Parris Todd Pickleball Player

Parris Todd Pickleball Player

Parris Todd is one of the newer pros to join Major League Pickleball, but she’s not one to underestimate. She’s been training on the tennis court since she was five years old and continues to wow fans with win after win on the pickleball court.

Learn more about how Parris Todd – pickleball player turned pro – when started playing, what paddle she prefers, and what the future holds for her career.

Parris Todd’s Introduction to Pickleball

Parris Todd’s road to pickleball looks different than most. Instead of coming from a family of athletes that introduced her to the court, she introduced her family to racquet sports at the young age of 5.

She approached her parents and asked for a tennis racket. At the time, they didn’t even know where to purchase tennis equipment!

Parris got her wish and hasn’t stopped playing since. It was clear she was a natural talent on the court. At the age of 8, her dad took her to train at the renowned Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Her skills were refined, and she quickly became a Jr. tennis player to watch for. 

Parris went on to play in the USTA girls 10’s and 12’s age group. She had a #1 tennis ranking regionally and nationally before moving onto the top 14’s, 16’s, and 18’s age group when she was just 13 years old.

At age fourteen, she began competing in the Pro ITF Tour and was officially asked to become an alternate for the WTT Orange County Breakers, whose league record advanced the team to the playoffs.

She has a total of more than 85 tennis titles, including a win at the Newport Beach Queen of Hearts Charity Open in 2017, champion of the Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale Southwest Open, and Champion of Match Point Tennis Academy in 2018.

Her tennis talents crossed with pickleball during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, and she’s been dominating ever since. Her first major league pickleball tournament was at the end of January 2022, playing mixed doubles.

Pickleball Career & Ranking

Since pickleball emerged as a passion for Todd in 2021, she’s spent a lot less time playing tennis. Her championship spirit and raw, natural talent are what has made her one of the most successful young women to ever play pickleball.

Pickleball Ranking

Parris Todd has ranked consistently high on the World Pickleball Rankings. In fact, it seems the more time she spends playing pickleball, the higher she ranks among the competition. Currently, she’s ranked #6 in women’s singles, #9 in women’s doubles, and #11 in mixed doubles.

Parris was the only woman to beat Anna Leigh Waters in a singles event in 2022. She won a total of more than 20 medals on the 2022 APP and PPA tours.


Parris Todd is sponsored by Selkirk Sports and Alo Yoga.

Parris Todd Pickleball Paddle

Parris Todd isn’t a pickleball player that uses the same paddle every time, but she does have her favorites. Most recently, she’s been using the SLK Halo paddle from Selkirk. This carbon fiber paddle offers excellent ball spin, control, and a confident grip with a faux leather handle.


What paddle does Parris Todd use?

Parris has most recently been using the SLK Halo paddle.

What is Parris Todd’s fashion company called?

Parris owns WaistedUSA, a brand that works to design contemporary sportswear with a feminine touch.

Is Parris Todd married?

No, Parris Todd is not married, and she keeps details of her personal life quite private.

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