Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

Head paddles are one of the most well-known in the industry. Combing the most advanced technology with a paddle that both looks and feels great, This company knows what pickleball players are looking for in a great paddle. While they offer several models, we’re focusing on just one. We played with their Radical Pro and want to share our thoughts with this Head Radical Pro pickleball paddle review. 

About Head Radical Pro Paddles 

Head is a leader and trusted brand among pickleball players of all skill levels, including the pros. 

All the Head paddles in their lineup are known for implementing cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and a striking aesthetic on the court. The Radical Pro is one of Head’s most popular paddles.

For starters, it has a lot going for it. This is an intensely powerful paddle, but it’s more than just a power hitter. It offers control and comfort so that you’re able to swing and strike the ball effortlessly and with precision. 

The Radical Pro paddle made its way onto the market in 2017 and has acquired a devoted following ever since. The paddle was redesigned and reimagined in 2020 to include advanced technology and features that high-performance players were looking for. 

This paddle is designed with Head’s Dynamic Power Shape, which offers a massive sweet spot, and core technology that absorbs shock and lends a soft feel but manages to provide a great pop when you hit the ball. 

This model is best suited for intermediate to advanced players but can also help beginning players with a bit of experience under their belt level up their gameplay and skill level. 

Here’s the rundown of all the features the Radical Pro offers and how it stands up against other similar pickleball paddles on the market. 

About the Paddle Face 

This paddle features a composite fiberglass hitting surface that was designed with its extreme spin texture. A fiberglass paddle offers good power and nice pop when the ball strikes the surface. 

A combination of durability, feel, and “pop” makes fiberglass one of the most popular materials for pickleball paddle surfaces. 

What they did here was they took everything that’s great about a fiberglass paddle and made it even better. The light textured fiberglass hitting surface (USAPA-approved) is ideal for the advancing pickleball player that wants to add more strategy to their game. 

Head Radical Pro Spin

While we’re on the subject of the textured fiberglass surface, let’s talk about why this paddle is so well-reputed for providing great spin. Designed with Head’s Extreme Spin Technology. This surface technology allows for a better bite when the ball makes contact with the paddle, generating increased spin. 

This gives the pickleball paddle a solid feel that offers a nice, crisp pop and generates extreme spin right where you want it. 

The Core

What’s inside your pickleball paddle matters just as much as what’s on the surface. Head offers its most popular paddle with a polymer honeycomb core that utilizes optimized tubular construction for superb handling and play. 

The advanced design of the polymer core offers a softer feel, dampens vibration, and provides comfort and sound suited to pickleball players of every level, from beginner to advanced. There are lots of paddles with a polypropylene honeycomb core, but the optimized tubular construction sets Head’s paddles apart. 

The Grip  

The grip is one of those pickleball paddle features that seems relatively inconsequential to its performance, but it’s a detail that actually makes a significant difference in how you play. 

One of the defining features of this Head pickleball paddle is its comfort-grip system that makes playing pickleball more comfortable from the very first stroke to the last point scored of the match. 

This model includes a new ergo grip, creating a paddle that’s made for ultimate comfort. The ergo grip feels nice in your hand, wicks away moisture (there’s nothing worse than a super sweaty hand while playing pickleball!), and absorbs shock and vibration, which is crucial if you’re prone to injuries like tennis elbow

The new ergo grip helps to prevent hand fatigue, which is also important for preventing injury, but less hand fatigue also gives you added control and finesse while you’re playing. The paddle grip is actually very important to building your skill level and mastering more difficult shots. 

The grip size on this paddle is a little under 4.25 inches, so it’s a fairly standard size and will fit most hands well. There’s a misconception that a larger circumference provides more stability and comfort, but unless you have a larger hand, a circumference that’s more than 4.25-4.5 inches might be uncomfortable and cause your hands to become sore and tired after a while. 

The handle length on this paddle is 5-inches, so it offers enough room for larger hands to maneuver comfortably, but it is also long enough to allow some players to hold the paddle double-handed. 

Power & Control

Head Radical Pro Control Profile 

Reviews from players that have used this paddle say that it feels like it was made for the player that’s looking for great control. This is a mid-weight paddle that offers good control compared to other paddles in the same weight category. 

There’s also the control stabilizer technology that offers excellent precision. This, combined with their Comfort-Grip and lightly textured surface for great spin, is really a good paddle for intermediate players that what to really focus on gaining more control on the court. 

Head Radical Pro Power Profile 

Head makes paddles with great power, and while this model is a bit lightweight for a true power paddle, it offers a lot more pop and force than you might think. 

A combination of the fiberglass hitting surface, comfort grip system, and dynamic power shape make this an all-around good option if you’re looking for great power without sacrificing control or opting for a paddle that might be a tad too heavy for your playing style. We wouldn’t call it the ultimate power paddle, but we still give it high marks in this category.  


The Radical Pro is one of Head’s mid-range pickleball paddles in terms of price. You can expect to pay about $110 for this paddle unless you’re able to score a good deal when these paddles are on sale; then, you’ll pay less. Either way, it’s a great price for this level of quality. 

Compared to other paddles from Head, their Radical Tour is priced at just under $150, their Gravity line of paddles is priced at just under $170, and their most budget-friendly paddles are from the Elite series. The Radical Elite paddles are priced at just under $60. 

Head Radical Pro Specs 

  • Paddle Face: Fiberglass Composite Surface 
  • Paddle Length: 16 inches 
  • Paddle Width: 7 ⅞ inches 
  • Paddle Thickness: 15mm 
  • Paddle Weight: 8.1 ounces (+/-)

Head Radical Pro Vs. Head Radical Tour

Head makes an entire line of paddles, each with its own great qualities. But if you’re considering this model by Head as your new paddle, it’s also worth looking at the Head Radical Tour. 

The Radical Tour GR offers a Head’s graphite-hitting surface, rather than the fiberglass of the Radical Pro. The Radical Tour also weighs just a tiny bit less, averaging 7.9 ounces. In combining Head’s latest technologies, a polymer core, and your choice of two grip size options, this member of the Radical lineup offers exceptional control and a nice, soft feel. 

Both of these two paddles in the Radical line offer a generous sweet spot, and of course, they’re available in your choice of radical color options! The main difference is the Radical Tour paddles feature a softer feel and effortless control. 

The Radical Tour is priced at just under $150, which is about $40 more than the Radical line’s Pro model.

Bottom Line 

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate power paddle or one with exceptional control and grip size that fits like a glove in the palm of your hand, Head’s paddles are some of the best on the pickleball market., and the Radical Pro is one of our favorites for a nice balance between control and power, and comfortable ease in playability. 

If you’re looking for a new paddle, pickleball gear, or strategies on how to level up your game, we’ve got you covered. Check back often for more reviews, advice, and news about our favorite sport in the world! 

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