Gearbox GX5 Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Gearbox Gx5 Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Gearbox is a leading name in gear for pickleball and other racquet sports. They sell a range of pickleball accessories, but it’s really their paddles that they’re known for. We compared two versions of one of their most popular series in our Gearbox GX5 pickleball paddle reviews. 

Gearbox is known for consistent performance, but they’ve recently redesigned their GX5 with pioneer technology, unlike what we’ve seen in other paddles. Gearbox’s vision for these two paddles – Control and Power – zeros in on optimum performance and amazing feel. Here is how the GX5 Power and GX5 Control paddles compare. 

About the Gearbox Carbon Fiber GX5 Series 

The GX5 series features some of the most popular paddles of the Gearbox line. Gearbox has recently redesigned and revamped these paddles to be smoother, more consistent, and more capable of smashing the competition than ever before. 

The Gearbox GX5 series is known for unmatched durability, no delamination, and its sound, slim, aerodynamic frame. Within the GX5 series, Gearbox offers two separate paddles – one for power and one for control. 

This is a brilliant concept on behalf of Gearbox, as they aim to attract the full spectrum of pickleball players to their single most popular line. With their patented solid span technology and a carbon fiber edgeless frame that creates a massive sweet spot, Gearbox blows many other paddles out of the water. 

What’s solid span technology? In a nutshell, it’s what sets Gearbox paddles apart. The patented solid span technology starts with the core material that’s constructed of various graphite chambers rather than the typical honeycomb core design. Then the entirety of it is molded together under a high-pressure process that involves curling the frame. This creates a seamlessly wrapped, single-piece construction pickleball paddle that’s extremely durable and feels great in your hand. 

Which style of pickleball player are you, power or control? Each pickleball player tends to lean one way or the other, although many try to seek a middle balance between the two. While Gearbox offers a separate option for each, we think they do a good job of creating balance in each of their paddle designs. 

Once you determine which type of pickleball player you are, the next step is the find the paddle that caters to how you play. 

Check out these two high-performing paddles to see which is the one that will elevate your pickleball game. 

 Gearbox Carbon Fiber GX5 Series

Gearbox GX5 Power Vs. Control

Gearbox GX5 Power Vs. Control

We compared both the Power and Control models of the GX5 series from Gearbox to see for ourselves where they’re the same and where they’re different. Both models have features in common, like a patented solid span core, hyper bite spin technology, and a gorgeous carbon fiber edgeless frame. 

Even with all of this in common, some distinct features set the two models apart. 

Gearbox GX5 Power Paddle 

The Gearbox GX5 Power pickleball paddle offers more power than any other GX5 in the past. This is the preferred paddle type of more advanced players that have mastered basic and intermediate moves and are now ready to blow their opponents out of the water. 

The amazing feel, torque stabilization focus, durability, and superb sound profile make the Gearbox Power option unique. This features a one-forward dampener system that puts exceptional power behind each stroke while still allowing it to feel swift and comfortable in your hand, minimizing vibration and controlling sound. 

The Gearbox Power pickleball paddle is great for outdoor use, as it stands up well in windy conditions. In addition, the superb sound offers a nice pop without the loud ding many outdoor pickleball venues try to avoid. 

Like the other paddles in the GX5 series, the Power pickleball paddle is available in two different weight options – 7.8 ounces or 8.5 ounces. The lighter version allows players who normally prefer a lighter paddle, which is typically better for control, the opportunity to add more power to their game. The heavier 8.5-ounces still falls in the mid-weight category but borders on being a heavyweight paddle, which players who like to feel a bit more heft and balance in the pickleball paddles will appreciate. 

Who Should Use the Gearbox GX5 Power Paddle 

The Gearbox GX5 Power pickleball paddle is definitely for players who want more power each time they hit the ball. This is a good pickleball paddle choice for players who prefer to play toward the back of the court rather than right up against the kitchen line. 

Players who began playing pickleball with a wooden paddle and like the weight and power behind each shot might also like this paddle, but in our opinion, the power option really is best for players who have already achieved a certain amount of precision and control with their strikes. 

Power paddles can almost be “a bit much” for newer players, but the lightweight option offered with this power paddle may be easier for beginner players to handle. 

Gearbox GX5 Power Specs

  • Carbon fiber paddle surface 
  • Edgeless paddle infinite play design 
  • Gearbox smooth wrap, slim, aerodynamic design 
  • Larger hitting surface area 
  • Paddle length: 15 ⅞ inches 
  • Paddle width: 8 inches 
  • Weight: 7.8 – 8.5 ounces 
  • Grip handle length; 4 ¾ inches 
  • Paddle thickness: 7/16 inch
  • Quadraform paddle shape 

Gearbox GX5 Control Paddles 

Gearbox GX5 Control Paddle 

The Gearbox GX5 Control paddle is swift and light, offering seamless precision with each stroke. This Gearbox paddle is designed for optimized ball response and an outstanding soft feel that’s comfortable and non-jarring, with perfect vibration control. 

One of the features that set this paddle apart is the smaller grip. Some players aren’t comfortable with the small grip size, but it enables a bit more wrist roll, which is good if you want better control.

Even with its lighter weight, this paddle feels solid in your hand. It’s also designed with Gearbox’s hyper bite spin technology, which goes several steps further than your typical honeycomb core for both improved control and max spin. 

The Carbon fiber construction includes Gearbox’s smooth wrap edgeless frame. The lack of an edge guard allows for smoother play and a massive sweet spot. 

If you demand control from your pickleball paddle, the Gearbox GX5 Control is precise and on point. 

Who Should Use the Gearbox GX5 Control Paddles 

This Gearbox paddle is one that anyone looking to play with more control and finesse will love. It comes in two weight options, one being at the very low end of the mid-weight category and one towards the upper end of it. This is nice for those who want a lightweight option.

The one downside to paddles designed for better control is that they’re sometimes too light for someone with tennis elbow or wrist issues. The vibration that comes through the paddle is just too much. While these Gearbox paddles use technology to limit vibration, the fact that they offer a slightly heavier option for the Control paddle is great for any player who has a hard time with feathery light paddles. 

If you own a legacy GX5 Control and are in the market for a new paddle, this updated version will knock your pickleball socks off. 

Due to optimized ball response and core technology, the GX5 Control model offers decent power. However, if you’re at a point where you really want to work on mastering power shots, the GX5 Power would be a better option for you. 

Gearbox GX5 Control Paddle Secs 

  • Carbon fiber paddle face  
  • Embedded dampening system for vibration control
  • Designed for maximized maneuverability
  • Slim aerodynamics frame
  • Incredibly soft feel      
  • Paddle length: 15 ⅞ inches 
  • Paddle width: 8 inches 
  • Handle length: 4 ¾ inches 
  • Grip circumference: 3 ⅝ or 3 15/16 inches 
  • Paddle thickness: 7/16 inch

Gearbox GX5 Price 

The Gearbox GX5 series features advanced technology, not to mention Gearbox’s reputation for durability. Gearbox pickleball paddles aren’t the most budget-friendly on the market, but everything they put into their paddles makes the extra expense worth it. 

A new Gearbox GX5 series paddle costs $149.99. This is the standard price for both the power and control pickleball paddles. Whether you choose the 7.8-ounce or 8.5-ounce pickleball paddle doesn’t affect the price. 

This isn’t the most expensive pickleball paddle that Gearbox offers. Their GX11E and GX14E models both cost about $50 more than what you’ll pay for a pickleball paddle in the GX5 series. 

Gearbox GX5 Pickleball Paddle Reviews 

Gearbox GX5 series paddles get great customer reviews across the board. You’d be hard-pressed to find a review site where these paddles didn’t rate at least 4.5 out of 5-stars, although the average is usually much higher. 

Customers love the Gearbox smooth wrap design and the paddle’s durability, bite and spin. They also really like that Gearbox makes both their power and control paddles available in two different weights, so they’re well-suited to a range of pickleball players. 

While Gearbox offers different paddles for power and control, you’ll find a good number of reviews that say Gearbox paddles are nicely balanced. Sure, their power paddle packs a punch, but it also has more control and precision than other power paddles on the market. 

Likewise, the Control paddles seem to offer greater power than comparable lightweight paddles designed for control. More often than not, the quality of Gearbox generates a lot of loyalty among its customer base. 

Gearbox GX5 Vs. GX6 

Gearbox GX5 Vs. GX6 

Gearbox offers two different models in their line of GX paddles – the GX5 and GX6, Both models are available with power or control options, and they share many of the same features. 

Some shared features include the patented solid-span technology and hyper-bite spin technology. This means that both models of Gearbox paddles feature the composite chamber core, high-pressure molded solid design, edgeless construction, and more ball bite for a spin than other brands of paddles. Both models of paddles are also made of carbon fiber for smooth play and durability. 

Where they differ is in size and shape. 

The GX6 paddle has a slightly longer head and a narrower design. It also has a longer grip size, which fits comfortably in most hands and is great for two-handed shots. You have the same choices for grip circumference with both paddles. 

The longer, narrower paddle face offers more reach than the GX5 series. It’s a shape that also lends more ball bite if the spin is a feature that’s important to you. Reviews suggest that both models of the Gearbox GX6 paddle produce more powerful shots than the GX5 series,

What the GX6 paddles are missing is the large sweet spot that the GX5 offers. This is an area that offers the most precise and reliable performance when you make contact with the ball. 

Beginning pickleball players tend to do best with a larger sweet spot, but there is plenty of intermediate to advanced players that would pick a larger sweet spot over greater reach and spin any day. It really all comes down to what style of pickleball player you are. 

In our opinion, while the GX5 and GX6 models share many of the fantastic Gearbox quality features, the GX6 models are better suited for intermediate and higher skill levels. 

The Gearbox GX6 series is priced the same as the GX5 at $149.99. 


Is Gearbox a good pickleball paddle?

Gearbox is a leading name in pickleball paddles and pickleball accessories. Their paddles are highly rated and used by a range of skill levels, from beginner to advance. They offer several styles of pickleball paddles, so there’s a Gearbox option for practically every style of pickleball player. 

What’s the difference between Gearbox Paddle GX5 and GX6?

The main difference between the Gearbox GX5 and GX6 pickleball paddle is the shape. The GX5 series paddle has a more traditional height-to-length ratio. The shape combines with the edgeless paddle design to create a paddle with an incredibly large sweet spot. 

In contrast, the Gearbox GX6 paddles are longer and narrow. They have a diminished sweet spot area, which requires more precise contact, but their shape makes them great for grabbing hard-to-reach shots. 

Which Gearbox pickleball paddle has the largest sweet spot?

Gearbox offers several styles of pickleball paddles, but their paddle series with the largest sweet spot is their GX5 line. Many of their other paddles are designed to be narrower and longer for extended reach, but the GX5 has a nice shape, edgeless design, and balanced length-to-width ratio for what many in the industry call a massive sweet spot.

What is the most expensive Gearbox pickleball paddle?

Gearbox has two lines of pickleball paddles that are currently tied for being the most expensive in their lineup. The GX11E and GX14E are both currently priced at $199.99 on the Gearbox website. 

Bottom Line 

Gearbox introduces an updated version of their GX5 paddles with many new amazing enhancements and a dramatically upgraded feel. These carbon fiber paddles are completely redesigned, offering more power, control, finesse, and precision than ever before. 

All Gearbox GX5 paddles are carefully handcrafted and come with a one-year warranty. We have all the information you need about Gearbox, other brands of pickleball paddles, pickleball accessories, and more. Check back with us often for the latest pickleball updates and more. 

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