The 7 Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players

The 7 Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players

The right paddle makes all the difference in your game, but not all popular pickleball paddles are right for all players. So many factors set paddles apart, but your skill level should be a major consideration when choosing a new paddle. Beginners, intermediate, advanced, and pro pickleball players need different things from their paddle to best match their skill set. We dug deep to find the paddles and features that perform best for advanced players. 

Browse this list of our top 7 paddles to find the best pickleball paddle for advanced players to meet your playing style and budget!

the best pickleball paddle for advanced players

7 Paddles for the Most Advanced Pickleball Players

Best Overall

Bantam EX-L

The Bantam EX-L takes first place for the best overall paddle. This is one of the most popular paddles for advanced players and intermediate players trying to get to the next level. A composite surface makes this a good paddle for soft shots, while the thick polymer core provides more power when you need it. 

Customer reviews state that the sweet spot is easy to find and hit consistently, which can’t be said about most pickleball rackets. Since this is such a control-oriented paddle by design, it comes in two different grip sizes so every player can get the perfect grip. 

Best Budget Paddle

Rally Flare Graphite Paddle

Finding a paddle that can handle advanced skill levels on a budget is no small task. The Rally Flare Graphite Pickleball Paddle has a carbon graphite face with a velvet texture for maximum vibration reduction and powerful hits. The handle is slightly elongated with a standard size hitting surface. 

This paddle is durable during even the most intense tournament play. A sleek edge guard prevents damage, while the high-quality materials in the core and face prevent dead spots. 

The Rally Flare paddle is a comfortable 7.5 oz, so it’s comfortable to use but still provides a lot of power. All those amazing features for just $64.99!

Best Composite Pickleball Paddle

ONIX Evoke Pro 

The ONIX Evoke Pro is a composite paddle ideal for an advanced player. The midweight feel of this paddle provides maximum control and agility at the net without compromising power when you need it. Pro players designed this paddle, so you know it was designed for practical playing.

The paddle features a wide body design creating a larger sweet spot. A precision-cut polypropylene core delivers just the right touch to complement any playing style. The handle offers a cushioned grip that will keep your comfortable and confident when it counts the most. 

The ONIX Evoke Pro has everything composite paddles should offer to keep up with your advanced skill level.

Best Paddle with a Fiberglass Surface

Head Fiberglass Textured Paddle 

A fiberglass paddle is a great choice when looking for a well-textured surface to control the spin on the ball. The Head Fiberglass Textured Paddle offers so much more than just a textured fiberglass face, though! 

A honeycomb polymer core will absorb the vibration of the ball while an ideal grip circumference of 4 ¼ inches fits effortlessly into your palm.

Some of the best on the market use fiberglass because it’s lightweight, affordable, and durable. Paddles for advanced players should be well-balanced and offer good ball control – this Head paddle does exactly that.

Best Paddle with a Carbon Fiber Surface

Selkirk Evo Hybrid

Carbon fiber is a popular material in some of the best pickleball paddles used by the pros. Carbon fiber face paddles offer soft, well-controlled moves on the court. You can still pack in a powerful shot when you need to, though! 

The Selkirk Evo Hybrid has a large face with one of the largest sweet spots you can find in a paddle. Selkirk is known for having incredible pickleball paddle technology, and the Evo Hybrid is no exception. 

The ultra-thick core has vibration dampening technology that will minimize noise while providing superior ball control. Medium grip size is comfortable for most players, and sweat-wicking materials will keep the handle from slipping. 

Best Graphite Pickleball Paddle

ONIX Graphite Z5 Paddle

Graphite paddles are one of the best pickleball paddles you can buy, regardless of your skill level. Good graphite paddles provide a medium-weight, well-balanced paddle. The ONIX Graphite Z5 Paddle has a textured graphite surface area that provides a good grip on the ball game after game. 

There’s a reason why this is the most popular paddle in the ONIX line!

This graphite paddle feels comfortable in your hand and offers the perfect balance of extra power, a large sweet spot, and good ball control. Other pickleball paddles are prone to decreased performance after multiple uses, but graphite is known for making a durable, reliable paddle.

Most Expensive Pickleball Paddle for Advanced Players

Pro Lite Titan Black Diamond Paddle

Paddles for advanced pickleball players can range quite a bit in price. If you have the money to get an expensive paddle, it has the potential to be a great investment for your long-term game. 

The Pro Lite Titan Black Diamond Paddle is one of the top pickleball paddles for advanced players, but it doesn’t come cheap.  If you’re looking for a budget-friendly paddle, we suggest covering your eyes when we tell you the price.

This $189.95 paddle is one of the few paddles on the market with a braided woven carbon fiber face. The polymer honeycomb core absorbs vibration to prevent tennis elbow

This is a medium-weight paddle used by some pickleball national champions! If the pros use it, it’s clear this is a great paddle.

Choosing Advanced Pickleball Paddles

Choosing an Advanced Pickleball Paddle

A few key factors to consider before buying an advanced pickleball paddle. These are some of the terms you can expect to see while you shop and how they’ll help you make the right purchase!

Paddle Shape

All paddles have a similar shape, but not the same. A lot of advanced players prefer an elongated paddle shape, with an average to narrow paddle width. This means that the handle is slightly longer while the paddle face is slightly shorter and wider. An elongated paddle shape provides more reach on the court and a larger sweet spot.

Paddle Weight

Paddles can be light, mid, or heavyweight. This all comes down to player preference.

Lighter paddles are ideal for someone with a history of tennis elbow or muscle fatigue on the court. A light paddle is easier to control but doesn’t offer as much power. 

Heavy paddles offer a lot of power with every shot, but it can be harder to make precise moves close to the net. Midweight paddles are the balance between the other options and the most popular choice among all skill levels.

Surface Materials

Pickleball paddles can have a surface made of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass, or composite surface. Different materials come at different price points. Carbon fiber is the most expensive, while composite and fiberglass are the most affordable.

Consider the surface material of your existing paddle and what you like or dislike about it. Was it not durable enough? Do you want more texture for better ball spins? Each surface has its pros and cons. You just have to choose what’s important to your gameplay.

Paddle Core

Any advanced player needs a paddle with a strong core. The paddle core absorbs the ball’s vibration and balances the paddle. Stick to paddles that have a polymer or polycarbonate honeycomb core. 

Bottom Line 

Finding the best pickleball paddle for your individual needs can take some time, but don’t get discouraged. Find more pickleball gear recommendations and info on tournaments in your area with our other pickleball content! You’ll be amazed at your skills on the court with the right gear, practice drills, and inspiration! 

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