Moisture Wicking Pickleball Shirts Compared (For Men & Women)

Moisture Wicking Pickleball Shirts compared (For Men & Women)

What you wear when you play pickleball certainly doesn’t define your abilities as a player, but it can limit them. If you’re wearing something that isn’t comfortable and functional, you won’t play your best game. Athletic gear, including pickleball shirts, designed with movement and moisture in mind is a must. 

Moisture-wicking shirts are a classic item that every pickleball player needs in their closet. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered info on the best moisture-wicking pickleball shirts for men and women!

Best Moisture-Wicking Pickleball Shirts for Men

1) Adidas Climatech Tee

adidas Clima Tech Tee Men's

The Climatech tee from AAdidasis a good pick for something simple and reliable. The design of the shirt is simple, and comfort was the number one priority. This t-shirt might look simple, but the moisture-wicking abilities it holds are quite impressive.

Choose from seven colors, or get a few – they’re only $15 each! The sleeve of the shirt has a small brand logo that adds a bit of style to your otherwise simple outfit. The Climatech tee is available in up to a 3XL.

2) Under Armour Polo

If you want to feel confident when you step on the court, this is one of the best pickleball shirts you can buy. Under Armour became a big name in sports polos when pro golfers started sporting the brand. Today, you’ll see someone in Under Armour if you watch any mainstream sport long enough.

This polo looks polished with two buttons and high-quality manufacturing. Prices vary quite a bit between sizes and colors. The largest size available is 4X Tall, so it’s one that all body types can enjoy!

The polyester shirt will keep sweat at bay while you focus on perfecting your pickleball game.

3) Baleaf Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This long sleeve performance t-shirt has nearly 20,000 reviews with a 5-star overall rating. Needless to say, this is a shirt you can feel confident about buying. Sweat-wicking material that dries quickly will keep you feeling cool and dry all day long.

You’ll also get to enjoy 50 UPF sun protection! The breathable material is perfect for a summer day when you don’t want to risk sun damage. Choose between multiple colors and get your own Baleaf long sleeve t-shirt for just $19.99.

4) Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Tee

Nike is known for their Dri-Fit technology. Their Dri-Fit t-shirt is one of the best pickleball shirts you can find at any sporting goods store online or in person. An athletic fit keeps this shirt in place no matter how much you move. 

With 32 color options and an expansive size range, this t-shirt has endless possibilities. The iconic Nike Swoosh is on the left upper chest for branding that is easily recognizable without distracting from the game.

5) Dinkers and Bangers United Pickleball Court Dri Fit Tee

Show your love for pickleball with this Dri Fit t-shirt that has a pickleball court on it! The simple design is easily recognizable to other pickleball players and looks stylish enough to wear outside the court too. 

Available in 11 colors starting at $25, this moisture-wicking shirt is too fun to pass up!

6) Hane’s Sport Performance Polo

For a more affordable polo t-shirt, check out the Hane’s Sport Performance Polo. Prices start as low as $12.50. You’ll feel ready for anything in this 2-button polo that fits well without being too snug. 100% polyester pulls sweat off your skin and dries it before you have to worry about uncomfortable chaffing. 

Move freely on the pickleball court and feel like a pro when you dress the part! Adding a polo to your pickleball wardrobe is a must if you plan to attend tournaments or competitive matches.

Best Moisture-wicking Pickleball Shirts for Women

1) Nike Legend Dri-Fit Women’s T-shirt

The first women’s shirt on the list has to be the best-selling Nike Legend Dri-Fit. The entire shirt is made of Nike Dri-Fit moisture-wicking fabric. A crew neck style and 25 color choices make this shirt appeal to every customer! 

This shirt features the classic Nike swoop on the front and a comfortable fit that hits at the hips.

Pricing for the Nike Legend Women’s T-shirt begins at $19.98 and goes up to $40. The price depends on what color and size you choose.

2) Women’s Moisture-wicking V-Neck

If you need multiple pickleball t-shirts, this multipack from Amazon is a steal. Get five moisture-wicking v-neck t-shirts for just $32.99. The shirts are made using 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This means you’ll stay dry and get just the right amount of stretch.

There are ten color packs to choose from. Each 5-pack features shirts in five different colors. Pick the colors that will match your existing wardrobe the best, or branch out to try something bolder!

More than 10,000 reviews have given these shirts a 5-star average rating.

3) Willit Women’s Quick Dry Polo

The women’s quick dry polo by Willit is the perfect solution for a shirt that’s cute and practical. 11 colors are available at $21.99 each. The polo features three decorative buttons and a drop-tail design that will keep you covered during even the most intense matches. With 50 UPF protection, you won’t have to worry about sun damage either!

This shirt fits in perfectly, whether you’re playing casual games with friends or competing in a tournament.

4) Vapor Apparel Long Sleeve Performance Women’s T-Shirt

Long sleeve shirts are an important part of any pickleball wardrobe. On a day with relentless sunbeams or a rainy forecast, you’ll be happy to have the extra coverage! The Vapor Apparel long sleeve shirt protects against sun damage while quickly pulling moisture and odor away from your skin.

This odor-resistant, moisture-wicking shirt has nearly 5,000 positive reviews! Add one to your pickleball bag for just $19.95.

5) Hane’s Cool Dri Short Sleeve Performance Shirt

If you’re looking for an affordable, simple pickleball t-shirt, this short sleeve crew neck from Hane’s is an excellent choice! The cool-dri material is made of 100% polyester with multiple colors to choose from. 

Pricing for these pickleball t-shirts starts at $8 and goes up to $16.98 for some colors/sizes. This t-shirt is a go-to choice when you want to play pickleball without putting too much time into choosing an outfit. Dress it up with a cute skort, or keep it casual with leggings.

Buyer’s Guide to Pickleball Shirts

Buying a new pickleball shirt will be an easy, enjoyable experience if you keep a few things in mind. Reading the details about a shirt online or on the tag will ensure you love your new shirt! Follow this buying guide to find the best pickleball shirt for you!


The materials used in pickleball shirts vary depending on the brand, price, and design of the shirt. Moisture-wicking shirts are generally made of polyester or nylon. Sometimes, a blend of the two is used. Check the tag on shirts that claim to be moisture-wicking. If you see other materials, it won’t have the best moisture-wicking abilities.

Bigger brands may have their term for moisture-wicking shirts, such as Nike’s Dri-Fit, so finding the right material is easier for customers.


Even if you’re confident in your shirt size, always check the sizing recommendations before purchasing a new pickleball shirt. Those recommendations will detail how the shirt fits and what size would fit you the best given your measurements. 

If you decide to guess what size is the right fit, you might end up with a pickleball t-shirt that’s too big or small.


For a pickleball shirt to be considered comfortable, you should be comfortable in it from the moment you take it on to the time you take it off. Even in the sweatiest, sunniest conditions, your shirt shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. 

Think about what you dislike about shirts you’ve tried in the past. Keep those things in mind when shopping for your new pickleball shirt to find something you feel good in!


The style of a pickleball shirt describes how the shirt will look once it’s on. People tend to prefer different styles depending on their body type or the setting where the shirt will be worn. Let’s review some of the styles you can expect to see while shopping for a new pickleball t-shirt.

Crew Neck

A crew neck t-shirt has a round neckline with no collar. The neckline sits right below the base of your neck. This provides a full-coverage, classic look that anyone can feel confident in.


V-neck t-shirts have a neckline that’s shaped like the letter V. The size of the V can vary from barely there to a deep cut that exposes more skin.

V-neck shirts are made for men and women, but they tend to be more popular among female players.


A polo shirt is made using the same fabric as a normal t-shirt, but the neckline features a collar. One to three buttons are found in the center of the neckline where both sides of the collar meet. 

You can wear the polo buttoned for a more professional look or unbuttoned to be more casual.

Scoop Neck

A scoop neck t-shirt has a curved neckline with a wide scoop down. This is the perfect middle ground between a crew neck and a v neck! Scoop neck shirts are almost exclusively marketed and designed for women.


The cost of a pickleball t-shirt with moisture-wicking ability can range quite a bit. The cost of the shirt depends on the brand, the material used, the retailer, and the availability of the product. Certain colors and patterns are harder to find and tend to be more expensive than classic solid colors.

Pickleball t-shirts can be found as cheap as $8 and range up to $40.  You don’t need the most expensive shirt to be comfortable and dry on the court, though! Find something in your budget with the features you want, and wear it with pride when you play.

Now that you have some recommendations and all the knowledge you need to shop for a great moisture-wicking pickleball shirt, consider other areas of your pickleball apparel. Everything that you wear on the pickleball court will affect how you look, feel, and perform. If you don’t love what you’re wearing, you won’t have fun playing, so it’s time for an upgrade.

Explore more of our favorite pickleball apparel and start shopping today!

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