Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddles

Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddles

Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddles is an American brand that does a phenomenal job of letting customers create their ideal paddle. With multiple customization options, advanced materials, and a limited selection of “shelf paddles” with predetermined specifications, shopping with Third Shot Drop is much different than shopping with other brands.

Third Shot Drop prides itself on using no overseas component sourcing or production. This means that not only are they assembled in the USA, but every part is also created in the country too. These break the one size fits all mold and put the power to play back into your hands!

Whether you’re a pro or just catching on to the fastest-growing sport in the country, here’s all you need to know about TSD before you shop!

Purchasing a Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddle

Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddle

Third Shot Drop paddles are unique from other brands because they provide multiple options when you select your racquet. Instead of having a set pattern for each one they sell, the customer can choose!

TSD challenges traditional paddle standards by creating USAPA-tested paddles approved for USAPA tournament play while allowing customers to make decisions for themselves.

Surface Material

The first choice is whether you want a graphite, carbon fiber, or composite paddle face. Graphite is a lightweight, incredibly responsive surface. You can make quick movements when it counts with the firm hitting surface. Graphite works well for light-hitting players.

Composite creates the perfect face for mid-hitting players in the game of pickleball. You’ll get more strength and power than graphite can offer in an affordable and lightweight package. 

Carbon fiber is one of the more advanced materials used to create paddle faces. The aeronautic industry first used carbon fiber before sports manufacturers discovered it.

Carbon fiber paddles are used by some of the top-ranked players worldwide. This material is more expensive, but it’s also incredibly strong and durable. It provides superior power and is a well-balanced paddle so you can play all day long.

Paddle Shape

Each paddle can be purchased in two shapes. The first shape is called Chaos. The Chaos is a classic perfect paddle shape, square with rounded edges.

The second shape is called Kratos. A Kratos model has an elongated shape. This Kratos model provides further reach with a slightly more narrow face.

Every Third Shot Drop comes with a neoprene paddle cover.

Choosing Your Core Material

Aluminum Core Paddle

The aluminum core paddles from Third Shot Drop are ideal for players who like to hit lightly and focus on ball placement. A honeycomb aluminum core is incredibly light yet hard and durable. These offer a comfortable grip size and a great touch which causes the ball to pop off slower, allowing greater control.

Nomex Core Paddles

Nomex core paddles are wildly popular and have been around longer than almost any other core type. A Nomex core begins with light, cardboard material. This material is then dipped in resin that hardens to create an extremely durable core material.

Nomex cores are placed in a honeycomb pattern to create the strongest structure possible. Balls bounce off the Nomex core at record speed. This can make it more difficult to get precise control, but the effortless power makes it worth it.

Polymer Core Paddle

Polymer is a new type of paddle core, but it’s rapidly becoming the most popular. Polymer cores are extremely quiet, with a soft hit and incredible control. Those with polymer cores tend to have a sweet spot that’s easy to locate too!

Polymer is a type of material made of multiple plastics and resins combined for one strong, lightweight core material.

Non-Customized Paddle Options


The Athena is one of two paddles offered by Third Shot Drop that does not have customization options. This one features a classic shape with an elongated handle for further reach. The composite face pairs well with a core made of polymer for a paddle that’s both strong and responsive to your movements.

Third Shot Drop recommends the Athena paddle for mid to hard-hitting players who want reliable power and soft touch for control. This paddle is more affordable than some others offered by Third Drop Shot, making it a great fit for all types of players.

The Tyche

The Tyche is the other Third Shot Drop paddle that cannot be customized. You’ll quickly notice that this paddle is smaller than most. The sweet spot is about half the size of what you’d find in most paddles, and that’s the point!

The Tyche is ideal for drilling to improve your skills. If you can master shots with such a small sweet spot, doing so on a regular paddle will be effortless. The Tyche will not be your primary paddle, but it will be your go-to for quick skill improvement!

A polymer core and composite fiberglass face offer a nice combination of power and control.

The Tyche

Custom Paddles

Custom Paddles

If none of the existing paddles appeal to you, you can order a Third Shot Drop custom paddle with 35 different areas of customization! Add personalized graphics and customize each aspect of the paddle to meet your preferences and playing style. You’re in control of everything from the material of your paddle to the graphic on the front. 


TSD offers a nice price range on their site. You can choose one of their non-customized options for as low as $89, which is really a great price for what you’re getting. If you decide you want to costume your paddle, those start at around $140-$150, and you’ll see all of your customization options right on the page. 

TSD does offer a premium, high-end option with their Special Edition Carbon Fiber Series. You’ll pay more for this paddle, but with all of the high-end components, it’s definitely worth it. The price for the Special Edition Carbon Fiber Series starts at $250, with your choice of shape, core, and other customizable details like grip size. 

Bottom Line

If you’re new to the game of pickleball or just exploring your options, we’re happy to help! Find more pickleball content with product recommendations for when you’re ready to shop, player info, and upcoming tournaments in your state. 

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the country. Help spread the love of the game by sharing well-researched, informative content!

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