Best Pickleball Paddle For Power

Best Pickleball Paddle For Power

We looked around, researched, and tested many different styles and brands to find the best pickleball paddles for making those strong, powerful shots. We looked at details like weight, face material, and whether the paddles were equipped with smart response technology features.

These are the best pickleball paddles for power shots that will leave your opponent speechless.

Best Paddle For Power

ProKennex Ovation Flight

The Ovation Flight from Prokennex is a power hitter with a midweight design and unique oval shape. 

A cloud cell poly core is ultra thin to keep it light while absorbing the shock of the ball. The frame features kinetic system technology with a carbon casing, allowing you to use the energy from the ball to create powerful shots.

An edgeless design creates a larger sweet spot on the carbon fiber face. This is one of the best pickleball paddles for power because it’s still light enough to make movements at the kitchen line with an incredible touch. 

When you first hold the Ovation Flight, you may question its power, but the reviews speak for themselves, with players praising this one for its extraordinary power in a light, unsuspecting design.

ProKennex Ovation Flight Specs

  • Paddle weight – 7.2 – 7.75 ounces
  • Cloud cell poly core
  • Carbon with diamond frost face
  • Kinetic system frame with carbon casing
  • Price – $189

Best Wide Paddle for Power

Gamma Typhoon

Gamma is known for making some of the best pickleball paddles around, and their new Typhoon paddle is no exception. 

The Gamma Typhoon is an innovative take on the traditional wide-body shape. Instead of making the entire thing wider, Gamma kept the bottom of the face at an average width while adding more width to the top of the paddle head.

A textured fiberglass face provides excellent pop off the ball, and an oversized sweet spot pulls the energy of the ball through every shot. A 25% thicker core provides incredible power and responsiveness.

Gamma Typhoon Specs

  • Weight – 7.75 ounces
  • NeuCore Polyproplene 
  • The textured fiberglass hits surface
  • The extra width at the head
  • Price – $159.99

Best Paddle for Controlled Power

Engage Pursuit MX 6.0

Pursuit MX 6.0 Graphite Paddle

The Pursuit MX 6.0 from Engage has an amazing balance of power and control. You can choose between a light or standard weight. The standard weight paddle weighs 8.0 – 8.4 ounces and is the best choice if you want to achieve the most power possible.

A thick polymer honeycomb core adds better ball control than the average racquet. This thicker polymer core reduces shock and vibration better than thin cores, providing more control over the ball. 

One of the unique features of the Pursuit MX 6.0 is the naturally textured face material. Instead of layering texture on top of the paddle face, this one has a face with Omnidirectional exposed graphite. This allows the natural texture from the graphite to make a better connection with the ball without slowing down your power or speed.

Since the textured graphite face is natural, you’ll never need to worry about the top textured layer coming off as you do with other paddles.

Engage Pursuit MX 6.0 Specs

  • Lightweight and standard weights are available
  • Thick polymer core
  • Graphite face
  • Naturally textured face material
  • Price – $209.99

Best Heavy Paddle for Power

Gearbox GX6

A lot of people associate powerful paddles with heavier ones. While it doesn’t need to be heavy to be powerful, it doesn’t hurt! The Gearbox GX6 is a heavyweight paddle weighing 8.5 ounces.

Gearbox used carbon fiber chambers for the core. This made an accurate paddle that has unmatched power on the pickleball court. Carbon fiber on the paddle face with a thin edge guard helps extend the generous sweet spot. 

The use of hyper bite spin technology on the paddle face improves ball spin with a USAPA-approved textured surface.

The GX6 has an elongated shape that extends your reach for consistent power and fewer mishits. This is the perfect paddle if you prefer a heavy paddle that still has controllable power for versatile playing.

Gearbox GX6 Specs

  • Weight – 8.5 ounces
  • Carbon fiber chambers core
  • Carbon fiber surface
  • Hyper bite spin technology
  • Price – $149.99

Best Elongated Paddle for Power

Prince Quantum Pro

Elongated paddles have become increasingly popular for pros and casual players. Having a long paddle with a central sweet spot makes it easier to reach balls anywhere on the court. The Prince Quantum Pro isn’t the first on our list that has an elongated shape, but it is the one where the shape plays a big role in the power.

It is 16 ⅜ inches long with a light weight of just 7.4 – 7.8 ounces. It’s perfect if you want a longer reach with a forgiving sweet spot and tons of hidden power! The paddle shape allows you to get good momentum at any angle, so every shot can have a good amount of power.

A textured fiberglass face makes for quieter play. The polypropylene honeycomb core is extremely durable without being too heavy, keeping the weight light. You’ll find a lot of pop off the paddle face, even near the edges too!

Prince Quantum Pro Specs

  • Weight – 7.4 – 7.8 ounces
  • Polypropylene honeycomb core
  • Textured fiberglass surface
  • Elongated length – 16 ⅜ inches
  • Price – $128.99

Best Paddle for Power Under $100

PaddleTek Phoenix Genesis

You’ve probably noticed that most of the more powerful pickleball racquets don’t come cheap. PaddleTek proves the best paddles don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars with the Pheonix Genesis! 

The power begins with an extra long 5-inch grip. This provides enough room to make two-handed shots that contain a ton of power. Inside, a honeycomb polymer core is responsive to even the smallest movements.

PaddleTek brought out some of their newest technology to make this one of the best with more power at an affordable price. Torsion vibration control provides better control during off-center hits. Grip vibration dampening technology dampens the vibration from the ball without taking away power or control.

The fiberglass face material is durable and designed to take the hardest hits, so give it your best shot!

PaddleTek Pheonix Genesis Specs

  • Weight – 7.4 – 7.8 ounces
  • Polymer honeycomb core
  • Fiberglass surface
  • Extra long 5-inch grip
  • Price – $89.99

Best Power Paddle with a Large Sweet Spot

Head Gravity Graphite Paddle

Almost every review you can find for the Head Gravity graphite paddle makes a note of the sweet spot. This can be credited to the SweetSpot power core head used when designing it. The core makes the ball impact feel soft but keeps the return powerful. 

A hybrid hitting surface provides the right blend of power, comfort, stability, and control. Added handle stabilizer technology was added to help it take the impact of powerful shots with ease. Weighing 8.1 ounces, Head Gravity is heavy enough for effortless power and light enough to be comfortable.

Head Gravity Graphite Specs

  • Weight – 8.1 ounces
  • Sweetspot Power Core
  • The textured graphite hitting surface
  • Large sweet spot
  • Price – $160.00

What Makes a Paddle Powerful?

Face Material

Paddles can be made using several different materials. Fiberglass and composite paddle faces are known to provide excellent power.

Carbon fiber and graphite faces can be quite powerful too, but they have a better reputation for their ball control abilities. Yours doesn’t have to be a specific material to be powerful, but it doesn’t hurt to consider it before purchasing.

Paddle Core

The most important aspect of power can be found in the paddle core. A paddle core that isn’t well-designed will dampen the power of your shots.

Look for cores that are honeycomb Nomex or polymer. Both of these materials are incredibly strong yet soft enough to absorb the shock of the ball and redistribute it across the paddle face for more comfortable playing.

Other paddle core materials may be too light or weak for powerful shots.


We’ve already established that paddles can be powerful at any weight, but that doesn’t mean some weights are inherently more powerful than others. Midweight and heavier paddles will naturally provide the most power, while lightweight paddles provide the least.

Don’t buy one that’s too heavy for you just because you want more power. Your paddle should be comfortable to hold for long periods without muscle fatigue or tennis elbow. If you notice these symptoms, you likely need a lighter paddle to achieve the best form with your strokes. 

Better form means more powerful shots!


A grip should be comfortable in your hand. Grips that have moisture-wicking, cushioned surfaces are ideal. A grip that’s uncomfortable or doesn’t fit your hand well can lead to your paddle slipping and losing a lot of power.

Paddle grips come in different sizes. Learning what your best grip size is will help narrow potential paddle purchases to set yourself up for success.

Some power paddles have reinforced grips for added strength on the paddle frame and improved comfort. A grip that’s shaped ergonomically is a great choice if you suffer from arthritis or tennis elbow. 


Paddles for pickleball can come in a classic shape, a wide body shape, or an elongated shape. Any shape has the potential to be powerful, but some players find it easy to get powerful hits with a certain type.

Classic pickleball paddles are square with rounded edges. These paddles have a central sweet spot with a predictable response. Classic paddles have started to evolve into more rounded designs that look like an oval, but these alternative shapes are only made by a limited number of brands.

Wide-body paddles are known for having a large sweet spot. The paddle surface is wider than a classic paddle but slightly shorter. A wide-body paddle can be wide all over or just at one end. Adding extra width to the head is a newer design. Some brands are trying to create power paddles.

Elongated paddles are longer than a classic but more narrow. Using an elongated paddle extends your reach and adds more momentum behind the swing. This is the perfect paddle shape for a player who wants to improve their skills and challenge themselves.


Is a heavier or lighter pickleball paddle better?

One paddle’s weight is not better than the other. Heavy paddles tend to be better for power, but lighter paddles can provide more controlled power.

How much does a heavy pickleball paddle weigh?

Heavy paddles weigh more than 8.3 ounces.

What pickleball paddles are the most powerful?

Pickleball paddles with a mid to heavyweight, firm hitting surface and strong core materials are the most powerful. Any paddle can be more or less powerful, depending on your technique on the court.

Bottom Line

Find more recommendations for the best paddles and pickleball gear with our other pickleball content! We’ve got all the info you need to achieve your greatest pickleball game, compete in tournaments, and keep up with your favorite players. There’s no better time than the present to invest a little extra time and money into America’s fastest-growing sport!

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