Zane Navratil Pickleball Player

Zane Navratil Pickleball Player

Zane Navratil is one of the top players in the world today. A unique serve, passion for the sport, and undeniable talent are the perfect combination that skyrocketed him to the top of the USA rankings. Watching him play is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece, except a whole lot more exciting!

Zane Navratil’s Pickleball Career

Zane Navratil’s Pickleball Career

Navratil is one of the biggest names in men’s pickleball in the world. With lots of success in both singles and doubles, his career doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Introduction to Pickleball

Like many pickleball players, Navratil was a tennis player first. He first played tennis when he was ten but started to dedicate more time to the sport around age 12. After winning three state tennis championships in Wisconsin by the age of 18, there was no doubt that he had serious talent. 

He started playing pickleball at 18 but continued to play division III tennis in college. In 2020 Zane made the move to playing pickleball full-time. All of the hours he was able to log practicing at the court finally paid off.

He quickly rose through the ranks of pickleball players to be one of the best players in the USA.


Zane is currently ranked #2 for men’s pickleball singles and #16 for men’s pickleball doubles.

View the latest pickleball rankings here.

Zane Navratil’s Pickleball

An Iconic Serve

Navratil’s serve is an iconic move called the chainsaw. The move involves a lot of topspin, making it nearly impossible for the opponent to have a strong return. This move is a complicated two-handed backhand move that’s difficult to master.

The chainsaw was popularized by Zane Navratil, but it isn’t a move that everyone approves of. Some pickleball fans and players argue that the chainsaw should be illegal in the game because it’s dangerous at times. The argument is that without the chainsaw, pickleball would be a safer experience for players.

Those opinions aside, the chainsaw remains legal in USA pickleball and plays an important role in the continued success of Navratil. You easily find detailed videos dissecting the move on your browser to decide for yourself.

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Zane Navratil isn’t public information, but there are plenty of online sources that have estimates available. One source reports Zane is worth around $557,000. 

Most of Zane’s money comes from partnerships with pickleball sponsors. His current partnerships are with Franklin, Therabody, DUPR, and Wilson.

Personal Life 

The personal life of a professional athlete tends to leave fans very curious, but there’s nothing too exciting behind the scenes with Zane. He leads a surprisingly normal life! Zane enjoys hiking, hanging out at home, and practicing pickleball with a good friend like Ben Johns.


Zane attended college at Wisconsin Whitewater, where he received a master’s degree in accounting. The degree was put to use for a short time before he switched to playing pickleball full-time.


Navratil is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, Jennifer. They first met in middle school, so the relationship was no surprise to their families. They have one other important member in the home – a puppy named Murray! 

He has said his favorite way to have fun is to relax at home with his girlfriend. A close second would be enjoying some great tacos with friends!

Zane Navratil Paddle

Navratil has been a long-time fan of the Franklin Ben John’s Signature paddle. Textured surface technology provides maximum spin and minimum vibration when it counts. The grit on the surface of the paddle allows better traction with the ball, making every hit count. 

Franklin actually has a partnership with Zane Navratil to promote their products on the court, but he’s loyal to the paddle during practices too! You can even purchase paddles that have been used by Zane on his website.

Zane Navratil Pickleball Clinics

Zane Navratil Pickleball Clinics

For players looking to improve their game or newbies looking to learn more about the sport, attending a Zane Navratil pickleball clinic is a great option! Zane Navratil pickleball clinics are held in different cities across the country, with services starting at $75. Services include private and group classes.

The clinics are designed to be educational and fun, with hands-on learning from one of the greats. Find a clinic near you and sign up today! 

Connecting with Zane

Fans who want to stay up to date with Zane and his career have many ways to connect with the athlete. Social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, is another way for him to connect to his fans too.

Leave a comment, discuss the latest tournaments, or just see what Zane is up to on his off days!

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