Pickleball Courts in Portland, OR

Pickleball Courts in Portland

In recent years, pickleball has grown in popularity across the States, and this includes major cities like Portland, OR. Since 2019, there are thought to be over 3.3 million pickleball players and over 8000 courts to play on all over the country, and Portland pickleball courts have seen major growth as a part of this.

Pickleball Courts in Portland, OR

Grab your pickleball paddles and head to these top pickleball courts in the city. 

Pickleball Courts, Portland, Oregon 

If you’re looking for a new pickleball court in Portland, Oregon, and want to find the dedicated pickleball locations that work for you and your needs, this guide can help you decide on the right local courts. 

For most of the outdoor courts and indoor pickleball venues listed, the majority will require pre-booking for guaranteed access. Most gyms, sports centers, and clubs will have a website you can book games and rent a court through. 

Hillside Community Center 

The Hillside Community Center in downtown Portland, Oregon, is managed and maintained by Portland Parks and Recreation. The large center is home to three indoor pickleball courts with permanent lines and portable nets. 


Number of Courts: 3 indoor courts 

Type of Courts: Indoor, hard courts with portable nets and permanent lines

Pricing: Free access

Opening Hours: Weekdays from 9-6

Address: 653 NW Culpepper Terrace, Portland

Best For:

Free indoor courts.

Tualatin Hills Athletic Center 

Located in Beaverton, the Tualatin Hills Athletic Center transforms its tennis courts every day into courts to play pickleball on. While there are no dedicated pickleball courts, there is a weekly schedule for pickleball at the center. 


Number of Courts: 3-6 indoor and outdoor courts

Type of Courts: Indoor tennis courts and outdoor tennis courts

Pricing: $5.50 for a drop-in session or $36 for monthly access 

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6 – 10; Saturday: 8 – 7 and Sunday: 10 – 7 

Address: 50 NW 158th Ave, Beaverton

Best For: 

All-round fitness center – if you play pickleball but also want to try other sports. 

Muslim Educational Trust 

The Muslim Educational Trust is located on Scholls Ferry Road in Portland. The facility provides indoor courts with permanent lines (no need for tape or chalk), as well as portable nets and lighting. 


Number of Courts: 3 indoor courts 

Type of Courts: Indoor hard courts with permanent lines and portable nets 

Pricing: Free access

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 – 4.30. Closed on weekends

Address: 10330 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Portland

Best For:

Indoor courts and overall gym facilities. 

Columbia Christian School (Rose City Pickleball) 

The gym is located within a school on Burnside St, Portland. The wooden courts have permanent lines, portable nets, and lighting – perfect for indoor pickleball. You will need a membership with Rose City Pickleball to play at this location. However, membership will also give you access to food, water, and restrooms. 


Number of Courts: 3 indoor courts 

Type of Courts: Solid, wood surface court located indoors

Pricing: $12 per session (2.25 hours) 

Opening Hours: Saturdays at 3 pm and Sundays at 4 pm – schedule can vary 

Address: Columbia Christian School, 9101 E Burnside St

Best For:

Indoor pickleball, community spirit, and meeting other players. 

Raleigh Park 

Do you love the great outdoors? The Raleigh Park Swim Center is home to one of the best outdoor courts dedicated to pickleball. Each outdoor court has permanent nets dedicated to pickleball playing. 


Number of Courts: 4 outdoor courts

Type of Courts: Hard surface, acrylic, outdoor courts with permanent nets and lines. 

Pricing:  Free access

Opening Hours: Daily – “from dawn until dusk.”

Address: 3500 SW 78th Ave, Portland

Best For:

Outdoor pickleball, no hassle of setting up your own nets. 

Lake Oswego 

Lake Oswego is home to a permanent pickleball club with six dedicated courts. The club has over 800 members and has been running for almost ten years. The club offers organized and open play schedules and welcomes both experts and beginners. 


Number of Courts: 6 courts

Type of Courts: outdoor dedicated pickleball courts with their own net 

Pricing: $25 a year or $5 to drop in 

Opening Hours: Mon, Weds, Friday, and Sunday, 9 – 4

Address: 611 S. State Street, Lake Oswego

Best for

Being part of an official pickleball athletic club with planned events and tournaments.

Oregon City 

Oregon City Hillendale Park is an old tennis center with eight outdoor tennis surfaced pickleball courts. The club is home to a couple of hundred members of all ages and all abilities, with dedicated courts and permanent lines and nets. 


Number of Courts: 8 outdoor courts

Type of Courts: Outdoor tennis surface courts 

Pricing: $2 drop-in fee for non-members 

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9 – 12 and Sun 12 – 3. 

Address: 13216 Roseberry Ave, Oregon City

Best for

Outdoor pickleball in a group environment. 

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many great indoor and outdoor pickleball courts in Portland
  • Some courts require advanced reservations 
  • Free and paid court options are available 
  • Some courts may require a membership to use the facilities.

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