Boca Raton Pickleball Tournament

Boca Raton Pickleball Tournament

The APP, or the Association of Pickleball Professionals, does a tournament tour each year. The APP Boca Raton Masters, the second event of the 2022 tournament season, was a great weekend. Sanctioned by the USA Pickleball Association, it was a qualifying tournament for the USA Pickleball National Championship Series, so gold medal winners of the golden ticket event received pre-registration for Nationals. 

Take a look at a recap of the APP Masters Boca Raton pickleball tournament and what to expect next year. 

2022 APP Tour Boca Raton Masters Details


The 2022 APP Boca Raton Masters tournament was held at the beautiful Patch Reef Park Tennis and Pickleball Center at 2000 NW 51st St., Boca Raton, FL 33431. This venue features six outdoor pickleball courts but will soon boast four more due to the success of tournaments like the APP Masters. 

Dates & Broadcasting

The event took place from January 18th through the 23rd and was the first event of the APP tournament tour. Fans unable to attend were able to catch the live stream on USA Pickleball’s Youtube Channel, which switched over to a live ESPN+ broadcast for the gold medal events. Highlights and game replays can still be found on YouTube.  

Prize Money & Set-Up

$75,000 was the total prize money won at the tournament. There were multiple skill and age divisions, and medal matches were best two out of three. This tournament also adopted the “Championship Sunday” concept that the Professional Pickleball Association is known for, except they also played Bronze matches on Sunday as well.

2022 APP Masters Boca Raton Turn Out

2022 APP Masters Boca Raton Turn Out
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There was a great turnout in terms of competitors. Every event was full before the end of the registration. Big names such as JW Johnson and Simone Jardim also made an appearance. Though not many fans could come out to the venue, thousands watched the live streams and broadcasts. 

Results of the 2022 Boca Raton APP Masters Tournament

There were tons of gold medals given out at the 2022 APP Boca Raton Masters since both amateur and pro games were further divided into age groups in addition to the typical men’s, women’s, doubles, and singles designations. Additionally, the amateur games also had skill-level designations creating more than 100 total brackets. However, here are the results of the six most-followed brackets.

Men’s Doubles Pro Split Age

The Men’s Doubles Pro Split Age division is not a very common bracket, but it was unique and gathered a lot of attention. Dave Weinbach and Zane Navratil took the gold medal, while Mircea Morariu, widely known as “Brainsdoc” in the pickleball community since he is a practicing neurosurgeon, and favorite JW Johnson, wound up with the silver medal. 

Men’s Pro Doubles

As expected, Dexel Bar and Adam Stone won gold in the Men’s Pro Doubles, giving Eden Lica and Andrei Daescu the silver medal. 

Men’s Pro Singles

JW Johnson was favored to win the Men’s Pro Singles, who then held up to expectations and clinched the gold medal. 

Mixed Pro Doubles

Dexel Bar won another gold medal at the Boca Raton APP Masters in the Mixed Pro Doubles event with partner Vivienne David. 

Women’s Pro Doubles

Simone Jardim and Andrea Koop were favored to win the Women’s Pro Doubles division. Of course, they pulled through for gold, leaving silver to sister duo Jackie and Jade Kawamoto. 

Women’s Pro Singles

Though Andrea Koop was expected to win the Women’s Pro Singles, in an upset of a game, Jorja Johnson took gold, while Andrea Koop settled for the silver medal. 

Preparing for Next Year

While you might have missed the 2022 APP Boca Raton Masters, it is likely that we will see another tournament here next year, especially since the venue is adding new pickleball courts. Advertisement and registration should begin sometime in October 2022 in preparation for an early 2023 tournament date. In the meantime, catch the APP Atlanta Metro Open in September, another USA Pickleball National Championship Series Tournament.

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