Atlanta Pickleball Tournament

Atlanta Pickleball Tournament

The Atlanta Open is a major PPA event that’s open to pro players and average players who play with their local pickleball club. With some of the biggest names in pickleball registered each year and tens of thousands of dollars in prize money up for grabs, it’s understandable why this Atlanta pickleball tournament is such a big deal!

Learn more about what to expect from the tournament, previous winners, and the JR Atlanta Open before 2023 registration begins.

Date & Location

The Atlanta Tournament was hosted at Lifetime Fitness Peachtree Corners, GA, from 05/18/22 to 05/22/22.

The location was:

6350 Courtside Dr. NW

Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Tournament Details

Atlanta Pickleball Tournament

The Atlanta open in Peachtree City, Georgia, was a massive event with $55,000 in prize money. Pickleball pros were eligible to receive up to $9,000 for appearing in the tournament, making it a profitable weekend for them!

This tournament was organized by the Professional Pickleball Association, also known as the PPA. Since this is such a significant event, there isn’t a local pickleball club behind the event organization, as you’ll find with smaller tournaments.

Tournament sponsors included Niupipo, Joola Pickleball, Lifetime Fitness, Tourna, PaddleTek, Gamma Pickleball, and more.

Open registration dates were from 12/21/21 to 05/09/22. Players had to meet the final registration deadline of 05/09/2022 in order to play during any of the tournament dates. 

Players had until the cancellation deadline on 04/20/22 to get a refund on their $70 registration fee. Online payment via PayPal was accepted. PayPal also allows credit card payments.

An Onix Dura Fast 40 was the primary game ball for this live-streamed event. The minimum age of players was ten years old.  


Atlanta Pickleball Tournament

Riley Newman and Matt Wright took home the Gold in Pro Men’s Doubles, while Ben Johns and Collins Johns won silver. Dekel Bar and Jw Johnson secured third place with a bronze medal.

Pros mixed double was a fierce competition with Catherine Parenteau and Riley Newman winning Gold. Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright won silver, while Simone Jardim and Jw Johnson won bronze.

Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith dominated to Pro Women’s Double event, taking home the Gold. Anna Leigh Waters won second place with Leigh Waters. Jessie Irvine and Anna Bright were crowned in third place with a bronze medal.

Women’s pro singles was an event to watch, with Anna Leigh Waters winning Gold, Catherine Parenteau winning silver, and Lea Janson winning bronze.

Games were played using a double-elimination format with a 2-point differential. View the complete breakdown of tournament formats used at the Atlanta, Georgia, Open here.

A complete list of all event winners at the Professional Pickleball Association Atlanta Open can be found here. There are winners for each skill level, age group, and match type.

Watch the Action

If you’re considering playing in the 2023 Atlanta open in Peachtree Corners, GA, watching events from past years is a great way to study when you’re not on the pickleball court! 

Not every event at the tournament is live-streamed. Since multiple matches happen at the same time, it would be nearly impossible to stream it all. Instead, event coordinators focus on streaming the largest events that most fans show interest in. YouTube has some great video replays to enjoy.

Pickleball USA uploads live-streamed videos as the event is happening, but you can still watch those videos on YouTube after the event has ended. 

Check out the 2022 Atlanta Championship Sunday, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting right beside the Championship court! 

The Pro Mixed Doubles Gold live stream gives a look at what the tournament event structure looks like before championship Sunday too. 

JR PPA Atlanta Open

Peachtree City, GA, gets to host the JR PPA Atlanta Open too! This event is held at the same Peachtree Corners Lifetime Fitness and Tennis Center as the regular Atlanta Open.


6350 Courtside Dr. NW

Peachtree Corners, GA


The JR Open in Atlanta, GA, was held from 05/20/22 to 05/21/22. 

You may notice these dates fall during the primary PPA Atlanta Open. This is done so kids interested in the sport can come early and see their favorite pros in action or support older family members.

JR events are held in the evenings after the other competition events have wrapped up for the day.

Tournament Details

The JR PPA Atlanta Open is an event that’s open to children of all skill and experience levels. Children must be at least seven years old to register. 

Upon registering, parents were asked to email the event director with details on their pickleball experience. This makes it easier for event coordinators to separate kids based on age groups and a skill level bracket to create fair matches.

If it’s your first tournament or you hope to be a pro someday, the JR Atlanta Open is an excellent place to start!


There were two pools with crowned winners at the JR Atlanta Open.

In Pool A, Ryder Kotz won Gold, and Pearl Gaines won silver. In Pool B, Gold went to Robert Roebuck. Noah Harrison claimed silver, and Robby Rivera won bronze.

2023 Atlanta Open

Dates for the 2023 PPA Atlanta Open and JR Atlanta Open have not been released yet. The tournament happened in May 2021 and 2022, so it’s safe to assume it will be around the same time of year.

Registration for past year’s events opened at the end of December the year before. If PPA stays true to this pattern, registration for the 2023 tournament will be open, and you can reserve your spot in advance before you know it!


Where is the Atlanta Open Pickleball Tournament located?

The Atlanta Open Pickleball Tournament venue is held at the Peachtree Corner Lifetime Fitness in Georgia. The complete address is:
6350 Courtside Dr. NW
Peachtree Corners, GA

What tournament format is used at the Atlanta Open Pickleball Tournament?

Sr. Pro and Amateur events use a double elimination format with a come-around. Round Robin format is used for divisions of 5 teams.

Pro events use a Double Elimination format with no come-around.

What are the qualifying events for the Atlanta Pickleball Tournament? 

Any player that wins a medal at an Atlanta Open event automatically has a bid for Grand Slam Pickleball Tournaments.

Events included mixed doubles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, and men’s singles. Events are separated by skill level.

Do pros play at the Atlanta Open?

Yes, pickleball pros travel from around the country to compete at the Atlanta Open! 

Stay up to date on the latest Pickleball Source content so you’ll be in the know on upcoming events and open registration. We can help you find the paddle of your dreams, improve your skills, and find inspiration from other players before the 2023 Open!

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