Cammy MacGregor Pickleball Player

Cammy Macgregor Pickleball Player

Cammy MacGregor was a well-known tennis player at her peak, but today she’s made the switch to pickleball. Cammy MacGregor brought her tennis talents to the pickleball court and hasn’t looked back since! 

Find out more about when she made the switch, what her pickleball ranking is, and what she does when she’s not competing. 

Cammy MacGregor Pickleball Ranking

Cammy MacGregor is ranked in the senior women’s category due to her age, but she ranks well across the board. According to the official world pickleball rating, she’s ranked #12 in singles, #8 in doubles, and #16 in mixed doubles. 

MacGregor has a 5.10 DUPR rating for doubles and a 5.11 for singles.

She’s seen great success at multiple state competitions, Pickleball Nationals, and US Open Championships. In 2019 she took home 1st place in Women’s Senior Singles and Doubles at the Tournament of Champions. 

She also won gold at the 2019 US Open during the Women’s Senior Doubles Open, Women’s Doubles age 50+ (with Jennifer Dawson), and mixed doubles age 50+ with Brian Staub.

Cammy MacGregor Early Career

Before Cammy made the switch to playing pickleball, she was a very successful tennis player. She competed professionally from the mid-1980s until 1995. At her peak, she was ranked #75 in the world for singles play and 38th in doubles. 

During her doubles tennis career, she brought home three titles, including the 1987 WTA’s Taipei Women’s Championships. 

Cammy Macgregor Early Career

Her best performance in a single round of the Grand Slam was at the 1989 Australia Open, where she played to the fourth round before being beaten by Zina Garrison. 

It’s undeniable that all the years Cammy spent on tennis courts have given her a big advantage in the game of pickleball.

Additional Information

When Cammy isn’t on the pickleball or tennis court competing, she works as a tennis instructor and pickleball pro at Omni La Costa Resort in California. 

MacGregor has said she plans to play pickleball for the foreseeable future as the sport continues to expand with more options than ever before when it comes to finding a location to practice and competitions to participate in.


Cammy is signed with Selkirk Sports for a sponsorship. As part of the deal, she has her own Amped Signature Paddle with Selkirk. Fans and pickleball lovers alike can purchase the paddle for $150 and get one step closer to playing like Cammy MacGregor.


Who sponsors Cammy MacGregor pickleball?

Selkirk is MacGregor’s sponsor. She has her own Amped Signature paddle with the SLK brand, so you can watch her playing with it on the courts.

What pickleball paddle does Cammy MacGregor use?

Cammy uses the Selkirk Amped Signature Paddle that’s been personalized to complement her playing style. 

When did Cammy MacGregor start playing pickleball?

Cammy MacGregor saw her first mainstream pickleball success in 2018 and has continued to play ever since.

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