The Best Pickleball Hoppers and Carts

The Best Pickleball Hoppers and Carts

Spending more of your court time chasing balls than improving your skills can be quite discouraging. Instead of feeling discouraged, it’s time to find a solution! Pickleball hoppers are a wonderful tool that can do the work for you and pick up multiple balls at once. 

Most players agree the convenience of having a great pickleball hopper or cart makes it well worth the investment after just one use!

Best Overall

Gamma 50 Ball Pickleball Hopper

The 50-ball hopper from Gamma is one of the most popular. It doesn’t hurt that a huge brand like Gamma is well-known in the pickleball space for producing high-quality products.

This is designed perfectly in bright blue with weather-resistant paint over heavy gauge carbon steel wires. Reinforced side welds give the basket added strength and maximum durability.

The Gamma comes with an attached lid to prevent accidental spilling after they’ve been picked up. It can hold up to 50 pickleballs at a time thanks to the unique hexagonal basket shape of the wires. Every Gamma 50 includes a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer in the price.

Best Budget Hopper

Handy Hopper 

The Handy Hopper isn’t quite the same as other hoppers, but it is a budget-friendly option that’s ideal for recreational players! This one clips around your waist, similar to a fanny pack. The adjustable strap will fit all waist sizes.

The expandable handy pouch has less rigidity than other models and can carry up to 36 pickleball balls. While you’ll still have to bend over to pick them up, having something handy to put them in is super convenient!

Best Travel Hopper


The Multitube is a new type of pickleball hopper. This design can eliminate welds, side wires, and handles prone to break on other models. The straight, double-wide tube has two ball openings to make ball entry easier and quicker. 

This is a newer model, so there aren’t as many reviews, but it seems like a very promising product! The tube can hold up to 35 pickleballs at once. The Multitube manufacturer recommends giving the tube a gentle shake when it’s about halfway full to allow the second half of it to pickup and allow the balls to enter smoothly.

Best Large Capacity Hopper

Tourna Ballport

Tourna has created the perfect large capacity with this Ballport. It can hold up to 80 tennis balls. Pickleballs are slightly larger, so you might not get the full 80 in, but it still has an excellent capacity for recreational and professional players alike.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Ballport is how light it is! Constructed using durable polypropylene, this one weighs just 4.5 pounds. It’s designed so that the handles fold down to stand the basket at fingertip height, or they can be raised to lower the basket and use it as a hopper.

Best Teaching Cart

Foldable Teaching Cart

Teaching carts aren’t something the average player needs, but teaching pros can get more out of each training session with a great teaching cart. This foldable teaching cart is a serious, professional-grade cart with a 250 capacity. 

Rubber 4-inch wheels are backed by a lifetime guarantee for effortless movement around the court. The cart can stand when you need it or fold small enough to fit into the average-sized trunk.

Foldable Teaching Cart


Can you use a tennis hopper for pickleball?

Yes, you can use a tennis hopper to pick up pickleballs. Pickleballs are slightly larger than tennis balls, so the capacity will likely be less.

What is a pickleball hopper?

A hopper is used to pick up multiple balls at once without bending over every time. Instead of running around the court picking them up, just move the it around and let it do the work for you!

Bottom Line 

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a hopper or cart, now’s the time to go for it! The only regret you’ll have when you see how helpful it will be is that you didn’t do it sooner. Shop, browse, and find more product recommendations, tournament dates, and info on your favorite players with our other pickleball content!

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