The Best Pickleball Camps

The Best Pickleball Camps

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and expand your pickleball abilities beyond your local pickleball club, a pickleball camp is an answer! Pickleball camps will teach you how to play pickleball in a competitive, strategic, and confident manner. There’s a pickleball camp for every type of player too! If you want to improve how you play pickleball, what better way to learn than with hands-on instruction from professionals?

Pickleball camps can be found around the country through many companies. These are the best pickleball camps you should sign up for this year!

LevelUp Pickleball Camps

LevelUp is recognized as one of the best pickleball camps in the world. The camps are offered in more than 140 locations with instruction from 5.0-level competitors. Each instructor has experience touring to compete in tournaments regionally and nationally. They know firsthand what it takes to win gold and are happy to share that knowledge!

LevelUp camps are offered for all experience levels. Whether you’re looking to perfect your skills or just beginning to play, there’s a LevelUp camp for you! The beginner camp is two days, while the intermediate and advanced camps are three days.

Every LevelUp camp aims to help players reach the next level. Instructors will watch you play to learn your weaknesses, then focus on overcoming them. You’ll be taught pickleball strategies, what type of equipment to use, and how to win when you step on the court!

Boost Training Camp

Boost Training Camp

Boost Training Camps are a pickleball camp designed with fun in mind. Boost instructors believe it’s easier to learn when you’re having fun, and we can’t argue with that! These 3-day camps include 15 hours of instruction from pickleball experts.

Boost Camps are held around the country in world-class regional facilities. Every instructor is a tournament-winning player passionate about teaching others how to play. Boost Camps can benefit all experience levels, but beginner and intermediate players will likely learn the most.

Boost Training Camp will not only teach you how to perform better during a match, but you’ll also learn drills to practice your skills after camp has ended. Learning a good set of pickleball skill drills and putting them to use regularly is one of the best things you can do to prepare before your next competition!

Nike Pickleball Camp

Nike Pickleball Camp

Nike is a big name in sports, and pickleball is no exception. From the top-of-the-line pickleball gear to Nike-sponsored athletes, it’s not a surprise that Nike is getting in on the pickleball camp action too! Nike pickleball camps are held around the country with different instructions for beginners, advanced, and intermediate players.

World-class coaches and gold-winning pickleball players teach Nike Pickleball Camps. Players like Simone Jardim and Sarah Ansboury have teamed up with Nike to provide pro instruction at Nike Pickleball Camps.

At a Nike Pickleball Camp, you’ll learn how to warm up properly, pickleball strategies, and skills depending on your current skill level. This is the perfect opportunity to perfect your serve or dinks with the help of internationally recognized players and coaches!

Tyson Mcguffin Pickleball Camp

Tyson Mcguffin Pickleball Camp

Tyson Mcguffin is a player currently ranked #1 in men’s doubles and #2 in men’s singles. His resume is quite impressive as a five-time Grand Slam Champion winner and a four-time National Champion. When Mcguffin isn’t winning a match, he likes to teach others how to improve their pickleball skills.

Tyson Mcguffin offers pickleball camps in various states, but spots are limited. Tyson has always had a passion for teaching and coached tennis for years before switching to pickleball. He’s said he aims to help students have a “lightbulb moment” where all the coaching suddenly makes sense! Tyson has experience teaching players of all skill levels. 

Mcguffin continues to compete in tournaments when he isn’t hosting pickleball camps. He also offers personalized pickleball coaching for players looking to improve their skills. Only seven more Tyson Mcguffin pickleball camps are scheduled in 2022, so don’t wait to reserve your spot!

Sarah Ansboury Pickleball Camp

Sarah Ansboury Pickleball Camp

Sarah Ansboury is widely known as one of the pioneers of pickleball. She began playing in 2014 and was ranked #1 in no time! Sarah has teamed up with Nike to host the Sarah Ansboury Pickleball Camp at Palmetto Dunes. The 3-day camp includes 10 hours of court time for all skill levels.

Players attending the camp will receive instruction from Sarah Ansboury and a team of pro-level instructors. A low camper-to-staff ratio allows for personalized instruction for every attendee. You’ll learn everything from court etiquette to stroke development during the 3-day camp.

Players are grouped by their skill levels, so you can focus on improving what you need to make it to the next skill level. All attendees receive a free Nike Pickleball Camp t-shirt too!

Bobby Riggs Pickleball Camp

Bobby Riggs Pickleball Camp

Bobby Riggs was a world-renowned tennis player who ranked #1 worldwide for three consecutive years. Riggs passed away in 1995, but his memory lives on at the Bobby Riggs Racquet and Paddle location in California. The site includes the official Bobby Riggs Tennis Museum, three tennis courts, and 20 dedicated pickleball courts.

Nike Pickleball Camps has teamed up with Bobby Riggs Racquet and Paddle to offer pickleball camps in San Diego County. The camps are ideal for players who have a 2.5-skill level or higher. World-class pickleball pros will work to improve your stroke development, strategy, and techniques on the court. 

Players get 15 hours of court time with a low staff-to-camper ratio to allow for personalized instruction. Players will be grouped based on experience, skill level, and age. In the end, you’ll receive a free Nike Pickleball Camps shirt!

Engage Pickleball Camps 

Engage is the largest pickleball training provider in the world! Multi-day training camps are offered around the country with instruction from pickleball pros and the best coaches in the game. Engage camps also offer a major perk – if you attend a 3-day camp, you get a free pickleball paddle!

Engage Pickleball Camps are not designed for beginners. Most camps are geared towards 3.0 – 4.0 skill-level players, with some camps exclusively for 4.0 and above players. There are also camps for advanced beginners with a skill level of 2.5 – 2.9.

Engage pickleball camps are a great choice for intermediate and advanced players who need a helping hand to refine their gameplay. Each attendee will receive one on one instruction during their time at camp. The biggest focus of coaching is on your playing strategies. You’ll learn how to use the skills you already have in a more effective way to beat your opponent.

We Are Pickleball Camps 

We Are Pickleball began as an online pickleball coaching company for players 50 years old and up. Sometimes, it’s easier to learn with real-time instruction, though! That’s why We Are Pickleball began offering two and 3-day pickleball camps. 

Whether you’ve only played a few matches or are ready for a tournament, We Are Pickleball has something to teach you! Pickleball camps are held in different cities by CJ Johnson and Tony Roig. These camps are suitable for 2.0 – 4.5 skill-level players.

Players will learn areas they need to improve and be given a plan to continue improving after the camp has ended. This camp focuses a lot on having a positive mindset to boost your confidence on the court.

Never Stop Playing Pickleball Camps 

Never Stop Playing Pickleball Camps are affiliated with Gamma Pickleball, a top pickleball gear producer. These pickleball camps vary in length and structure depending on the skill level of the players. The camps take place in various cities, with pro instructors leading the way. 

Some instructors include sibling power-duo Riley and Lindsey Newman, who both hold a 5.0 skill level with multiple gold medals wins. Chuck Vietmeier is a US Open gold medal winner with more than 30 years of coaching experience! The entire team has the experience and knowledge to coach you on the pickleball court.

Foundations camps are the lowest level camp offered. This is for beginners that are self-rated at the 2.0 – 3.0 skill level. The camp will improve your confidence on the court and your understanding of pickleball rules so you can move on to competitive play.

Intermediate camps are for players with a 3.0 – 4.0 skill level. You should have established pickleball skills. The intermediate camp will improve your existing skills, teach you new skills, and improve your strategy so you can win at upcoming tournaments. Advanced camps are for players with a 4.0 skill level or higher. You’ll learn advanced tactics and techniques and the advanced shots needed to become a 5.0 skill level.

Rise Pickleball Camps 

Rise Pickleball offers a selection of services, including a pickleball clinic, a pickleball camp, and a pickleball destination camp. Rise is operated by long-time coach Rob Davidson, his wife, and a team of qualified instructors.

Each service offered is designed for a different player’s skill level. Pickleball clinics are for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals of pickleball strategy. You’ll learn how to prevent unforced errors and improve your performance.

Advanced camps are camps for players with a tournament skill level of 3.5 and above. These players will receive a point progression analysis so you can focus on the specific areas you need to improve to increase your skill level. Advanced camps include a lot of drilling. 

Peak Performance Pickleball Academy 

Peak Performance Pickleball Academy 
Peak Performance Pickleball Academy 

Peak Performance Pickleball Academy is located in Bonita Springs, FL. The academy is one of the few on our list that doesn’t offer services in other states. Instead, Peak Performance offers a 10-week training program at the Bonita Springs location. Each week focuses on a new part of the pickleball game with various time slots to accommodate different skill levels.

The skills are taught in the following order:

  1. Dinking
  2. Volleys
  3. 3rd shot drop & transitions
  4. Groundstrokes
  5. Offensive lobs, lob retrieval & overheads 
  6. Serves & returns
  7. How to beat a banger
  8. Turning defense into offense & partner communication
  9. 3rd drop shot & transitions – court positioning & stacking
  10. Recap

Players can choose which weeks they register for depending on their existing skillset and availability, but taking the entire 10-week course is recommended.

Peak Performance is co-directed by pickleball legend Simone Jardim and her husband, Chad Edwards. Edwards has a total of 16 years in the world of Division 1 athletics. Simone loves to spend time teaching others when she isn’t on the pickleball court herself.

Pickleball Academy of Southwest Florida 

Pickleball Academy of Southwest Florida 

The Pickleball Academy of Southwest Florida, based in Naples, is home to the US Pickleball Open! It’s no surprise that such a well-known pickleball location offers pickleball camps. Two and three-day camps are available. Camps operate with a 6-to-1 student/teacher ratio for personalized coaching.

The Pickleball Academy also offers lessons and a pickleball clinic for beginners.

Best Pickleball Camps for Kids

Best Pickleball Camp for Kids

FRA Summer Camp

Choosing the best pickleball camp for kids is easy when FRA Summer Camp in Tennesee exists! This week-long summer camp program teaches kids aged 6-12 everything they need to be successful on the pickleball court. Camps include everything from detailed instruction to supervised peer play. 

This camp covers the basics of pickleball rules, strategy, court movement, and so much more. There’s something for all skill levels! Kids will love FRA Summer Camp because of the encouraging and fun environment that creates a truly immersive camp experience.

Nike Jr Pickleball Camps

If you aren’t in Tennessee, Nike Jr pickleball camps are another great option for kids looking to improve their pickleball skills. These camps are taught by pickleball pros who offer individual instruction, drills, and match play. 

All skill levels are welcome! Kids will improve their pickleball game, make new friends, and have a ton of fun on the pickleball court at a Nike Jr pickleball camp.

Destination Pickleball Camps

Destination pickleball camps are a unique opportunity to turn your pickleball camp into a chance to get away. A destination camp is held somewhere that has accommodations on-site, so you stay for the duration of the camp. Destination camps typically have a limited number of participants, allowing for plenty of one-on-one time with the pros.

Rise Pickleball 

Rise Pickleball offers 3-day destination camps for 3.0 – 4.0 level players. Upcoming destination camps will be held at Crooked River Ranch and Amira Resort.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance has two upcoming 3-day destination camps at Sundial Beach Resort in Sanibel, FL. The camps are open to all skill levels.

Pickleball Academy of Southwest Florida

Custom destination camps can be planned for groups of 6 or more. This is a great bonding experience for coworkers, friends, or family looking to improve their pickleball game.

Choosing the Best Pickleball Camp Experience 

Choosing the right pickleball camp for you is no small decision. Camps are an investment, and you want to know you’re making the right choice! Take these factors into consideration before reserving your spot.


Finding a pickleball camp that’s located close to you will make attending easy. You won’t have to worry about travel costs or finding accommodations during the camp. Alternatively, choose a camp in a new location if you’ve wanted an excuse to explore new places!

Destination Camps 

Destination camps are a great way to make your experience a little more relaxing and luxurious. If you’re with a group, destination camps are a great way to bond! Don’t book a destination camp if you aren’t ready to escape from daily life for a few days.


Consider your experience playing pickleball. Novice players learning pickleball require a different type of instruction than a player with extensive knowledge of the game and experience on the court. If you don’t go to the right camp for your experience level, it will be harder to improve your game.

Playing Strategies 

What are you trying to work on at camp to become the best pickleball player you can be? Pickleball strategies are the key to playing better pickleball. Certain camps focus more on things like offensive strategies. Determine what strategies you want to improve before signing up for a camp.


Finding a camp with pickleball instructors that you feel confident in will make all the difference! Do you want world-class instruction from a gold medal winner, or would you be more comfortable with a lesser-known coach certified in pickleball training?

There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s all up to your preference. Some players are intimidated by learning from a well-known pickleball player, while others see it as a great source of motivation.

Hours of Instruction 

Don’t forget to check out the times of the camp before signing up! There are camps with weekend hours, early morning hours, and all-day training hours. Choose a time of day that will fit your schedule and a number of realistic instruction hours based on your current athletic abilities. The last thing you want is to sign up for an all-day class and only have the energy for a few hours of instruction.

Fuel Your Love for Pickleball

Prepare for your next camp by reading up on the best pickleball paddle, shoes, drills, and more! Explore our content to find those recommendations, and learn more about your favorite players and all things pickleball! From new players to experts, we’ve got the insider info you’ve been searching for.

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