Pickleball Grip Tape & Bands

Pickleball Grip Tape & Bands

Pickleball paddles have a lot of different features. Each feature is vital to keeping the pickleball paddle performing at its best. Pickleball grips are responsible for giving you a stable place to hold the paddle without worrying about sweaty hands or hot weather causing you to lose your grip.

Pickleball Grip Band

Grips come standard on most paddles, but they won’t last forever. Replacement grips are a great way to extend the life of your paddle without breaking the bank. If you’re interested in trying to re-grip your paddle, these pickleball grip tapes and bands are the answer. Here are the details. 

Grip Tape VS Bands

Grip Tape 

Grip tape is a type of tape that can be placed over the existing grip on the paddle handle. It is wrapped around the handle. It sticks to the surface for added durability, sweat-wicking, and comfort.

Some tapes are weighted to create a heavier paddle with more power.

Grip Bands

Grip bands can be used in conjunction with your favorite tape. The grip band sits at the bottom of the paddle head where the handle begins. Adding a band can make your grip tape last longer by covering the spot where the tape ends. 

You can easily replace grip bands when it’s time for a new grip tape wrapping or if you want a new look.

Pickleball Grip Tape

Best Grip Tape for Sweaty Palms

Pro-Lite No Slip Diamond Grip

The Pro-Lite No Slip Diamond Grip is designed specifically for pickleball. Each tape will do one paddle.

This grip tape uses diamond-shaped channels to pull moisture away from the surface so you’re always in control. The surface is cushioned for improved comfort, but still firm and tacky to achieve your best hold.

Best Variety Grip Tape

Alien Pros Grip Tape Multipack

The Alien Pros Grip Tape was originally designed for tennis racquets, but it can easily be used on pickleball paddles. This tape comes in 6-packs with multiple color mixtures to choose from. 

While the primary focus of grip tape is improving your grasp on the paddle, who says it can’t look good too? You’ll feel like you have a new paddle with vibrant material to fit every style. Some of the colors include blue, pink, and yellow.

Each tape is 43 inches long, but it can be cut to fit your paddle or wrapped multiple times.

Best Grip Tape for Comfort

Gamma Pickleball Supreme Grip

The Gamma Pickleball Supreme Grip comes in a pack of three grips, with each being pre-measured to fit one paddle. A high-tack absorbent surface will keep your hands dry, while the soft foam ridges add unmatched comfort. 

These grips have hundreds of positive reviews from customers who are impressed by how durable and comfortable they are for the price. Being comfortable while you play really does come down to the details, and Gamma has it mastered. 

Best Budget Grip Tape

Tourna Grip Tape

Most brands sell grip tape for a reasonable price, but if you’re looking to get the most for your money, Tourna Grip is the way to go. Each roll can wrap ten paddle handles for just $17.95.

You can buy a smaller pack that does two racquets for $3.99 or a larger pack to do 45! This tape is the only one you’ll find that gets tackier the more you sweat. Instead of losing your grip as you’re playing, it will consistently get better!

Best Lead Grip Tape

Tourna Lead Grip Tape

The lead grip tape has become one of the top picks for casual players and pros alike. Lead grip tape allows you to add a little heft to your existing paddle for more power behind your shots. Next time your tape needs replaced, consider trying a lead grip tape if you haven’t yet.

It’s incredible what a little bit of extra weight on the handle can do for your game! The lead grip tape from Tourna is our pick for a comfortable, moisture-wicking lead grip.

Pickleball Grip Bands

The Best Personalized Grip Band

MyPadl Banz

MyPadl Banz is the original personalized pickleball grip band. Instead of trying to search for the perfect grip band, you can design your own!

First, choose your color. Then, add your name. Finally, stick your personalized grip on any paddle thanks to the universal shape! You’ll never have to worry about mixing up your paddle with another player again.

If you decide to get a new paddle, moving your personalized gripping band is quick and easy.

The Best Universal Grip Band

Pro Lite Grip band

The Pro Lite grip band is a universal gripping band that can fit pickleball paddles, tennis racquets, and paddles for squash and racquetball. If you play more than one racquet sport, this grip band can go from one court to another with you! 

Buying Guide


Most pickleball grip tape and bands won’t impact how much your paddle weighs. This is a good choice if you’re happy with the performance of your paddle apart from how it grips.

If you want added power, you should purchase tape that will add weight. Heavier paddles pack more of a punch, even if that heft comes from the grip tape. This is an easy way to get a heavier paddle without paying the price for a new one. Lead grip tapes are used by some of the biggest pros in the game!


Not all grip tapes perform the same. Consider what’s most important to you before shopping. Do you need good sweat control? Tackiness? Comfort?

Once you know what you need from your grip tape, it becomes easier to narrow down your choices. Grip tape is easy to install, and the price is right, so there’s no harm in trying a few different types to find what fits your game the best.


Always look at the size of the tape on the package before purchasing. Some ship in ready-to-use precut sizes for pickleball paddles, while others are larger. The standard length for pickleball paddles grip tape is 31 inches.

Tape that’s marketed for other sports, too, may be longer. In that case, you can either cut the tape or wrap it multiple times to fit. If you wrap it multiple times, your grip will be thicker.


Can you use a tennis overgrip on a pickleball paddle?

Yes, you can use these overgrips and grip tape on a pickleball paddle. 

Do pickleball pros use lead tape?

A lot of pros have started using lead tape in recent years to add weightiness and power to their paddle.

How do I make my pickleball grip thicker?

The easiest way to make your pickleball grip thicker is by using an overgrip or grip tape to achieve the desired thickness.

Bottom Line

Find more reviews for the best pickleball paddles and gear with our pickleball content! If you’ve just started to play or you’re an advanced player, there’s always more to learn. Connect with us and stay up to date on what’s new in pickleball. 

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