Tyrol Pickleball Shoes

Tyrol Pickleball Shoes

A competitive pickleball game demands performance, so serious players always look for the best pickleball footwear. Since pickleball is an up-and-coming sport, there haven’t been many shoes designed specifically for pickleball, but Tyrol is ahead of the curve. We have the details on Tyrol shoes, and we want to share them with you. 

Before we dive into the specifics of Tyrol’s pickleball shoes, we will first go over the importance of shoes designed for pickleball and who Tyrol is.  

Importance of Pickleball Shoes

Tennis shoes do not offer the same performance as pickleball shoes. Pickleball is demanding, requiring quick movements in all directions, which is why pickleball footwear is designed to be comfortable and have stability, support, and agility in mind. 

Every pickleball player should consider pickleball shoes rather than tennis shoes to protect against injuries on the court. Keep reading to discover Tyrol, a leading brand of pickleball shoes, and how to find your perfect fit. 

Who is Tyrol?

Tyrol is a pickleball gear company that fell in love with the sport and set out to curate a comfortable, stable-fitting shoe and other items designed to meet the needs of the average pickleball player and pros alike. They worked with professionals and studied court movements to engineering perfect pickleball footwear. Here is an overview of their lineup. 

Tyrol Shoes

Tyrol Shoes


Tyrol shoes are packed full of helpful features for a serious player or an amateur. pickleball player.

They are engineered to provide proper foot alignment with a wide toe box and reduce fatigue by offering full foot support with elements such as the sculpted heel design. 

Tyrol shoes are also lightweight, offering fantastic breathability while maintaining the highest durability construction. After all, a fast-paced sport like pickleball demands durable footwear.

tyrol pickleball shoes


Tyrol shoes come in various styles that support court performance. The different styles include Drive V, Striker Pro V, Volley V, Striker Pro, Volley, and Rally. 

The Drive V Series shoe has Vibram outsole materials, a phylon midsole, a medial side power clip, an exterior heel counter, and excellent performance on outdoor courts. It also has a new upper pattern. 

The Striker Pro V series is a similar shoe that was added in 2020 that has the same performance features such as Vibram sole, power clip, and exterior heel counter but is designed for indoor courts. 

Next up is the Volley V series, which is only available in men’s sizes but is a series offering increased comfort with an EVA midsole. At the same time, the sculpted heel design ensures that you don’t sacrifice stability. 

The Striker Pro series is designed for smooth indoor surfaces and is a blend of comfort, stability, and support. It features a power clip heel, modeled rubber toe, a breathable and lightweight insole, and a wide toe box.  

The Volley shoe focuses on cooling and breathability with an aerated insole and mesh upper while still maintaining the stability you can always expect from Tyrol shoes. It is best on indoor court surfaces. 

The Rally shoe series also is best for indoor court surfaces but focuses on comfort with elements such as reinforced tricot padding.  

All of the Tyrol pickleball shoe styles are under $200 and have plenty of sizes available. Additionally, Tyrol has recently added new color offerings, so you can pick your favorite!

Finding Your Best Fit

Finding Your Best Fit

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The court surface you are playing on most of the time should be one of your top considerations when selecting a style of Tyrol shoes. Do you play indoors or outdoors? 

Outdoor playing surfaces increase the wear on your shoes, so you should opt for one of the outdoor series shoe options for durability. On the other hand, if you play indoors, maintaining traction is imperative, so indoor shoes, like the Volley or Rally, are best.  

Level of Support & Preference

All of the Tyrol shoes offer excellent support and superior comfort, but some of the styles lean more toward comfort while others more towards performance. If you are concerned with being comfortable first, you may want to try the Volley series, but if you want performance and increased stability, the Drive V series should be top of your list. 


When it comes to sizing, Tyrol pickleball shoes run a bit larger than normal athletic shoes due to the wide toe box and height. It is recommended to order about a half size smaller than you normally would. The Volley and the Rally are the way to go if you have especially narrow feet. No matter the style, you shouldn’t expect any shrinkage or stretching. 

Increase Performance with Tyrol Pickleball Shoes 

Tyrol is one of the first companies to cater to the needs of pickleball players. No matter your skill level or playing style, Tyrol pickleball shoes are an excellent way to increase performance on the court. 

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