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the best pickleball paddle for advanced players

Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport, with courts and tournaments popping up nationwide. It’s no surprise the number and types of pickleball paddles sold are also on the rise. One of the first things you’ll notice when shopping for pickleball paddles is the huge price variations from one to another. This leaves many players wondering, what is the most expensive paddle? Will it truly transform your game?

Some expensive pickleball paddles are worth the investment, while others are a waste. Keep reading to learn more about the most expensive pickleball paddles and which paddles are worth your hard-earned money.

Do You Need to Buy an Expensive Pickleball Paddle?

Do You Need to Buy an Expensive Pickleball Paddle?

Before we look at the most expensive pickleball paddles, let’s talk about what you need. The simple answer here is no. You don’t need to buy the most costly paddle on the market to be good at pickleball (you don’t necessarily want the cheapest pickleball paddles, either). Instead, you need to determine what you need from a paddle to succeed on the court.

The best paddle for one player won’t always be the best pickleball paddle for someone else. If you’re prone to tennis elbow, you need a lighter paddle with a medium grip. A graphite paddle with a textured graphite surface could make all the difference if you struggle to get a good ball spin. Try not to fixate on the price of the paddle you’re buying but on what you need as a player instead.

There’s nothing wrong with buying an expensive paddle, though –even if it’s your first paddle! You don’t have to be a pro champion to buy a costly paddle. If you think a paddle with a higher price tag has features that can improve your game and you can afford it, make that purchase! The best pickleball paddles for your game can’t be decided by the price alone.

Most Expensive Pickleball Paddle Brands


Selkirk Pickleball Paddle

Many pros use Selkirk as their paddle, including Tyson Mcguffin, Wesley Gabrielson, Dave Fleming, and Kaitlyn Christina. Selkirk paddles are manufactured in the USA using high-quality materials. Selkirk Labs, a sister brand, works to research the science behind pickleball paddles so Selkirk can constantly be putting out new, cutting-edge designs.

Selkirk range from $150 – $200. The brand has no “affordable” paddles, but they remain among the most successful paddle brands. Selkirk makes graphite paddles, composite paddles, and carbon fiber paddles. Most Selkirk paddles feature a polymer honeycomb core with a textured face for optimal spin.



Engage Pickleball is a part of the larger brand Engage Sports. Engage is known for creating durable sports gear using the latest technology. Their pricing starts at $99.99 and goes up to $209.99. Engage makes pickleball paddles using different materials, which is what causes such a price variation. Their composite pickleball paddles are the most affordable, while their graphite pickleball paddle is the most expensive.

Engage polymer cores to feature vibration-controlling technology that makes for a quieter shot with more control. Some of the pros that use Engage paddles include Gigi Lemaster, Jessie Irvine, and Stephen Kennedy.


PaddleTek Pickleball Paddle

PaddleTek is a pickleball brand producing paddles, apparel, hats, and other court gear. Their paddles are widely loved by beginners and pros alike. Some of the most successful players of all time use PaddleTek, including Kyle Yates, Anna Leigh Waters, and Catherine Parenteau.

PaddleTek pricing is quite diverse, with paddles as low as $69.99 and as high as $179.99. Their most expensive paddle is a composite paddle. The cheapest is a composite paddle. PaddleTek paddles feature a polymer composite honeycomb core and an ultra-cushion grip.


Gamma Pickleball Paddle

Gamma Sports primarily makes gear for tennis and pickleball. They’re widely loved for their quality products with reasonable pricing. Their cheapest paddle is just $34.99! That paddle has a textured fiberglass paddle face, which you won’t find on their most expensive products.

Pickleball pros like Riley Newman, Lindsey Newman, and Jen Griffin have supported the brand on and off the court. The Gamma paddles that are used by pro players are the most expensive. These paddles feature a textured composite face with an elongated paddle grip for better control and reach.

Expensive Pickleball Paddles That Are Worth the Splurge

PaddleTek Tempest Wave Pro

The PaddleTek Tempest Wave Pro is a midweight paddle with a carbon fiber face and a honeycomb carbon fiber core. The paddle features smart response technology, a large sweet spot, and a balanced core for increased speed and accuracy. This is widely accepted as one of the best pickleball paddles among the pros.

All PaddleTek paddles include an ultra cushion grip to keep you in control and an edge guard to extend the life of the paddle. This is a medium-weight paddle that will improve your power and control in no time.

Cost: $179.99


Gamma 405 Pickleball paddle

The 405 paddle by Gamma is a graphite paddle with a slightly elongated design. A polypropylene core adds good power to your shots. The paddle is considered a light paddle with a total paddle weight of 7.6 oz. This lighter-weight paddle offers both control and power.

If you want to try your hand at graphite paddles, the 405 is a great choice. This isn’t technically considered a pro paddle, but it is a premier pickleball paddle for intermediate to advanced players.

Cost: $139.99

Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 S2

This is the most expensive paddle on the list. Believe it or not, it’s worth the steep price tag! The Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 S2 is a versatile paddle available in a lightweight or midweight design. A thick polymer core absorbs vibration while making your sweet spot larger.

Of all these lightweight paddles on the market, this has some of the best pickleball paddle reviews from players of all skill levels. The cross-weave carbon fiber face provides a better spin than other paddles, while the Vanguard Geo Grip helps maintain ball control during even the most heated of matches. This is a polymer core advanced paddle that can be seen on the court during major championship tournaments. 

Cost: $200.00

Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 S2

Gamma Riley Newman 206 

The 206 paddle by Gamma is Riley Newman’s preferred paddle. The design of this paddle is all about power and control. With that in mind, it is a heavier paddle with an average weight of 8 oz. Heavier paddles provide more power behind each shot. A non-slip honeycomb cushioned grip adds just the right amount of control to this composite-faced paddle.

Riley Newman created this paddle with Gamma. He said he wanted to create one of the best pickleball paddles that would help players achieve their goals on the court. This composite pickleball paddle will do exactly that! The paddle is ideal for experienced players looking to improve the accuracy, speed, and power of their shots.

Cost: $179.99

PaddleTek Bantam EX-L

The PaddleTek Bantam EX-L is a heavier paddle weighing 8.3 – 8.7 oz. It’s available with a traditional size grip and a small grip, which is a huge perk for players looking for a small grip paddle. The velvet-textured surface makes it easy to get good traction with the ball for a well-controlled ball spin. The polymer core is in a honeycomb pattern helps players achieve controlled yet explosive hits.

This polymer paddle is marketed as a pro paddle, but anyone who wants to choose their grip size with a balanced paddle and textured hitting surface will love the Bantam EX-L. This isn’t a good investment if you want a lightweight paddle.

Cost: $149.99


Are more expensive pickleball paddles worth it?

If a more expensive paddle has the paddle features you’re looking for, then it’s worth the investment. If you just want a more expensive paddle because it’s expensive, it isn’t worth it.

Become familiar with pickleball paddle materials and your playing preferences before dishing out the big bucks. You don’t need an expensive paddle for your beginner paddle.

What pickleball do most pros use?

The PaddleTek Tempest Wave Pro and Selkirk Vanguard 2.0 S2 are the most popular with pros in 2022. 

Choose the Best Paddle for Your Game, No Matter the Price

Price is definitely a consideration when choosing a paddle, but first, you should consider your playing style and the features you need to play successfully on the court. For many, especially beginning players, a cheap paddle will work as well as a more expensive one. Still, as you mature into the game, you might look for more of the premium features that are common among more expensive paddles, like the ones on our list. 

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