The Best Pickleball Gloves

best pickleball gloves

Wearing gloves while playing pickleball isn’t required, but it is becoming increasingly common to see on the court. Instead of going into pickleball glove shopping unsure of what you’re looking for, we’ve done the testing and tried them out for you. Check out these pickleball gloves that are the best on the market in several top categories!

Best Pickleball Gloves for Cold Weather

Python Deluxe Raquetball Gloves

Cold weather calls for gloves that will keep your hands warm without causing sweat buildup. Python Deluxe racquetball gloves fit the bill perfectly! Perforated Cabretta leather is used to make these gloves suitable for outdoor play any time of year.

Perforated holes in the leather and spandex back will keep your hands dry.

Extra padding can be found on the thumb, middle, and pointer fingers. This padding will prevent blisters and cramping on the fingers that you use the most while you play.

Choose between a glove for your right or left hand, depending on how you hold your paddle.

Best Pickleball Gloves for Grip

Head Performance Raquetball Gloves

These gloves from Head Performance are sold as racquetball gloves, but they work great for pickleball too. The grip performance of these racquetball gloves is better than other gloves because of silicone webbing on the palm and fingers.

The glove is made of synthetic leather for a snug fit that’s flexible when you need it.

Ventilated spandex wicks away sweat and keeps you cool, while the silicone webbing will grip the pickleball paddle. The combination of materials used to make these gloves is unmatched.

This glove doesn’t come as a set. You get to choose if you want a glove for your right or left hand. Choose the hand you use to hold your paddle where good grip counts!

Best Fingerless Pickleball Gloves

Franklin Sports Pickleball Gloves

Fingerless pickleball gloves are harder to find, but they make a difference! Players who find regular gloves uncomfortable can still benefit from gloves’ improved grip and comfort without covering their entire hand.

Franklin Sports pickleball gloves feature a fingerless design and premium materials that will stand the test of time. Franklin Sports is known for making great baseball gloves, and these pickleball gloves are made using the same technology!

The palm is made of leather with breathable spandex on the rest of the glove to manage perspiration. 

Purchase your fingerless gloves as a set or just one for your primary hand. Extra cushion on the thumb and index fingers will improve your grip strength and comfort even more.

Best Women’s Pickleball Gloves

Selkirk Women’s Pickleball Gloves

Selkirk is one of the biggest names in pickleball gear and apparel, so it’s no surprise they have the best pickleball gloves for women. The Selkirk Boost pickleball gloves are made of lycra moisture-wicking fabric with a honeycomb design for a good grip.

The breathable fabric is designed to be durable without being bulky. Players will enjoy a slim-fit design and a glove that was made with women’s hands in mind!

Can you wear a glove in pickleball?

Yes, you can wear a glove while playing pickleball, and many players find that it makes gameplay more comfortable, helps to improve their grip, and gives them more control over the movement of their racquet. 

Do I need a pickleball glove?

You don’t need a pickleball glove, but many players find wearing one to be helpful. If you do decide to wear a glove, make sure that it’s one that’s durable and feels secure around your hand. The best gloves are soft enough to not restrict your hands and allow your fingers to move freely in order to hit those challenging shots. 

Why do pickleball players wear gloves?

There are many reasons some choose to wear gloves while playing pickleball. Gloves offer a layer of protection, especially for knuckles that often get hit or scratched during gameplay. The right glove also allows for a more secure grip on the racquet. 

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    Present day travelers, especially those going on a cruise should plan on packing at least one pair of pickleball gloves.

    Look what I read in one article in the Travel section on Forbes’ website:

    While select ships on various other cruise lines — including Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Princess Cruises — have sports courts that can sometimes be adapted for pickleball, Holland America Line is going all in with dedicated pickleball courts on every ship.

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