Prince Pickleball Paddles

Prince pickleball paddles

Pickleball is a popular racquet sport that requires very little equipment compared to other sports. However, the pickleball paddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment. After all, your paddle can help with control and power because of physics. 

Prince Paddles have kept this in mind and has launched a paddle collection that is changing the shape of pickleball with their cutting-edge technology and performance-first attitude. 

Take a look at this company’s roots, the technology they have put into Prince Paddles, and a few frequently asked questions. 

Prince Pickleball History

Prince Pickleball History

Prince began more than 50 years ago developing equipment for squash and tennis. Their innovation started with a patent for an oversized tennis racquet with a larger sweet spot, which put them on the map as industry leaders. 

Since then, they have upheld their high standard of making equipment in the racquet sports industry ever since. In 2018, they partnered with Paddletek to release their Prince pickleball line. They combined their racquet sports engineering experience and an excellent paddle design to deliver the same generous sweet spot they are known for and unmatched control and power with their unique rounded face shape of the paddle. 

Prince was immediately welcomed by top-ranked Simone Jardim. She used her Prince Response Pro paddle to win the Triple Crown at the 2018 US Open, which included three gold medals in the three pro events, and later won another totaling four gold medals. Simone Jardim is now sponsored by Team Prince. 

Prince Pickleball Paddle Technology 

So we have briefly mentioned why Prince Paddles are superior, but let’s talk more about that technology. There have been three key decisions that have led Prince pickleball paddles to earn their top-of-the-line spot. 

First, they made an important strategic decision. Prince set out in the very beginning to cater to professionals and those looking to improve their pickleball game. 

They then decided to team up with Paddletek, which is one of the world’s best designers of paddles. Between their combined experience, they set themselves up for cutting-edge designs from the start. It also allowed them to be designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States, a unique quality that sets them apart from the competition. 

The final decision was to put performance ahead of profit. Prince paddles are shaped to maximize performance despite it costing more to manufacture. 

The paddles have all been slimmed down to only contain just the perfect amount of material necessary. They also translate the concentric circles of energy made by the impact point through the edges and energy-absorbing edge guards to create that large sweet spot. 

Prince Pickleball brings options such as handle length and grip sizes to the table, too, so that no matter the size of your hand, you can find a paddle that fits you flawlessly, and their poly core composite paddle design also has a one year guarantee against dead spots. 

All around, the Prince Response Pro and similar designs have the shape and engineering to be arguably the best paddles on the market. 


Here are the two most frequently asked questions about Prince pickleball paddles. 

Are Prince pickleball paddles good?

Prince pickleball paddles are considered industry-leading and the best on the market.

Where are Prince pickleball paddles made?

Prince pickleball paddles are engineered and made in the USA. 

Improve Your Game with Prince Pickleball Paddles

When it comes to making equipment in the world of pickleball, Prince has done more than just meet expectations. They have exceeded even the top players’ expectations. No matter if you are looking to win your next mixed doubles tournament, just playing for fun, or just simply want to improve your passing shots, Prince pickleball paddles are the one equipment change that is worth the investment.

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