Highland Park Pickleball Tournament

Highland Park Pickleball Tournament

Highland Park, Illinois, is just 25 miles north of Chicago and full of pickleball courts, making Highland Park a popular destination for pickleball players of all ages and skill levels. The APP Chicago Open and the NP Windy City Classic are two big tournaments held there each year. Here’s a recap of each Highland Park Pickleball Tournament event and the dates for 2023.

APP Chicago Open Pickleball Tournament Details

The Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) Chicago Open is a USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) sanctioned event open to both amateurs and professionals in the sport. It’s also a major tournament before the fall championships with a $50,000 prize. 


2700 Trail Way, Highland Park, IL 60035

Danny Cunniff Park Details & Amenities

Danny Cunniff Park is most known as a community park with a playground area for kids in Highland Park, IL. Though it doesn’t have an on-site pickleball club like other venues, it is excellent for pickleball events. It features six pickleball courts and ten tennis courts that can be transformed into additional pickleball courts if needed. All the courts were just redone in 2019, so they are nice and new, too! 


The 2022 Chicago Pickleball Open was held in Highland Park, IL, from August 31st through September 4th. Though only limited information has been released about the 2023 APP Tour, the Chicago tournament has been scheduled for August 30th through September 3rd.  

Tournament Ball

The event uses the Onix Dura Fast 40 ball. 


This event follows a double elimination and round-robin format depending on the number of teams in each bracket. 

Chicago Open Pickleball Tournament Participant Requirements

To participate in the events, players must be at least ten years of age, have a skill level of 3.0 or higher, and have a USAPA membership. A signed waiver and paid registration fee are also required, though players receive a swag bag and t-shirt if they register in advance of the deadline. Otherwise, just bring your paddle and game face! 

2022 APP Chicago Notable Results

Stephen Bass and Marshall Brown earned bragging rights as they brought home gold in the Chicago Shootout, along with a $50,000 check! JW Johnson also added three silver medals to his win list. Anna Bright showed her control of the court as well with a gold event and two silver events. 

Highland Park Pickleball Tournament
Highland Park Pickleball Tournament

NP Windy City Classic Details

National Pickleball is an organization that is out to improve current events and provide new events for amateur pickleball players. The NP Windy City Classic is just one of their events each year and is another big event Highland Park, Illinois, has been tapped for. 


2700 Trail Way, Highland Park, IL 60035


The 2022 NP Windy City Classic was held from 7/15-7/17. Very little information has been released about the 2023 tournament details at this time, though we did learn that it is scheduled for 7/14-7/16, and registration opens on 12/31/22.

Tournament Ball & Format

The yellow Onix Dura Fast 40 ball is used for all competition events, and the tournament follows a round-robin format for 4-5 teams and a double-elimination format for brackets with six or more teams. Any brackets with three or fewer teams are combined into another bracket.

Requirements to Compete in the NP Windy City Classic

To compete in an event, players must be eight years of age, between the 3.0 and 5.0 skill levels, and have a USAPA membership. They also must sign a waiver and pay the registration charge, which you receive a free t-shirt with.

2022 Windy City Classic Notable Results

Emily Taylor was able to add two wins to her list with a gold in a mixed doubles event and a silver in a women’s singles event. Kris Tiedt Diehl also had a good day, winning gold in a women’s singles event and silver in a mixed doubles event. Several others were able to receive at least two medals, though all had fun!

Preparing for the 2023 Highland Park, IL Pickleball Tournaments 

As you prepare for the 2023 Highland Park, IL, pickleball tournaments, we encourage you to head to your local pickleball club with your paddle to brush up on your skills. Also, keep an eye out for new events in your area that can give you fresh competition and hopefully add a few strategies to your repertoire. 

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