Onix Pickleball Paddles

Onix Pickleball Paddles

ONIX is a well-known name among the highest pickleball circles. ONIX pickleball paddles are preferred by pro and recreational players alike.

Onix Premier Pickleball Paddles

If you want to become the next Steve Cole or Lucy Kovalova, knowing which paddle to choose can make the difference between a superlative and a mediocre game. 

ONIX paddles are made for recreational, intermediate, and performance play, and those of all skill levels can find their favorite equipment from the brand.

ONIX Evoke Series

ONIX Evoke is the most sought-after series from the brand. It includes a selection of performance and intermediate rackets designed for those who are serious about the sport.

Evoke Premier Series is, undoubtedly, the best choice for professionals or aspiring toward a pro level.

It is the ONIX paddle choice of sports stars Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova. Both of them appreciate the power and precision this racket provides. It doesn’t come as a surprise since ONIX produced this model based on designs from the two pros.

Unique features include an edge guard designed to disperse shock and increase swing speed and power. The DF composite surface further improves performance.

Another popular performance choice is the Evoke Pro. While this model doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles seen in Premier, it is cheaper and USAPA-approved.

Intermediate choices in the Evoke Series include the Evoke XL and Evoke Tear Drop. These come with the ONIX brand’s commitment to helping intermediate players to become pros.

Onix Pickleball Paddles

ONIX Recruit Series

At the opposite end of Evoke is the ONIX Recruit Series. As their name suggests, these ONIX pickleball paddles were created for beginners and recreational players who want to win games. They are not made specifically for kids, but they are lightweight and durable – hence, suitable for all ages.

Entry-level Recruit is made of wood, which isn’t the most performing material out there. However, they can give you a feel of what ONIX paddles feel like.

A beginner’s set consisting of two paddles and two balls is also available from the brand. 

This is the perfect choice for those who want to try the sport or create play strategies before making a commitment and investing in higher-performance equipment.

If you want to start with an affordable option, but wood isn’t quite up your alley, the Recruit V3 and V4 are made of polypropylene with a Poly-Fiber face and have an oversized sweet spot that appeals to beginners.

ONIX Graphite Z5 Series

By far the most popular ONIX pickleball paddles, the Graphite Z5 addresses intermediate playing needs, but it is USAPA-approved for tournament use. 

This model comes in a wide range of colors. Its 4.25-grip handle is thin enough to fit young players, while the NOMEX honeycomb core delivers amazing ball control, speed, and maneuverability.

As its name suggests, it comes with a graphite face. The Z5 model is also available with a composite face designed for recreational players and beginners. Thus, if you’re set on graphite, make sure to pick the right model.

Apart from colors, all ONIX pickleball paddles in the Graphite Z5 series share the same characteristics, from the handle circumference to handle length (5 inches), edge guard, and materials. Weights vary from 7.5 to 8.2 ounces.

ONIX Voyager Pro

Similar to the ONIX Graphite Z5 but designed with pros in mind, the Voyager Pro is created for success. It has a polypropylene core and premium-coated graphite face, a combination of materials that guarantee strike precision and control.

Size and weight are similar to the Z5, but this one is a little shorter. Its overall length is 15.25 inches, a quarter of an inch smaller than the Z5, which is 15.5 inches long. This translates into a smaller sweet spot but easier handling and more precise control.

Ideal for baseline shots, the Voyager Pro only comes in one color. However, it has an attractive price point and is a good alternative to Evoke.

ONIX Outbreak

In between the Voyager Pro and Evoke, the Outbreak is another option designed for performance and ideal for those who need pinpoint control.

Its medium weight balances power and speed for all-around performance, while the wide body shape offers an increased sweet spot.

This model is made from similar materials to intermediate ones, which explains the lower price tag compared to Evoke. Yet, the TeXtreme® Technology reinforces it without adding weight.

The main downside is that, despite the TeXtreme, this isn’t as durable as other performance options from ONIX. 

If you need a good temporary paddle, this will surely live up to expectations. Just don’t expect it to stay with you for a long time.

ONIX Stryker

Beginners and recreational players looking for a near-intermediate paddle might find what they need in Stryker. ONIX pickleball paddles in this series come in composite and graphite versions, but apart from this, the differences are minimal.

The Stryker has an oversized handle shape and a wide face with a large sweet spot. It is more expensive than other entry-level options but well worth it.

ONIX Summit

Another popular series is the Summit, comprising a range of elongated paddles for intermediate and performance players. These ONIX pickleball paddles are perfect for players who need a longer reach, while the table tennis handle provides more spin.

The intermediate variant of the Summit comes with a composite face. Performance players have the choice of a graphite face reinforced by TeXtreme but at a higher price point. 

Overall, the Summit provides improved reach and touch, as well as better control with a shorter handle.


Is ONIX a good pickleball paddle?

ONIX is a sports brand manufacturing pickleball paddles for all ages and levels. ONIX pickleball performance paddles are used by pickleball pro players, which guarantees their quality.

Is ONIX a good pickleball brand?

Yes. ONIX Sports is a world-leader manufacturer of pickleball equipment.

What is the difference between ONIX Z5 Mod and Z5?

The only difference between these two ONIX products is the name and colorways. Otherwise, they share the same characteristics. 

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