The Best Pickleball Hats & Visors for Men & Women

The Best Pickleball Hats & Visors for Men & Women

Choosing a hat to wear on the pickleball court sounds simpler than it is. There are a lot of features to consider when choosing the right hat for you. Sun protection, ventilation, and brim type are just the beginning! We want to make it a little easier on you by sharing our picks for the best pickleball hats.

Best Pickleball Hat for Men

The best overall hat for men is one that provides several mesh panels for circulation, high-quality fabric for excellent protection against the sun, and more than 1,000 5-star reviews! 

The Sportswear AeroBill Featherlite cap is a Nike hat that’s a great choice every time.

Sportswear AeroBill Featherlite cap


  • Bill is designed to reduce glare for better vision
  • Lightweight material
  • Perforated panels to avoid overheating


  • Limited colors available

Best Pickleball Hat for Women

Best Overall Pickleball Hat for Women

Naming the best of the best in women’s hats means taking a lot of factors into consideration. Thanks to some unique design features and ultralight material, the Ultra Light Run Cap from Athleta got our pick.

Holes are placed strategically on the top and sides of the cap so you won’t get too hot while you play. Sweat is wicked away from your skin and dries in record time on the hat.

One size fits all with a strap that easily adjusts to the size of your head. Five colors are available, so finding a hat to match what you’re wearing is a breeze.


  • Small holes for ventilation
  • Adjustable strap on the back
  • Two-way stretch material that moves with you


  • The $38 price tag is higher than other hats/caps.

Best Performance Pickleball Hat 

Best Performance Pickleball Hat 

A good performance cap is something that every pickleball player needs. On and off the court, a performance cap is an easy way to improve your style and comfort! 

Pickleball Central has a unisex performance hat that players can’t get enough of! The hat features sweat-wicking material, an easily adjustable velcro strap, and a fun pickleball embroidery. 


  • Pickleball specific branding
  • Velcro closure for a custom fit
  • Moisture-wicking material


  • Only available through the Pickleball Central site
  • Only three color waves are available

Best Moisture Wicking Pickleball Hat

Many athletic hats boast moisture-wicking abilities, but this sports hat by Halo goes a step further. An interior sweatband goes around the inside of the hat to catch sweat from your head before it can roll into your eyes. 

One size fits all, thanks to a unisex design and velcro closure. On the pickleball court or doing any outdoor activity, the built-in headband to catch sweat comes in handy!


  • Lightweight fabric
  • Sun protection
  • Keep your head cool and dry


  • No mesh panels
  • Some reviewers report the one size fits all design to be too snug

Best Pickleball Bucket Hat

The unisex Bora Bora Booney hat by Columbia is truly a hat that has it all! From a comfortable chin strap to mesh panels to you can stay cool, this bucket hat has all the most important features for pickleball players. A tight-knit design offers great protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays too!


  • Adjustable chin cord
  • Wide brim
  • 20 color options


  • Hand wash only

Best Pickleball Hat with Shade

Best Pickleball Hat with Shade

Playing pickleball outdoors is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature while working on your game strategy. Unfortunately, the sun has harmful UV rays that can damage your skin. 

Wearing the Heritage Shade Cap will keep you protected from all angles. The 9 ½ inch protection flap on the back of the hat is a unique feature that has earned this hat a lot of 5-star reviews!


  • Protect your neck from the sun
  • Embroidered with a pickleball logo
  • Adjustable drawstring on the back of the cap


  • One-color choice
  • No chin strap

Best Men’s Pickleball Visor

Best Men’s Pickleball Visor

Nike is known for making some of the best athletic gear around. The Nike Men’s Dri-Fit AeroBill Visor is a classic choice that can’t be beaten. Small air holes around the band of the hat will keep your head cool no matter how hard you play. Dri-Fit material can wick sweat away effortlessly, while the stiff brim will keep the sun at bay so you can focus on the ball!


  • Lightweight, cool fabric
  • Snapback closure for a customized fit
  • Brim lining to prevent glare


  • Limited colors (Black, White, Dark Grey)
  • It’s popular! This visor sells out often.

Best Women’s Pickleball Visor

What’s better than a visor that offers sun protection and keeps your head dry? A visor that does those things and comes in 14 beautiful color waves, of course! The Adidas Women’s Superlite Visor offers practical sun protection while looking great with any outfit in your sports bag.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Tons of color choices!
  • 3D embroidered logo


  • The sleek design has a shorter brim than other visors.

Funny Pickleball Hats

Funny pickleball hats are great to have on hand when you’re having a little friendly competition or a relaxed practice session. It’s hard to pick the best funny pickleball hat because they’re all so good!

This “Dink Responsibly” hat features Dri-Fit material that will wick away moisture while you play. Everyone loves a good play on words!

Have you ever wished you had a hat that was covered in colorful pickleballs? Look no further! This women’s bucket hat is sure to turn heads.

You can’t go wrong with a navy unisex cap that says “Pickle Ballin’” on the front. Wear this hat next time you step on the court for a practical and fun wardrobe change!

Pickleball Hat Buying Guide

Shopping for a new pickleball hat isn’t as simple as just finding something that looks good on the model. Players have different preferences about how their hat looks, feels, and performs with them on the pickleball court. 

Follow this pickleball hat buying guide to navigate the differences between all the caps, hats, and visors you see for sale!


The style of the hat refers to how the hat is cut and shaped. Style impacts the look of the hat, but it also plays a role in what benefits the hat can offer you.

Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is a hat that’s soft enough to bend with a narrow brim coming off the base of the hat. The downward sloping brim goes around the entire hat. Bucket hats are a great choice when you want sun protection on all sides without compromising comfort.

Performance Hat

A performance hat looks like a more traditional baseball cap. The hat will fit snug to your head 

with a brim on the front to keep the sun out of your eyes. Performance caps are often worn when playing tennis, golf, pickleball, and running. Performance hats are a stylish option that goes well in almost any social setting too!


Shade hats are built with practicality in mind. If you live somewhere that has harsh sunny days, a shaded hat is a must to stay protected outside. Shade hats feature a long brim and extra flaps to cover your neck and ears.


A visor is similar to a hat, with one big difference: there’s no top! A visor stays on your head using a band that goes around the front of your forehead to the back of your skull. The top of the hat is left open. This allows uninterrupted airflow across the top of your head.

Visors are light and extremely comfortable on a hot day.

Sun Protection

Not all fabrics are created equal when it comes to harmful UV rays. Pickleball hats that offer sun protection protect the skin under the hat from sunburn and potential damage. Any style of hat can offer sun protection as long as the right type of fabric is used.

Hats that offer sun protection have it marked to attract buyers.


Some hats have a sweatband built into the hat. This is a great feature for those hot game days. You’re in the moment, and sweat starts to bead on your forehead. With a sweatband hat you won’t have to stop and wipe it away.

The sweat is absorbed in the sweatband before it can get into your eyes and impact your vision.

Moisture Wicking

Moisture-wicking hats are made using materials like polyester that easily pull moisture away from your skin. Once the moisture is wicked away, it’s dispersed in the material, so it will dry quickly. This reduces the risk of chafing and keeps you dry while you play.

Chin Strap

A chin strap is commonly seen on bucket hats and shade hats, but it can be added to any hat. The strap goes under your chin with an adjustable drawstring feature to tighten the strap. When the strap is used correctly, it keeps the hat from sliding off your head while you move.

Now that you know how to pick the best pickleball hats on the market consider upgrading the rest of your pickleball gear. Looking great while you feel comfortable and confident on the pickleball court will make it easier than ever to play your best game!

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