25 Best Gifts For Pickleball Players

25 Best Gifts For Pickleball Players

Funny Pickleball Gifts

Pickleball Hair Don’t Care Hat  

Sometimes when you’re playing pickleball, you just don’t care that your hair game isn’t great. After all, that sweat is hard-earned! This funny pickleball hat makes light of pickleball hair and comes in multiple colors. This company also makes other funny pickleball hats, with sayings like “Just Dink It.” 

Dink Responsibly T-Shirt 

This t-shirt is a fun play on words that any pickleball player with a sense of humor will love. “Dink Responsibly, Don’t Get Smashed” graces the front of the shirt with a kitschy-looking pickle playing its favorite sport. 

Let them have some fun with their pickleball clothing with this shirt that comes in various colors and styles for both men and women. 

I’m Kind of a Big Dill Socks

The right pair of pickleball shoes is a serious piece of pickleball gear, but who says you can’t have some fun with the socks you wear underneath? These socks let your favorite pickleball lover know they’re Kind of a Big Dill to you, and they’ll love wearing them on the pickleball court. 

These socks are 80% cotton and come in a one-size-fits-most option. For a themed gift, pair these socks with this fun Big Dill pickleball shirt that also comes in many colors and styles for men, women, and youth pickleball players.  

Custom Bobblehead Figuring 

Custom Bobblehead Figurine

If you’re stumped for gift ideas for the experienced player with everything, how about a fun, pickleball-themed bobblehead designed specifically for them?

We love this customizable pickleball bobblehead by Crebobble. It features a pickleball player holding a pickleball paddle, and the entire thing is fully customizable. Choose the hair color, eye color, and skin color. 

You can also upload a photo and have one of their highly talented bobblehead artists recreate the image. You can even add text to the shirt and even include their favorite bad pickleball pun! 

Other sites offer great personalized gifts for pickleball players, too, but this is one of our favorites!

Funny Pickleball Coaster Set 

Even practical pickleball gift ideas can have a humorous spin to them, like this fun pickleball coaster set.

The set includes six coasters of absorbent ceramic, each one displaying a different fun and quirky pickleball saying. 

Some examples include “A Day Without Pickleball Probably Wouldn’t Kill Me, But Why Risk It,” “World’s Okayest Pickleball Player,” and “Great Minds Dink Alike.”

The set includes its own holder, which sits perfectly on the counter or coffee table. We can’t think of a better gift for practical pickleball lovers. 

Unique Gifts for Pickleball Players

Pickleball Trivia Game 

Have fun and test your knowledge of pickleball with the Pickleball Trivia Game.

This game is sure to stump even the most hardcore pickleball players and fans. It includes two hundred cards covering five categories – history, rules, tournaments, pickleball players, and a wild card category. 

This game is one of the best pickleball gifts for trivia lovers and those that like to get together off the court with their pickleball besties. 

Pickleball Coloring Book 

Give this gift and help your favorite pickleball player unwind off of the court. This coloring book features fifty images of pickleball paddles, each with a different mandala design on it. 

This is a great gift for artistic pickleball lovers, and they can color each pickleball paddle in their own style, making it truly unique. We can just imagine some of these images colored and beautifully framed on the wall. 

Pickleball-Themed iPhone Case

Their other accessories are pickleball themed, so why not their iPhone, too?

Let them express their style and love of the sport by protecting their phone in this bright, colorful phone case that features images of pink, green, and yellow balls.

The phone case is offered in a wide selection of styles to fit practically any iPhone – even the retro version they refuse to upgrade! 

Practical & Useful Pickleball Gifts 

Practical & Useful Pickleball Gifts

Tourna Hipster Ball Band 

In the world of pickleball, the right accessories can really give you a competitive edge. The last thing any pickleball player wants is to be constantly running to their bag to grab more balls or keeping track of where the balls have fallen on the court. 

The Tourna Hipster Ball Band solves this problem and is a pickleball gift that experienced players will love.

You wear the band at your waist, and it’s sleek enough to blend in with other pickleball clothing. 

You simply tuck your pickleball balls under the band, and they stay in place. This is the perfect solution for pickleball clothing that doesn’t have pockets and makes a great, practical gift.  

Rolfex Arm and Leg Massager

If you play pickleball, chances are you’ll be sore sometimes or even have to nurse a pickleball-related injury. This Rolflex Arm and Leg Massager is perfect for relieving pain and bodily stress caused on the pickleball court. 

This lightweight and easy-to-use massager works great for tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, wrist, and hand strain.

It also works well on calf and foot pain that even the most well-designed proper footwear can’t prevent. 

This is one of the best pickleball gifts for any serious player and can help with muscle recovery and prevent injuries. What’s a better gift than that? 

Muscle Massage Gun

We can think of any pickleball gifts that would be more appreciated than this muscle massage gun.

Most players find themselves suffering from minor injuries at some point, even if it’s just muscle stiffness or soreness after a challenging game. 

This muscle massage gun is among the best pickleball accessories you can have. It’s portable and quiet, so it can go right into their pickleball bag. It features seven speeds and twelve different massage heads for every possible ache and pain. 

Daily Pickleball Planner 

Every pickleball player needs to stay organized, and what better way to accomplish that than a brand-new pickleball journal or planner? No longer will they have to search through random notebooks or papers for records of scores, matches, and other pickleball notes. 

This is the perfect pickleball gift for the player that likes to keep track of every detail and is focused on improving their game or working toward playing at a tournament level. 

Glow In The Dark Balls 

Sometimes you want to keep playing even after the sun starts to set, but this also makes seeing the ball a bit more challenging. Pickleball courts aren’t notoriously well-lit. So, these glow-in-the-dark balls are a piece of pickleball equipment that every player should have in their bag. 

This set comes with a flashlight and batteries to shine on the balls to activate their glow-in-the-darkness feature. Reviews say these have a nice, bright glow to them and that they’re equally great to play indoors, making it easier to spot the ball as it’s coming at you. 

Pickleball Gifts For Mom

Pickleball Paddle Necklace

This pickleball necklace is a great gift, and it’s nice enough to wear for a special occasion, The necklace is made of sterling silver, and the design features a pickleball paddle with a sunburst design and a little ball attached. 

The chain is 18-inches long, and the necklace comes packaged in a jeweler’s keepsake box for safekeeping. 

Mini Pickleball Earrings

These adorable dangling earrings are miniature versions of pickleball balls and will look great on the ears of your mom or any other pickleball fan with pierced ears. 

The pickleball balls are yellow and have a diameter of 1cm. They’re nickel-free and come in a stud/post style that’s great for looking fashionable on the pickleball court. 

Polarized Sport Sunglasses

These polarized sport sunglasses rank at the top in the world of useful, great pickleball gifts. They’re fashionable, will prevent glare, and protect the lucky recipient’s eyes from harmful UV rays. 

These sunglasses come in fourteen different colors, so you can choose a pair that will match her shirt, shoes, or even her pickleball bag. They’re affordable enough that you can gift her a couple of different pairs, so she never has to search when she needs them.  

Pickleball Queen Tumble 

Stainless steel, pickleball-themed wine tumbler is the best gift for someone on your list that loves wine. This tumbler makes it clear who’s the queen of the pickleball court with “Pickleball Queen” on the front. This tumbler comes with a lid, so it’s great for transporting other beverages, including water, to stay hydrated on the court. 

This wine tumbler also comes with other sayings, and it’s a nice change that won’t add to her already huge collection of water bottles. 

Anivivo Skirted Leggings

If you’re struggling to find pickleball gift ideas for the player who has everything, search no more. These Anivivo skirted leggings are comfortable, easy to move in, and great for both indoor and outdoor play, especially when the weather turns a bit cooler.

These skirted leggings come in multiple color combinations, and they’re available in sizes extra small to 3XL, so they’re great for active pickleball players of all shapes and sizes. Let her express her personal style and be comfortable while she plays. 

Pickleball Dink Dink Wham Skirt 

It’s not always easy to express your personal style when so much sports apparel looks similar. This colorful skirt changes that. The cartoonish print has a comic book feel, and the skirt is made of breathable fabric. It has a tummy-smoothing design and moisture-wicking shorts underneath. 

This whimsical skirt is available in sizes XXS to XXL. 

Pickleball Dink Dink Wham! Skirt!

Pickleball Gifts For Dad

Gamma Tennis Ball Hopper Balltube

Give dad’s back a break from always bending over to pick the balls off the court with this lightweight and portable ball tube. All he has to do is carry this portable hopper around, and picking up the court is a breeze. Plus, it works great as a ball-carrying case too! 

Designated Dinker Pint Glasses 

Nothing beats a nice cold brewski, or even an iced tea, after a grueling pickleball match. These pint glasses get the point across with their “Designated Dinker” message etched across the front. 

Each glass holds exactly 16 ounces, and they’re dishwasher friendly. A set of these will look great sitting out or filled with his favorite drink. 

Cooling Towels 

If dad is out there working up a sweat on the pickleball court, this pack of four cooling towels is going to be one of his favorite pickleball gifts of all time. 

These towels are made of a breathable, hyper-cooling microfiber that quickly whisks away sweat and heat, leaving him feeling cool and refreshed. The towels come in a variety of color combinations to match his pickleball attire or gear. 

Tommy Hilfiger Essential Visor

A great visor reduces glare, keeps the sun out of your eyes, and protects you from UV rays. There’s no reason you can’t be stylish on the court and wear a visor at the same time, as this classic visor from Tommy Hilfiger proves. 

The visor features the classic Hilfiger flag, is 100% cotton, and comes in five color options. 

Pickleball Cocktail 

No, we’re not talking about taking dad out for cocktails after the match, although you could. Instead, this is the type of cocktail that will help him recover after a tough match. 

This is an electrolyte drink mix designed for pickleball players. It’s vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and physician-approved. Give this as a themed gift with a couple of pickleball-themed water bottles. 

Easy Pickleball Gifts 

Pickleball Camps & Classes 

Pickleball camps and classes make great gifts for everyone, from beginners to advanced players. Some of the top players in pickleball offer personal training at their pickleball camps, but you can also find great classes locally. 

Gift certificates are almost always available, and you can make it into a vacation and pickleball gift in one. If you’re gifting to someone who would prefer to stay closer to home, consider gifting an online course instead. 

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for fantastic ideas for pickleball gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Give them something that they’ll love this year, and check back with us for more ideas on the best pickleball paddles, gear, tips for playing a great game, and more!

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