Simon X Pickleball Machine

Simon X Pickleball Machine

The Simon X Pickleball machine is a pickleball throwing machine designed with the user in mind. From a tri-wheel system for easy movement to wireless remote controls, the makers of this pickleball machine truly thought of it all. 

You might have used other ball machines before, but you’ve never seen anything like the Simon X Pickleball machine before!

High-Quality Design

Buying a pickleball machine is a big commitment and an even bigger investment. You want to know you’re buying the best pickleball machine on the market. Any high-quality product starts with a high-quality design and construction.

The Simon ball machine is made using heavy gauge steel and aluminum right here in the USA. Military-grade construction makes this machine ready to stand the test of time. 


The machine can be used anywhere you need it when you need it. This comes in handy for people who don’t always get their pickleball practice in at the same location. Whether you need to move down one pickleball court or ten, it’s easy with Simon.

Portable Battery

The design features a 10-12 hour battery life that allows you to move the machine without worrying about a nearby power source. When the battery needs to be charged, it has a quick charging feature so you can become mobile again in no time! 

Tri Wheel Design

Just because the battery is made to be portable, that doesn’t mean the whole machine moves easily. The makers of Simon thought of everything with this design, though!

The tri-wheel system and built-in handle make it a breeze to move Simon from one location to the next. The total weight of the machine is just 58 pounds, so moving it can easily be done by one person. 

Grab the handle, wheel the machine, and you’re ready to start getting hits in!

Using the Machine

Navigating a ball machine for the first time can be intimidating. Luckily, the Simon machine is easy to use and packed with user-friendly features. 


One of the best things about the Simon machine is that it’s fully customizable to meet your needs.  

You can customize the frequency that balls are thrown, the throwing speed, and the height that the balls are thrown from. The patent-pending super ramp is the perfect addition to focus on soft feathery dinks at all angles. 

Simon is the only machine that’s both the fastest and the slowest on the market. Speeds can go as low as 5 MPH, while the top speed is 70 MPH.

Ball Capacity 

This throwing machine features a 120 ball capacity. That’s higher than any of the other machines in the same price range!

Get your practice hits in on 120 balls before you have to worry about reloading the machine. Ball feed speeds can go up to one ball every 1.5 seconds. 

Wireless Control

The wireless remote control feature on the Simon machine is something that other machines can’t offer. If they do offer it, it comes at an added cost. With Simon, true wireless remote features come standard on every machine.

Control the machine remotely from up to 100 feet away! Users can access the control panel without actually walking up to the machine. More of your time on the pickleball court can be spent on pickleball practice instead of adjusting the machine settings.

Lifetime Protection

The manufacturer must stand by their heavy gauge aluminum and steel design because they offer a lifetime warranty on the throwing wheels at no added cost.

If something goes wrong with the pitch throw wheels, the manufacturer of Simon will replace them at no cost to you.

 Other manufacturers only offer limited warranties that have to be purchased separately. When you purchase a Simon machine, you automatically get the warranty coverage too.

Stealth Oscillation 

All the standard features on Simon are impressive, but the stealth oscillation feature is one of the big selling points for this machine. 

The oscillation is done inside the machine, so you never know where the next ball is going. This mimics the uncertainty of playing against a real person and challenges your muscle memory. The front ball exit hole makes it easy to see where the ball feed is directed, so you’ll know where to hit the ball for a great shot.

Why Choose the Simon X Practice Machine?

All these features are paired with a reasonable price tag. When you compare Simon to other machines, you’ll quickly see nothing comes close. Make the most of your time on the pickleball court by buying a pickleball machine with military-grade construction, customizable features, and a portable design that can go with you anywhere! 

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