Golden Pickleball Paddle Review

Golden Pickleball Paddle Review

Before you buy your next pickleball paddle, Golden Pickleball Paddles should be at the top of your list of brands to check out! Golden Pickleball Paddles come in different shapes, materials, and price ranges to fit any skill level. 

Not only do the paddles from Golden Classic Pickleball perform well, but they also look incredible too! This Golden Pickleball paddle review will break down each of the paddles offered by Golden Pickleball Paddles so you can decide which is the right fit for your game.

Golden Classic Pickleball Paddle

The Golden Classic pickleball paddle is extremely versatile. It’s suitable for beginners up to advanced players competing in tournaments. This pickleball paddle features a midweight design weighing just over 8 oz. This is an ideal weight for players who want awesome control without losing power.

The Golden Classic core is made of polymer honeycomb composite that’s lightweight yet extremely durable. A golden built-in edge guard makes the paddle even tougher. 

A composite surface coated with a USAPA-approved textured surface will make putting a spin on the ball easy. A textured tennis-style handle with sweatproof technology will make you feel confident during even the sweatiest of matches!

Finally, a wide body design provides a larger sweet spot. Dinks and defensive playing are much easier with a wide-body paddle.

There’s one more detail that makes this pickleball paddle even more appealing. The Golden Classic pickleball paddle is gorgeous! The paddle face has a golden paint splatter effect at the bottom, fading into a white top. The golden edge guard goes all the way around to complete the look.

Golden Classic Pickleball Specs 

  • Approved for USAPA tournament play
  • Extra cushioned, sweat-proof grip
  • Lightweight polymer honeycomb composite core 
  • Lightly textured composite surface 
  • Total Length – 15.25 inches 
  • Total width – 8.75 inches


The Marble Lite pickleball paddle is the most popular paddle from Golden Pickleball. It can be purchased in a white or black design, both featuring a marble appearance with gold accents. No matter which color you choose, you’re sure to have the prettiest paddle on the court!

Golden Pickleball kept things simple with this paddle which helps keep the cost reasonable and appeals to players of all skill levels. The classic pickleball paddle shape is used for a reliable shot that works everywhere on the court.

The surface of this pickleball paddle is made of lightweight composite materials with a light texture added. The texture isn’t as noticeable as some other Golden Pickleball paddles, but it’s ideal for those still learning how to properly spin the ball. A built-in edge guard protects your paddle, while a polymer honeycomb composite core can withstand your hardest shots.

There is no groundbreaking technology or unique shapes used to create the Marble Lite paddle, but sometimes sticking with what’s proven to work is the best choice!

Marble-Lite Specs 

  • Approved for USAPA Tournament Play
  • Weight – 7.9 oz
  • Total width – 7.75 inches
  • Handle Length – 5.25 inches
  • Ultra-quality handle and stock grip to help with sweat

Single Shot Pro

The Single Shot Pro is part of the Golden Pickleball Paddle pro-line. This line is created with intermediate to advanced players in mind and, of course, the pros as well! The single shot pro is so much more than just another beautiful paddle with a golden ombre face.

The first thing that makes the Single Shot Pro so unique is the elongated shape without compromising the Length of the handle. 

A longer paddle creates a better reach on the court that’s ideal for serving, third drop shots, and high dinks in the kitchen. The addition of a long handle adds more stability and control than you’ll find in elongated paddles from other brands.

The paddle features a polymer honeycomb composite core, composite face, and maximum texture approved by the USAPA. A sweat-proof tennis-style handle will keep your hands from cramping or slipping when it matters most.

This paddle is called the Single Shot Pro for a reason – you can win with just a single shot if you do it right!

Single Shot Pro Specs

  • USAPA Tournament Play Approved
  • Total Length – 16.25 inches
  • Total width – 7.5 inches
  • Gold-colored edge guard
  • Saddle brown colored sweatproof grip

Golden Standard Pickleball Paddle Set

A lot of pickleball paddle sets are…less than ideal. Poor quality materials, bad designs, and aesthetics are just the start of a long list of things that can be found wrong with the average pickleball paddle set. 

Unfortunately, those sets are how many new players get started. Golden Pickleball Paddles wanted to have a set that’s reasonably priced for new players with great features that will help their skills progress more quickly.

The Golden Standard pickleball paddle set includes two pickleball paddles, two pickleballs, two paddle covers, and a drawstring bag to carry it all in. Each paddle has a durable edge guard to extend the life of the paddle, a lightly textured composite surface, and a sweat-proof golden grip. 

The paddles are lightweight and offer the right balance of control and power for a player that’s still developing their skills. A flawless faded gold design on the paddle face stays true to the name of this paddle set.

Golden Standard Pickleball Paddle Set Specs 

  • Golden handle cap
  • Total Length – 15.75 inches
  • Total width – 7.75 inches
  • Black golden sweatproof grip
  • Includes two paddles, two paddle covers, two balls, and a carrying case

Golden Forged Carbon Pro Pickleball Paddle

Forged carbon fiber is a material that’s more expensive to source and use than things like composite or fiberglass, but it’s well worth it. Forged carbon fiber is as breathtaking as it is durable.

The Golden Forged Carbon Pro paddle has the brand’s classic polymer composite honeycomb core, but the outside of the paddle is all carbon fiber. A texture has been added for ball spin that’s well controlled and packs a lot of power!

This paddle has an elongated design that creates a further reach on the court and fewer missed hits. A large sweep spot and durable edge guards add to the practicality of this paddle, while the unique carbon fiber appearance looks like a work of art on the paddle face.

Golden Forged Carbon Pro Pickleball Paddle Specs 

  • Total Length – 16.75 inches
  • Total width – 7.25 inches
  • USAPA tournament approval pending
  • Forged carbon fiber face with texture for ball spin
  • Hard edge guard

What’s Your Favorite Golden Pickleball Paddle?

Golden Pickleball paddles offer more than just paddles too! You can also find apparel, paddle covers, custom paddles, and accessories on their site. Take a look at some of our other top pickleball recommendations for all skill levels if you still can’t decide. You can even find tips on improving your game and upcoming tournaments in your area!

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