Stylish Pickleball Outfits and Costumes for Men and Women

Stylish Pickleball Outfits and Costumes for Men and Women

Playing pickleball is not just a fun time. It’s a serious workout! Having the right pickleball outfit is essential to feeling confident and comfortable on the court.

Many brands have come out with their own attractive collection of pickleball clothing, so there’s no shortage of options to play pickleball and wear clothing that makes you feel fabulous! 

Check out these fashionable and practical pickleball clothing for every player!

Pickleball Outfits for Women


Halara Half Zip Contrast Mesh Dress

Women’s pickleball clothing should be both functional and cute. Halara hit the nail on the head with this tennis dress! The dress features an adjustable zipper at the chest and mesh panels on the side. The sleeveless design still offers a good amount of coverage too. 

The flattering, comfortable design comes in 3 colors. Each Half Zip Contrast Mesh Tennis Dress includes a pair of built-in shorts with pockets too. Perfect for storing your phone or extra balls while you play! You can even snag it at a reasonable price!

Ewedoos Women’s Tennis Dress

The Women’s Tennis Dress by Ewedoos is one of the top-reviewed athletic dresses on Amazon. This dress has thin straps that criss-cross in the back, so there’s less coverage than some dresses. The straps are easily adjustable for a customized fit.

Each dress features a built-in bra and shorts in one piece, similar to a romper. This keeps everything in place while you play, so you won’t have to worry about your appearance! You can purchase the dress in various colors to match your favorite court shoes.

Matching Sets


Fila created a stunning set with the Foul Line top and bottom combo. While the pieces match and can be worn together, they must be purchased separately. 

The Foul line top has medium-width straps in a razorback tank design. This cut allows free movement and added support for the built-in bra. The material is stretchy, moisture-wicking, and ultra-comfortable.

The Foul line Bottom is a 13.5-inch skort with built-in pickleball shorts under the skirt. A stretch-fit waistband and moisture-wicking material make this a great addition to the matching top. You can purchase the Foul Line Skort in 2 color waves, both matching the top.


Penguin is one of the largest brands for women looking to wear stylish and practical clothing. They have many different styles to choose from. Each Penguin piece is sold separately, but it’s easy to find the matching pieces to create a cohesive set.

The Colorful short sleeve shirt is designed for daily wear both on and off the court. Breathable cotton will keep you cool no matter what you’re doing, while the adorable color block penguin on the front makes a statement. The shirt can be purchased in white or blush, both with the same penguin on the front.

The color block skort is a classic design that will be easy to match with pieces you already own in addition to the Penguin color block shirt. This 13″ skort is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and comfortable for players of all skill levels. Hidden shorts offer extra coverage, while a side pleat adds an eye-catching style. Each skort features a ball pocket on the side of the shorts.

Winter Wear 

Baleaf Thermal Fleece Top

The Baleaf Thermal Fleece Top is labeled as a running top, but it has positive reviews from users who bought it for all sorts of outdoor sports. This shirt has all the features you love about summer pickleball apparel in a much warmer design!

The shirt is fleece lined with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry. A side pocket isn’t quite large enough for a ball, but it would make a great place to store your keys or phone! You can choose from a variety of colors to match all your favorite bottoms!

A thumb hole at the bottom of the sleeves will keep your sleeves from riding up while you play.

Anvivo Skirted Legging

Everyone loves cute court skirts, but they aren’t practical during cold weather. The Anivivo Skirted Legging makes athletic skirts a winter favorite with built-in leggings! The leggings are made from the same athletic material as a traditional court skirt.

You’ll find two sizeable pockets at the top of the leggings, plenty big enough for extra balls. On top of the leggings, there’s a skirt! These skirted leggings have a high-waist design for maximum coverage and tummy control.

Halara 2-Piece Long Sleeve Dress

The Halara 2 Piece Long Sleeve Dress is more than just something to wear while you play your favorite sport. Wearing this everyday dress can take you from the court to lunch or the grocery store in style! Not having to change garments between activities will motivate you to squeeze in practice whenever you can.

The dress has long sleeves with thumb holes at the bottom and a ¾ zip at the chest. Matching athletic shorts come with the dress but are not attached. 

Many people prefer separate shorts instead of built-in shorts because you can easily wear leggings or capris underneath instead and wear the dress out during even the coldest days!

Pickleball Outfits for Men


Franklin Pickleball Relaxed Cut Polo

The amount of clothes that are designed for pickleball specifically is limited. While other athletic clothes aren’t bad, you’ll quickly notice that pickleball-specific clothing brands pay more attention to the subtle details that make a big difference.

The Franklin Pickleball Relaxed Cut polo was created with the sport in mind. Four-way stretch fabric allows your shirt to move with you in any direction. Fast dry material pulls moisture from your skin and dries at record speed. You’ll also love how you look in this sleek, timeless polo.

UV Protection Long Sleeve Tee

Sun exposure is important to consider when you’re playing on an outdoor court. While sunscreen is always important, there’s more you can do to prevent sun damage. UV protective clothing works by covering more exposed skin with built-in UV protection.

The Roadbox UV Protection long-sleeve tee is light and breathable enough to be worn in the summer while still providing long-sleeve coverage. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your most-used hats and accessories. 

Pickleball Court Performance Tee

Anyone who plays pickleball would recognize the shape of a court. That’s what makes this tee so fun! The Pickleball Court performance tee by Dinkers and Bangers has a pickle court across the chest. The minimalist image will look random to some, but true pickle lovers will spot you from a mile away!


Neleus Lightweight Shorts

Pickleball apparel should always be light enough that you don’t feel limited while playing. The Neleus Lightweight shorts have mastered it! These shorts are extremely lightweight and made of breathable polyester.

Under Armor Pants

If you simply search for pickleball pants, good luck finding anything. It’s much easier to look at other athletic pants and consider how they’d perform on the court. These Under Armor pants have a lightweight design that’s impressively strong. A mesh lining keeps you comfortable and dry while the outer layer protects against the elements.

Drawstring closure and deep pockets will make these pants a favorite for any activity!

Winter Wear

Fleece Long Sleeve Pullover

Staying warm during an outdoor game will be no problem when you wear the Fleece long-sleeve pullover. A ¼ zip can be adjusted if you need to cool down. This shirt comes in a range of colors too!

The thin fleece design is enough to keep you warm, but not so much you’ll feel sweaty and overheated.

Baleaf Winter Workout Pants

The Baleaf Winter workout pants have everything you love about normal workout pants with a thin fleece liner for added warmth. The pants are comfortable thanks to a loose-fit design and drawstring closure. Nine neutral colors are available that will match almost anything you already own!

Funny Pickleball Shirts

I’d Hit That Tee

This funny shirt is definitely for an adult crowd, but you can’t deny its humor. The shirt has a retro background design with two paddles and the phrase I’d Hit That written underneath.

The shirt is unisex and made of 100% cotton.

I Might Have a Dinking Problem Tee

This tee is so funny it would make a great gift for a friend or yourself! The black tee has four balls and the words I Might Have a Dinking Problem across the front. If someone isn’t familiar with pickleball, they might not know what dinking is, but that’s part of the hilarity!

Kind of a Big Dill Tee

What better way to get more people into your favorite sport than with an eye-catching funny shirt? This shirt has a pickle playing with the net, paddle, and ball clearly visit. It says “Pickleball” across the top and “its kind of a Big Dill” across the bottom. Choose from a range of shirt colors or order multiple to give as gifts!

Pickleball Costumes

Couples Costume

Pickleball outfits include costumes, of course! This Couples’ Costume will be the talk of the Halloween party. One person gets to be a paddle, while the other is a pickleball! These one-size-fits-all costumes are easy to throw over any outfit and make for a stress-free Halloween.

Pickle Jumpsuit

Technically this is more of a food costume than a pickleball costume, but it’s a great play on words. The Pickle Jumpsuit is a unisex one size fits all jumpsuit that transforms you into a pickle in seconds! It’s sure to get a laugh from pickleball players and pickle lovers alike.

Bottom Line 

If you need new shoes or accessories to go with your pickleball apparel, you have come to the right place before you go shopping! Check out more content to find recommendations for all your needs, from paddles to tips for getting the winning shot on the courts to pickleball party inspiration and much more.

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