Pickleball Court Colors

Pickleball Court Colors

Pickleball is increasing in popularity, which means that more and more people are building their own courts in their backyards and local community centers. Though there is a lot to consider when building a pickleball court, one of the most fun is the color scheme. 

Before deciding on colors for your court, let’s dive deeper into the options and what’s best for pickleball court colors. 

Pickleball Court Color Schemes

There are several factors to consider with pickleball court color schemes. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors. On an indoor court, the weather is not a concern, but for outdoor courts, you should really consider the climate before making a choice in the color scheme. 

In hotter climates, an outdoor court surface can get hot depending on the color you choose, especially in the sun, which creates more wear and makes it hotter when you play. For instance, a dark blue court will attract more heat than a light grey court. 

Lighter courts can be as much as 40 degrees cooler since they are more solar reflective and keep the surface fun to play the sport on. 

Curb Appeal

Both homes and businesses still need to look good, so your color scheme should complement the rest of your space regardless of the court is in a community center or your private home. 

Many people don’t consider how the colors they choose will look in the overall landscape or even in the home and end up with a bright area that draws all of the attention. 


As you’ll see when we start talking about the individual colors and even regulations, you’ll find that contrast is the most important thing when picking colors for your pickleball court. The color of the playing surface needs to contrast both the pickleball balls and the boundary lines. 

Line Taping Versus Painting

There are two ways to have boundary lines. The first is painting, and the other way is line taping. There are benefits to both. Line taping has less variety in colors but can be removed easily and can be applied easily with a straight application using a line taping machine. In contrast, paint has more color choices and is permanent. 

Since utilizing tennis courts as a pickleball court is popular, if you are using line taping on an existing tennis surface, it may be beneficial to choose a different color than the existing tennis court lines

Pickleball Court Color Combinations

Pickleball Court Color Combinations

Pickleball balls are most often lime green, yellow, or orange, so choosing color combinations that contrast those colors should be at the top of mind. 

Luckily, there are plenty of court color combinations that will contrast nicely with the popular ball colors since they are so bright. All combinations of purples, blues, reds, and greens will work great. 

The traditional colors are a blue playing area with green surroundings, but you can create any color combination, even the colors of your favorite sports team!

Official Pickleball Court Colors

pickleball court colors

There are no official pickleball court colors for the sport, although blue and green are the most popular colors used as we mentioned. 

According to the USA Pickleball Association or the USAPA, pickleball courts can be any color as long as there is a contrast between the court itself, the court lines, and the pickleball ball. 

So, the only rule you need to follow is to create some beautiful complimentary colors.

What Color are Pickleball Court Lines

What Color are Pickleball Court Lines

The USAPA recommends white lines, but there are no specific rules just like with court color, so any other color would do as well! 

However, white lines will contrast with almost any color, so many people opt for the ever-so-popular white lines to make the court color pop and ensure that all pickleball players can see the edge easily. 

What Color Pickleball Lines Should Go On a Green Tennis Court

What Color Pickleball Lines Should Go On a Green Tennis Court

If you already have tennis courts and want to use one tennis court as your pickleball court, it is easy to make the conversion using tape for lines. It is likely that your court is already painted green, so your lines will need to work with what you already have. 

White would have high contrast, of course, and since red and green are complementary colors, red court lines would provide a nice contrast as well. Court line tape also frequently comes in bright yellow which is a good color for lines on a green tennis court. 

What Color Floor Tape For Outdoor Pickleball Court

Building a court surface that you can use not only for a pickleball match but for other courts as well is quite common. Outdoor court tape is the best way to use one court for multiple sports. 

Similar to the colors that are good for a green tennis court, you’ll also want a contrasting color to whatever color your surface is. When using tape, just ensure it is reflective and bright so it can be easily seen. 

Best Color Pickleball Against Blue Court

Best Color Pickleball Against Blue Court

Now if you already have a blue court, you can apply the same principles mentioned above. White will always be a good contrasting color for a blue court, but so is orange, the complementary color to blue. Tournament purple paint would also look good with blue if you want to create a bright, fun statement on your property. 

What Color Will Your Pickleball Court Be? 

There are tons of color choices and with pickleball becoming one of the fastest-growing sports, there will be far more pickleball courts popping up that need some color! If you need an idea of what your color scheme will look like together, Sportmaster Sport Surfaces offers a court designer on their website. Seeing your vision come to life will help you create a color palette that will look great on your property. 

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