Lucy Kovalova

Lucy Kovalova

Though pickleball is often only thought about in a club sense, it is actually a sport with a large following and its own professional-level play. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of professional pickleball players that compete in championships for the number one ranking. 

Lucy Kovalova is one of the best women’s professional pickleball players in the game. Check out the build-up of Kovalova’s career and some fun facts about her personal life. 

Kovalova Pickleball Career

Kovalova first got her start in professional sports as a member of the Junior National tennis team of Slovakia. She then came to the United States to play tennis for Wichita State, where she was #1 in doubles for the Shockers for her entire four years.

Lucy made the switch to pickleball around 2015 when the country club she works at introduced the sport. Almost immediately, she excelled in her new sport, becoming a top player. 

Since then, she has continued to rack up championships. Kovalova is a nine-time medalist at the US Open Championship, a two-time champion at the Tournament of Champions, and a four-time USA National Champion. Specifically, in 2018, she won a triple crown at the USA Pickleball National Championships, where she won gold in women’s doubles, mixed doubles, and women’s singles. 

Currently, Kovalova is tied for number one in Women’s doubles with her partner, Simone Jardim. In mixed doubles, she ranks number two. 

Lucy Kovalova Pickleball Earnings

Lucy Kovalova Pickleball Earnings

Throughout Kovalova’s time competing, she has racked up an impressive amount of prize money in addition to the accolades. So far, she has won approximately $106,500 and counting. She doesn’t just make her living from playing a tournament each week. Instead, she teaches pickleball and tennis at her local Wichita country club. 

Is Lucy Kovalova Married?

Is Lucy Kovalova Married?

Yes, Kovalova is not married but spends time with her mixed doubles partner, Matt Wright, who is also an accomplished pickleball player both with Lucy in mixed doubles and on his own. He is a top-ranked professional pickleball player like Kovalova, and together they win many of their mixed doubles tournaments.  

When Matt Wright and Kovalova are off the court, they enjoy other hobbies. Lucy enjoys spending time with friends and shopping, while Matt loves watching sports, going to concerts, and reading. 

Where Is Lucy Kovalova From?

Lucy Kovalova, as we mentioned briefly, is a native of Slovakia, where she played on the Junior National Tennis Team. She came to the United States in college, and she now lives in Kansas with Matt when she is not traveling to tournaments. Her given Slovakian name is actually Lucia, but she prefers to go by the American equivalent, Lucy. 

Lucy Kovalova Height

Like in many professional sports, height can help. In paddle sports like pickleball, there is something to be said about height because your reach and wingspan tend to be longer, giving you an advantage. Kovalova is 5’11”, which might contribute to why her backhand is so wicked. 

Lucy Kovalova Age

The average age of pickleball players is around 45 years old, but Kovalova is just 29 and is highly accomplished regardless of her young age. Because she is so young, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of her career. 

However, a fun fact– Lucy is not the youngest professional pickleball player. That title belongs to Anna Leigh Waters, who is 14 and came to the pro league when she was just 12. 


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Lucy Kovalova.

Who is Lucy Kovalova married to?

Lucy Kovalova is married to Matt Wright, another professional pickleball player.

Where is Kovalova from?

Lucy Kovalova is from Slovakia. 

What paddle does Lucy Kovalova use?

Lucy Kovalova uses the Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle, which was co-designed by Lucy and her husband, Matt Wright. 

Keep Up With Lucy Kovalova

Speaking of the rest of her career,  she will be competing in several events this year, including the PPA Championship and the Hyundai Masters. Follow along to see her play! Lucy Kovalova is one to watch!

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