The 5 Best Pickleball Nets on Wheels

The Best Pickleball Nets on Wheels

Pickleball is a fun way to stay active at any age, but not all courts provide nets. You don’t have to change courts, though. A pickleball net on wheels can save the day – and you can use it to play anywhere, either at a public court, in your backyard, or even on vacation. Check out the portable nest systems below to find the best one for you.

The Best Pickleball Nets on Wheels

Best Pickleball Net on Wheels

PIQL Portable Pickleball Net System with Wheels

One of the most portable net systems on the market, the PIQL portable pickleball net system with wheels is straightforward to install and comes with its own storage bag. It only weighs 21 pounds, meaning that it’s super-easy to haul around even when it’s disassembled.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the net system features six wheels, some of which are lockable to improve stability during play. The frame is all metal and powder-coated for a weather-resistant finish. All-metal is also the wide legs designed for enhanced stability on all surfaces.

All parts in the kit are labeled for seamless no-tool installation. An interlocking design makes it easy to put the frame together and take it down as often as necessary. The net comes with hook-and-loop straps for a hassle-free setup on the square black pickleball posts. Another highlight is the affordable price tag.

On the downside, the lighter weight doesn’t resist strong winds. This means that it’s best stored indoors, which could be a problem if you don’t have suitable storage space and like to play often. In this case, you’ll likely have to install the net each time before a game and dismantle it again when you’re done. Moreover, the brand doesn’t sell replacement nets and parts.

Otherwise, this portable pickleball net on wheels respects the tournament size requirements and can be used for recreational or tournament purposes.


  • Length: 22 feet
  • Height (center): 34 inches
  • Height (sidelines): 36 inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds

Best Budget Pickleball Net on Wheels

Fostoy Pickleball Net Set with Wheels

Whether you want to play pickleball in your backyard or need an affordable net to use once in a while, the pickleball set with net and wheels from Fostoy could be the right option.

This net also respects the tournament sizing, but the materials feel flimsier. Nevertheless, the system features a square steel base frame, powder-coated for all-weather resistance. The rotatable wheels let you rotate and move the net around the field, while the hook-and-loop straps prevent excessive net sagging in the middle.

Ideal for beginners, this pickleball net set comes with everything you need to start playing straight out of the bag. You don’t have to worry about buying paddles or balls since they come included. Sure, you shouldn’t expect pro pickleball paddles, but the pack includes four wooden paddles and six balls – three for indoor and three for outdoor play.

The paddles have a grip circumference of 4.25 inches and a handle length of 4.75 inches. They are ideal for players of all ages, kids and seniors included. The balls have 40 holes and are sized for tournament diameter and weight.

This set also includes a pickleball court marker kit, making it a cinch to play literally everywhere. No doubt, one of the best pickleball starter kits for beginners.


  • Length: 22 feet
  • Height (center): 34 inches
  • Height (sidelines): 36 inches
  • Weight: 26 pounds

Best Pickleball Net on Wheels for Tournaments

DOMINATOR Portable Pickleball Net

The DOMINATOR portable pickleball net doesn’t come with balls and paddles, but it is a heavy-duty option made for tournament play.

This rolling net system is made of 6061 T6 aluminum, which is a rust-proof and durable but lightweight material. This doesn’t mean the frame is light. At about 35 pounds, this is one of the heaviest portable net systems. The added weight is a plus, though, increasing stability in windy conditions.

Another advantage linked to weight is that this net can become a permanent installation. You’ll find it hard to move it as soon as you lock the transport wheels in place.

As you’d expect from a tournament net, this set complies with all USA Pickleball tournament standards. When installed, the net measures 21 feet and 9 inches in length. It has a baseline height of 36 inches, with a 2-inch sag in the middle. Yet, while respecting these heights, the net is placed high enough to allow for a seamless rolling of balls under the net.

Putting the frame together and setting up the net is also easy, thanks to the innovative slip-and-fit design.

Sure, you’ll have to pay for all these perks, but if you want a portable pickleball net that stands out, the DOMINATOR won’t disappoint.


  • Length: 21.9 feet
  • Height (center): 34 inches
  • Height (sidelines): 36 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds

Best Outdoor Pickleball Net on Wheels

ANYTHING SPORTS Deluxe Heavy Duty Pickleball Net With Wheels 2.0

If you’re looking for an outdoor-rated net but don’t want to break the bank, this deluxe pickleball net with wheels from ANYTHING SPORTS could be the right one for you. It is similar to the DOMINATOR, but it’s made of alloy steel instead of aluminum.

The material is powder-coated for durability, but it rusts over time. This is why leaving it outdoors might not be wise, but if you don’t feel like dismantling and storing it indoors – or if you simply don’t have the room for it in your home – it can resist the elements for quite some time.

Like the DOMINATOR, this portable net system only includes the frame and the net. It doesn’t come with other bells and whistles, so don’t expect balls and paddles.

The frame has a simple design that is easy to set up by one person in less than 15 minutes. The net comes with hook-and-loop straps fastened with sturdy Velcro, while the middle pole is 34 inches long, keeping the net at regulation height.

Designed and owned by a pickleball player out of Charlotte, North Carolina, this pickleball net on wheels is also the right choice if you want to support local businesses.


  • Length: 21.9 feet
  • Height (center): 34 inches
  • Height (sidelines): 36 inches
  • Weight: 48 pounds

Best Indoor Pickleball Net on Wheels

TYRSEN Movable Pickleball Net with Wheels

The TYRSEN portable net system comes as an alternative to the budget pick, but we wouldn’t recommend keeping it under the elements. While the frame is made of powder-coated alloy steel, it is less durable than other options. Hence, it’s a more appropriate choice for an indoor court – either residential, at community centers, or for a school.

The frame features a quick-assemble system with interlocking parts, while the net features Velcro straps for quick setup and tightening. 

Alongside the portable net with lockable wheels, you’ll also get eight balls (four indoor and four outdoor) and four paddles. The paddles are made of engineered wood and are definitely not the best out there, but they are perfect for a recreational pickleball game or beginners.

This set also includes brightly colored court markers, making it easy to set up a court in a camping playground or on the driveway. For seamless storage, the balls come in a dedicated pouch, while everything else has a place in the sturdy carry bag.


  • Length: 21.9 feet
  • Height (center): 34 inches
  • Height (sidelines): 36 inches
  • Weight: 26.6 pounds

Pickleball Nets With Wheels Buying Guide

Picking a portable pickleball net on wheels goes beyond mobility. You should consider the court location and whether you want a permanent setup or would rather dismantle the net after each use. Once you decide, check out the tips below so that you can choose the perfect product.

Frame Size

Most portable pickleball nets come in standard – and regulation-compliant – sizes. However, this isn’t a rule set in stone.

If you want to use the portable net for recreational purposes only, then the actual size might not be a deal-breaker. Yet, if you’re buying it for training, competitive, or tournament purposes, then making sure the frame has the right size is a must.

According to pickleball rules, an official net must have a length of 22 feet. The height should be 36 inches at the sidelines with a 2-inch sag in the middle, for a total middle height of 34 inches. All portable pickleball nets on this list are tournament-size.


Portable pickleball net frames can be made of powder-coated steel, alloy steel, or aluminum.

Alloy steel is the lightest option and the best choice if you’re looking for a recreational net that you have to pack up and move a lot. However, this material is not sturdy enough to resist stronger winds. Even moderate gusts could move it, even if the wheels are blocked.

Steel is heavier than alloy steel and a better choice if you want to leave the net on the court. The downside is that steel can rust, so you’ll have to check the coating regularly and apply a new coat whenever necessary. You should also avoid wintering the net outdoors.

Aluminum provides excellent weight and superb durability, but it is the most expensive option. Yet, if you don’t mind paying more upfront, this material is the longer-lasting of all three choices. Alternatives include hybrid aluminum frames, especially on nets designed for tournament play indoors. 


Nets are usually made of polyethylene framed by a PVC tarp. For seamless durability, you should choose a net made of at least 18-ply PE and hook-and-loop straps for easy installation. Velcro straps are the best choice for quick fastening.

An adjustable center strap is a desirable feature on the net, especially in nets with 36-inch net posts both at the sides and in the middle. This feature allows you to adjust sag to meet tournament requirements.


All pickleball nets with wheels come with locking wheels. The difference is that in some models, only some of the wheels lock (typically those at the ends of the frame). The other two wheels in the middle of the frame can’t be locked and swivel at all times.

For increased stability on all surfaces, you should pick a net with all lockable wheels.

You should also check the rotation. Ideally, the net should have 360-degree swivel wheels – like all the options above. 


Lastly, consider the accessories the portable pickleball systems come with.

Professional nets come with a few accessories that usually consist of a high-quality bag for transport and nothing else. Recreational nets often include paddles, balls, and court markers. These sets are ideal for home players and those who want to give pickleball a try, but the paddles are usually pretty basic and not suitable for proper pro training.

Key Takeaways

  • The DOMINATOR portable pickle-ball net is the perfect solution for pro (or aspiring pro) players training at courts that host multiple sports and require you to bring your own net. This option is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • The Fostoy pickleball net set suits home players and beginners on a budget. This set includes four paddles and six balls.
  • Those looking for the best balance between price and performance should go for the PIQL portable pickleball net system. This option doesn’t come with many accessories, but the net and frame are of high quality and made to last.

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