Riley Newman Pickleball Player

Riley Newman Pickleball Player

Riley Newman is a professional pickleball player that has won big at the US Open, Las Vegas open, Texas open, Atlanta open, World Pickleball Championship, and many more! His power moves and ability to understand the strategic side of the sport have allowed him to reach gold medal-winning status around the globe. This pickleball player that entered the sport with a lifetime of athletic experience is someone to watch out for!

Riley Newman’s Career

Riley Newman’s Career

Riley Newman is one of the biggest names in the pickleball game in 2022. Since his career began in 2018, Riley Newman has won tournaments across the globe. From California to Florida and the Hyundai Masters, Riley Newman has had a whirlwind career that doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

Introduction to Pickleball

Before becoming a pro pickleball player, Riley Newman played high-level tennis for many years. He also played basketball, baseball, and soccer growing up. 

Riley Newman was first introduced to the pickleball court in the summer of 2017. With a history of being a pro-level tennis player, Riley’s friend Mark Cook felt Riley would pick up on the sport quickly.

He was right! Newman quickly learned how to use the paddles, control the ball, and strategize his way through a game. With a lot of time and practice, Newman learned how to improve his skills. 

Newman quickly formed his strategy and began competing with his sister, Lindsey Newman, in 2018 in mixed doubles tournaments. He also played in men’s tournaments on his own. 

Riley Newman’s Career

Riley Newman Pickleball Ranking

Riley Newman is ranked in the top 3 pickleball players in the world for men’s and mixed doubles. He has won gold five times throughout his career. 

He has had to play against some of the best champions in the game but usually still manages to win the match!

Riley Newman Pickleball Paddle

A great athlete can’t be great without the right tools for the job. In pickleball, that means having a good paddle.

Riley plays with the 206 paddles by Gamma pickleball. The 206 paddle is called the Riley Newman pickleball paddle, so it’s safe to say this is his favorite!

The paddle features an extra-long grip handle that allows you to execute a two-handed backhand with ease. You can pinpoint shots for expert accuracy. Power is in every stroke. 

Get your Riley Newman pickleball paddle here. If it’s good enough to help him win gold, it’s worth trying out!

Riley Newman Pickleball Net Worth 

Riley Newman’s net worth isn’t public information, but we do know that he’s won more than $75,000 just from pickleball games. His net worth would include sponsorship money, social media content earnings, merchandise earnings, and more! 

It’s safe to say that Riley is doing well for himself. 

Riley Newman Pickleball Sponsors

Riley Newman is sponsored by some of the biggest names in Pickleball. Sponsors pay an athlete to do social media content ads, use their products, and promote the brand to their fans. 

His current sponsors are Takeya and Gamma Pickleball.

Riley Newman Pickleball Clinics

When he isn’t playing or practicing, Riley Newman can be found teaching a pickleball clinic. His sister Lindsey travels with him to different cities around the country to teach pickleball.

Riley Newman’s pickleball clinics include hands-on teaching services from one of the best players in the sport. Whether you’re just starting to play or you’re thinking about going pro yourself, it’s never a bad thing to get advice from a gold medal winner.

Learn how to produce a hit with a lot of power how the pro controls those powerhouse strokes. 

Riley Newman’s Life Outside of Pickleball

Riley Newman has had a busy career as one of the pros in the pickleball world. Most of his time is spent playing pickleball, practicing, or teaching at a clinic. It’s easy for fans to forget that Riley Newman had a whole life before he got hooked on pickleball.

Let’s learn a little more about what Riley likes to do with his free time and how he got to where he is today. 

Family Life

Newman grew up in Whidbey Island, Washington. He comes from a big family with five sisters and one brother. His whole family is passionate about sports, so it’s no surprise that Riley and Lindsey Newman ended up becoming pros. 

Riley attended college in Seattle, Washington, on a D1 athlete scholarship.

He has shared that his whole family is very close and that they all love to watch him play!

What’s Riley Newman’s Life Like Today?

In 2022, Riley Newman lives in Arizona. When he isn’t holding a paddle, Riley enjoys working out, traveling, attending sporting events, and hanging out with his family. He likes to live a simple life and enjoy the little things. 

Riley has said he’s content living in Arizona and doesn’t have plans to move anytime soon. 

Connect with Riley Newman

The best way for fans to stay up to date with Riley Newman is to follow his social media accounts. Social media allows him to share things with his fans quickly, and you don’t want to miss out!

Riley Newman’s pickleball updates, personal updates, and sponsorship content can all be viewed on his social media. You can follow and connect with him on both Facebook and Instagram, where you can check for videos and updates on his career and check out the details of his personal life that he will share from time to time.

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