5 Quiet Pickleball Paddles: Green Zone Paddles

5 Quiet Pickleball Paddles: Green Zone Paddles

Quiet pickleball paddles have been in high demand since pickleball started gaining popularity in the USA. Pickleball noise complaints are a real issue at pickleball courts in residential areas, country clubs, and community centers.

While there are no silent pickleball paddles on the market, there are quiet paddles!

Green zone paddles are the best quiet pickleball paddles that have been tested to measure noise levels. If you need a quiet pickleball paddle to play on your favorite court without complaint, these five will do the trick!

1. PaddleTek Tempest Wave Pro

Price: $179.99

Graphite paddles are some of the best if you want power that is controlled and reliable on the court. The PaddleTek Tempest Wave Pro is so much more than just a quiet paddle!

The Tempest pickleball paddle series was designed to put accuracy and precision first. Pickleball players of all skill levels can enjoy the benefits of this midweight paddle.

The graphite surface provides incredible power, while the textured top coat makes it easier than ever to put a spin on pickleball balls.

Perfectly balanced paddle weight offers consistency, speed, and maneuverability. You’ll never lose your grip thanks to PaddleTek’s high-tack performance grip that pulls moisture away from your skin.

The patented Smart Response Technology core absorbs the impact of the ball, minimizing noise and redistributing that power across the large sweet spot.

This is among the most popular green zone paddles for all skill levels, including professionals!

PaddleTek Tempest Wave Pro Specs

  • Textured graphite surface
  • High tack performance grip
  • Smart Response core
  • Paddle weight – 7.6 – 8 ounces

2. Onix Evoke Graphite XL

Onix Evoke Graphite XL

Price: $89.99

Quiet paddles come in all shapes and weights. This lightweight paddle from Onix proves that a paddle can be large and powerful without receiving noise complaints on the pickleball courts.

A graphite face and polypropylene core keep the Onix Evoke Graphite XL in the green zone. It’s a good pickleball paddle for players who want a good touch at the net without losing pop from the baseline. 

The polypropylene core works to minimize noise on impact. The best part? The XL paddle shape gives this paddle a larger sweet spot than other paddles.

You’ll have excellent ball control and a comfortable amount of power with this green zone pickleball paddle.

The Onix Evoke Graphite XL is ideal for beginners and intermediate players who are still mastering their skills. You can finally get in hours of practice without ever disrupting the neighbors!

Onix Evoke Graphite XL Specs

  • Graphite face
  • XL paddle shape
  • Polypropylene core 
  • Paddle weight – 6.9 – 7.2 ounces

3. Engage Elite Pro Maverick

Price: $169.95

The Engage Elite Pro Maverick was designed with acceptable noise levels in mind. While there’s no way to eliminate paddle noise, this paddle meets and exceeds the requirements for approved paddles on the green paddle list.

A fiberglass face makes an excellent surface for power shots. When the pickleball ball hits the paddle face, a polymer honeycomb core absorbs vibration and keeps sound levels low. ‘

This paddle proves quieter paddles don’t have to sacrifice power!

Pickleball star Ben Johns has promoted the paddle and used it himself in some of his biggest matches. 

A lot of other silent paddles adhere to traditional paddle measurements, but the Engage Elite Pro Maverick is half an inch longer than most. This provides extra space for two-handed shots that pack even more power.

Engage Elite Pro Maverick Specs

  • Fiberglass face
  • Polymer core
  • Promoted by Pickleball Pro Ben Johns
  • Paddle Weight – 7.7 ounces (+/- 0.3 ounces)

4. PaddleTek Pheonix G6

Price: $69.99

If you’re playing on pickleball courts where only paddles approved on the green zone list are allowed, you may quickly get discouraged when you start looking at price tags.

The PaddleTek Pheonix G6 is one of the best pickleball paddles on the approved list because it’s affordable!

If you’re new to the pickleball community, there’s no need to spend a fortune to meet acceptable noise levels for pickleball clubs. This is an excellent paddle for recreational and tournament play alike! 

The velvet-textured polycarbonate surface makes it easy to control the ball spin, while the poly core with embedded graphite minimizes sound by dampening vibrations.

This not only keeps recreational noise to a minimum but also makes it more comfortable to play for extended periods.

The ultra cushion high tack performance grip wicks away moisture and keeps your grip comfortable to avoid muscle cramping or fatigue.

A pickleball player of any level can achieve good results with the Pheonix G6! New players will love the larger sweet spot, and more advanced players will be blown away at how easy it is to spin the ball.

PaddleTek Pheonix G6 Specs

  • Velvet textured polycarbonate surface
  • Polycore with embedded graphite
  • Ultra cushion high tack performance grip
  • Paddle weight – 7.8 – 8.1 ounces

5. Prolite Illuminate 2.0

Prolite Illuminate 2.0

Price: $69.99

The Prolite Illuminate 2.0 is a green zone-approved paddle that can fit any playing style. The carbon fiber face features UV protection graphics to prevent fading and sun damage. A polypropylene honeycomb core works to minimize noise from the ball.

The paddle offers great balance and an easy-to-find sweet spot. The Prolite ultra tacky grip adds comfort and functionality to the midweight design. While it’s impossible to keep paddles from creating sound, the Illuminate 2.0 maintains acceptable noise levels even during power shots!

The affordable price tag is quite impressive too. Many carbon fiber-faced paddles are expensive, but Prolite kept prices low even when using a high-tech material. 

Prolite Illuminate 2.0 Specs

  • Carbon fiber face
  • Polypropylene honeycomb core
  • Prolite ultra tacky grip
  • Paddle weight – 7.4 – 8.0 ounces

How Do You Prevent Pickleball Noise?

Quiet pickleball paddles are becoming required on more pickleball courts around the nation. Quiet paddles allow players to practice without disrupting non-playing residents. While certain paddles produce less noise, there’s more you can do to reduce noise!

Acoustic fencing can be placed around pickleball courts to act as a soundproofing material. Recreational noise caused by pickleball players is less likely to be an issue if you avoid playing during the early morning hours and late at night.

Outdoor balls are the loudest type of pickleball ball. If you want to make your quiet paddles even quieter, consider using different balls. Indoor balls and foam balls will both make for a quieter game. Changing the ball you use will change the way you play – so this may not be ideal for serious players and pros.


What is the quietest pickleball paddle? 

It’s hard to say what the quietest pickleball paddle is, but any of the green zone paddles are very quiet. Paddles fall in the green zone when they’ve passed certain noise requirements. 

View a longer list of green zone-approved paddles here.

How do you stop pickleball noise? 

There is no way to stop pickleball noise completely, but you can minimize it by using a green zone paddle. 

Foam balls are another option to reduce the noise, but most serious players can’t practice with a foam ball when tournaments are played with a plastic ball.

Why is pickleball so noisy? 

Pickleball noise comes from the ball hitting the surface of the paddle. 

Pickleball paddles are noisier than tennis racquets because they’re made of a solid material, not strings. Tennis courts rarely have to worry about the noise levels of tennis players because of how the racquets are made.

When the ball makes contact with the paddle face, it creates the classic “pop” noise associated with pickleball.

What are green pickleball paddles?

Green pickleball paddles have been tested and proven to produce minimal noise. 

Green pickleball paddles are required in many country clubs, gated communities, and HOA neighborhoods to keep noise levels low. Red zone paddles are those that don’t meet green zone sound requirements.

Bottom Line

Using only paddles approved for green zone playing doesn’t mean your game will suffer! Your new paddle can bring so much more to the table than just the ability to pass sound testing. Find more top-rated pickleball gear, connect with tournaments in your area, and get pickleball inspiration by browsing more of our content!

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