Delray Beach Pickleball Tournament

Delray Beach Pickleball Tournament

Delray Beach, FL, is more than just a gorgeous escape that feels like summer year-round. Delray Beach has a lot to offer, including the Delray Beach Pickleball Open! The Delray Beach Pickleball Open is part of the APP Tour, featuring some of the biggest names in pickleball from around the globe. Whether you’re interested in competing yourself or you want to watch from the sidelines, learning about the 2022 event will prepare you for the 2023 tour stop.

Delray Pickleball Tournament Details

The Delray Beach pickleball tournament was held at the Delray Beach Tennis Center. The event featured stadium and grandstand courts in a limited spectator VIP stadium. 

Pros received free stadium box seat access during each day of the event for themselves and a guest. Amateur players receive free grounds passes for themselves and one guest only on the days they’re scheduled to compete. VIP stadium seating packages were sold during pro matches for the last four days of the event Ticket donations were encouraged! Proceeds from the Delray Beach Pickleball Open were donated to the APP Youth Foundation.

The event was designed to enable physical distancing between guests and players, with Covid-19 safety as a top priority.


Delray Beach Tennis and Pickleball Center is located at 201 W. Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL.


March 15 – 20, 2022

Tournament Ball

Dura Fast 40

Requirements to Compete

The Delray Beach Pickleball Tournament was open to players ten years and older who are members of the USA Pickleball Association. This 6-day event includes many new age divisions with something for amateur players, pros, and senior pros alike.

Matches were determined by age groups and experience levels. 

The APP Delray Beach Pickleball Tournament is a sanctioned event, so a USA Pickleball Membership was a requirement for all ages.

Notable Players

Players from 34 states and six countries attended the Delray Beach Pickleball Open to compete for a $60,000 prize.

James Johnson, a Delray Beach native, lead the pack in Men’s Singles. Johnson has been ranked as the number 1 men’s singles player in the world!

Women’s Doubles was dominated by Simone Jardim and Andrea Koop, which was no surprise. Simone Jardim also teamed up with James Johnson to compete in mixed doubles.

The men’s doubles game carried a lot of fierce competition. Big names like Adam Stone and Dekel Bar returned to the APP Tour alongside Thomas Wilson and AJ Koller. James Johnson played with Dylan Frazier just after they finished second in the PPA Tour together.

The medal championship Sunday had the senior pros battling it out for the winning title. The final day of APP tour events is always the most exciting!

Preparing for 2023

The Delray Beach Pickleball open is expected to return to the Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach Tennis Center in 2023, although the dates haven’t been released yet. Daily grounds passes have been free for the first two days of the event in 2021 and 2022, so keep your eyes peeled! 

If you’d like to compete in the 2023 tournament, start perfecting your pickleball skills at a local pickleball club and become a USA Pickleball Association Member ASAP. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events in the world of pickleball! If you’ve never competed before, search for smaller events in your area to prep for the Delray Beach APP Tour stop.

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