Rogue 2 Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Rogue 2 Pickleball Paddle Reviews

The Rogue 2 pickleball paddle is a new paddle made by Players Pickleball in the USA. This USAPA Approved design has created a lot of buzz online thanks to its unique core with cutting-edge technology. If you’ve been considering this pickleball paddle, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s take a closer look at what Rogue has to offer and examine what real players are saying in Rogue 2 pickleball paddle reviews after seeing it in action.

Rogue 2 Fiberglass Face

Rogue 2 Fiberglass Face

The Rogue 2 Gel Core traditionally comes with a fiberglass paddle surface. The surface area is textured, offering great control and ball spin. This is a great paddle for a power player with an intermediate to advanced skill level. Beginners can instantly improve their game when they start hitting balls with a well-designed racquet.

This new pickleball paddle is the only paddle on the market with a hybrid gel-core. Other use materials like polypropylene, polymer, aluminum, and Nomex. Stepping away from the norm to use this proprietary technology has certainly paid off!

Reviews absolutely love this feature and note that the gelled core creates an awesome paddle with fewer vibrations and improved ball control. By lessening the vibrations, players will have less discomfort from hand shock. 

A large sweet spot on the face makes for powerful third-shot drops and precise dinks at the net. The sweet spot begins dead center and extends to the edges of the face, which players love! Reviews note that the sweet spot is not only large, but it also forgives too.

The versatility is what makes it one of the best paddles in 2022. Whether you’re making soft shots or powerful shots, it can adjust to meet your demands during the game.

The 5-inch grip length offers enough space for you to play using two-handed shots. A 4 3/16 inch grip circumference is comfortable for most players. Lead tape can easily be added to the handle for increased paddle weight, power, and grip thickness.

Although this sounds like just one paddle, there are a few paddles that fall under the Rogue 2 umbrella. They’re all good paddles but a bit different in distinct ways. The first distinction you’ll notice is the shape.

Rogue 2 Shapes


The hybrid shape is the most popular in the pickleball world and the first paddle that comes up when you search for this model. This is a different construction that combines the best of a few different paddles. The result is an incredibly aerodynamic design with impressive power and precision at the net.

Players who review this model speak highly of the hybrid shape for all types of gameplay and skill levels! This is a great choice for a new paddle for just about any player.


The second paddle offered in this line is a quad shape paddle. A quad paddle is a traditional silhouette you picture when you imagine a pickleball paddle. The classic square with rounded edges was once the only one you could buy! Today, this is one of the many options for interested players to choose from.

Quad paddles are preferred by some because they’re very predictable. It’s hard to hit wrong when you’re using a classic silhouette you’ve played with before. If your previous paddles had a quad shape, this would likely feel the most natural.

Maximum Face

The maximum face design is a cool change from other paddle shapes. This paddle has a shorter handle with a wider paddle face and maximum hitting area. If you struggle to find the sweet spot, making the switch to a maximum-face paddle might be the change you need!

Rogue 2 Carbon Fiber Elongated

The model got a new look with the addition of the Rogue Carbon Fiber elongated paddle! This paddle still has the iconic gelled core, but it’s elevated with a carbon fiber face and elongated design.

The elongated paddle provides more reach on the court for fewer missed balls. Elongated paddles have taken over the sport in recent years as more pros use them to play. 

The 3k twill carbon fiber face has in-molded textures that won’t wear away. This incredibly durable material creates a paddle that’s more firm and stiff than the classic fiberglass design, which improves the predictability of off-center hits.

The core maintains a soft feel on impact by absorbing the vibrations of the ball and redistributing the energy across the paddle face.

People who have purchased and tried both versions review that this paddle feels firmer but has slightly less ball spin than the fiberglass version. Elongated paddles also require a bit more mastery on the court and are less forgiving, so this might not be the best option for a new player’s first paddle.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Rogue 2 pickleball paddles are an innovative take on classic paddle designs. The gel-core has received extremely positive reviews from players of all skill levels. Choosing a different shape and face material comes down to your playing style, but the hybrid is a good choice if you’re not sure what’s the best fit.

The model has been promoted by Brandon Swanson, known as the Paddle Geek online. Swanson personally uses the paddle because it offers more power without losing any control. While he also has experience with a more expensive paddle like the Selkirk S2, the Rogue 2 remains the current favorite! 


  • Soft feel gel-core with minimal vibrations
  • Textured face for improved ball control and spin
  • Multiple paddle shapes to choose from
  • Comfortable paddle grip
  • Not too heavy, offering a nice touch
  • Cutting-edge technology that’s USAPA-approved.


  • Price – while very reasonable compared to other paddles, this may be out of budget for some players.
  • It’s difficult to anticipate what the paddle will feel like until you try it since the gel-core technology is so new.


The Rogue 2 costs $129.99 for the hybrid. Not all models are the same price. 

This price point is very reasonable when you consider the types of materials used and the overall value that will be added to your gameplay.

If you want to try the Rogue 2 pickleball paddle, the reviews are in your favor! Hundreds of happy players have left positive reviews online praising the new gel core technology. Find in-depth product recommendations and tournament info, and connect with the pickleball community by browsing our other pickleball content!

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