The Best Pickleball Paddle Holder & Racks

The Best Pickleball Paddle Holder & Racks

Pickleball paddles are an investment piece that can cost hundreds of dollars. Properly storing your paddle is an essential part of protecting that investment. Pickleball paddle holders and racks are designed to hold your equipment in a safe position and protect the paddle face when you aren’t playing. 

In addition to offering storage, paddle racks make it easy to keep track of who’s up next during open play. Consider these pickleball paddle holders and racks to upgrade your game experience!

Paddle Holders & Racks

Best Overall – Boomer HD Rack 

Our pick for the best overall pickleball paddle rack is the Boomer HD rack. The rack is made of heavy-duty steel with a weatherproof powder coating, making it ideal for outdoor use. The hanging design is simple to install on a chain link fence, but it can be used indoors too.

The Boomer HD rack holds four paddles. Unlike other racks that only allow you to see the side profile of the paddle, this rack showcases the paddle face. That makes it easier to identify when it’s your turn and gives you a chance to show off your favorite paddle!

Installing more than one Boomer HD rack to accommodate more players would be quick and easy. Each rack is reasonably priced, especially considering how long the weatherproofed steel will last!

Best Portable Cart Rack – Next Up 

Portable Cart Rack

This portable cart rack by Next Up is designed to be lightweight and easy to move through tight spaces. Non-marking wheels make the rack suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

You can choose between three sizes for the portable cart rack that can hold 16, 32, or 48 paddles. The rack can also carry up to 3 pickleball nets on the lower storage shelf.

Best Stainless Steel Rack

Stainless Steel Paddle Rack

Stainless steel is a durable material that’s perfect for outdoor courts. This stainless steel paddle rack by Next Up is designed to be hung right on a chain link fence around the court, making it a convenient paddle holder that’s always there when you need it.

The rack holds 20 rackets, and each slot is lined with rubber to protect your paddle against scratches. Two racks can easily be hung on top of one another to double the storage capacity.

Best PVC Paddle Rack

Durable ⅜ inch PVC was used for this fence-hanging paddle rack. The rack is available in four models. One model holds 12. Another holds 20 and comes in a fence hanging or ground-standing design. Finally, there’s a 16-paddle option that comes as two eight-paddle racks that can be hung together.

PVC is gentle enough to avoid damaging your paddle but sturdy enough to withstand the elements outside.

Best Wooden Pickleball Paddle Rack

The cedar pickleball holder by Next Up is made of solid wood and sealed for durability. The cedar paddle rack can hold up to 20 paddles. A marker slide that looks like a small pickleball paddle is not only a cute touch; it’s practical.

Marker slides made it easy to keep track of who’s up next during open play. With this paddle rack, you already have a marker slide ready to use.

Best Lightweight Paddle Rack

HDPE Paddle Rack

The HDPE paddle rack is a modern design that uses high-density polyethylene for a lightweight rack that will stand the test of time. You can choose between a paddle rack that holds 8, 12, or 16 rackets. The 16-paddle rack is two eight-paddle racks hung together.

The gentle material won’t damage the face of your equipment, and the lightweight hanging design is a breeze to install.

Best Pickleball Paddle Storage

This pickleball paddle center is ideal for pickleball paddle storage. It’s designed to be sturdy yet portable with a simple set-up that can be completed in minutes. Each paddle center can hold 12 paddles.

When you need to keep your equipment organized and safe from harm, simply hang them in the paddle center, and you’re all set! A rubberized surface makes the paddle center safe for all flooring types. This paddle rack is ideal for community centers, youth groups, and pickleball clubs. 

Anyone that needs a safe, organized place to put their equipment will love the pickleball paddle center!

Pickleball Paddle Rack to Watch

Pickleball Paddle Holder to Watch

The Paddle Saddle is a holder that’s been around since 2016. The unique design of the paddle saddle features several tubes. Each tube will fit a paddle handle, keeping the paddle upright. The tubes provide space between paddles and outer support for the paddle handle.

While the design of the paddle saddle is eye-catching, purchasing a Paddle Saddle is not near as simple as purchasing other pickleball paddle holders. Currently, you have to fill out a request form to order. You’ll likely be waiting a while to receive it too.

Watch this paddle holder as the sport becomes more popular; hopefully, the ordering process will become simpler for consumers soon!

Buying Guide

Number of Paddles it Holds

Pickleball paddle holders come in a variety of sizes. Some hold as few as four paddles, while others can hold up to 48! Consider how many spaces you need the rack to have before purchasing. Many brands offer racks that can be hung together to expand your storage in the future too.

The Durability of the Holder

Next, you should consider where the paddle rack will be used. Holders that will be kept indoors don’t need to be quite as durable as those that will be hung outdoors. If you’re purchasing a paddle holder for an outdoor court, opt for a durable material that will last in the elements. PVC, steel, and high-density polyethylene are a few of the most durable materials used in pickleball paddle holders.


One of the biggest factors that separate pickleball paddle holders are their portability. A portable holder is a must if you want a holder that can go from one location to the next. One with wheels is ideal if you’re moving court to court, while one that folds up is more suitable if you plan to travel with it in the car.

A mounted rack is ideal if you want a rack that will stay in the same place. Mounting a rack onto a fence or wall near the court will provide more stability than a portable rack. If you always play on the same court, mounted racks are a dependable choice.


How do you store pickleball paddles? 

Pickleball paddles should be stored in a weather-protected, temperature-controlled environment. 

Storing them in a rack is an ideal way to prevent scratches on the paddle face and never misplace a paddle.

How do you make a pickleball paddle rack? 

Pickleball paddle racks can be made of PVC or wood if you’re a DIY fan. Tutorials for different pickleball paddle rack styles can be found on YouTube.

The cost of tools and materials to build a pickleball paddle rack will be about the same as buying a premade rack, though, and a lot more work!

How do you use a pickleball paddle rack?

A pickleball paddle rack should be used to store and organize paddles, but it can also be used to keep track of whose turn it is. 

Stay in the correct playing order by using a sliding scale on the paddle rack, moving it up to the next player once you take your turn.

Bottom Line 

If you’d like more recommendations for the best gear on the market, you’re in the right place! Read deep-dives on different brands, compare paddle materials, and find tips to improve your strategy with our pickleball content. 

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