheap either. A budget price can also indicate that the bag was made with budget materials and inferior construction. 

Choosing The Best Backpack for Your Pickleball Game

There are a lot of great options on the market for backpacks and sling bags to carry all of your pickleball game gear. We’ve highlighted some of the best on the market, with Franklin Sports winning our highest accolades. Take your time, research the different options, and choose the best pickleball bag to enhance your game. 

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